4 Must Haves for Petrolheads Who Love Their Car

Last Updated on August 2, 2023 by John Robinson

There are certain things that every petrol head and car-loving enthusiast must have. They are non-negotiable items that your vehicle will thank you for. Here are the must haves for petrolheads that we have scoured the car forums to gather and share with you.

1. Professional Cleaning Kit to Clean Your Vehicle at Home

Yes, it’s all good to take the car for a professional valet and clean regularly, but you must be able to do the same or better at home as well. It’s just part of owning a vehicle and the is no greater satisfaction than giving your car that professional clean at home. There is some risk involved in that you need the right equipment and cleaning fabrics because if you don’t the chance of getting scratches on your car is heightened. Read the various car cleaning blogs and watch a few YouTube or social media videos on how to do this properly and it will bring you hours of joy.

2. A No-Food Policy

If you love your car, then you really shouldn’t be eating messy, crumbly, sugary or sticky foods in it. In fact, just don’t eat in the car, unless it’s a long road trip or it’s a baby feeding. Apart from these rare occasions, eating in the car should be kept for the lay byes or various safe stops that are available. Remember that it’s your pride and joy and as such set the rules early for those who you travel with and it’s not going to cause an issue.

3. A Great Service and Mechanical Maintenance Person

A car is a mechanical and automotive engineered tool that may not perform as it should from time to time or require the prescribed maintenance to run as it should for as long as possible. In this regard, it is fine to simply take it to the dealership or mechanic and ask them to do what needs doing. However, if you love your car, then you need to be creating a relationship with the people who service and maintain your vehicle.

4. Insurances And Accident Cover

If it’s worth anything and will cost you money to replace it, then you need to ensure that your pride and joy has the best car insurance that you can afford. You don’t want something to happen before you look for the cover that you should have had. Do your research and get the type of insurance that your vehicle deserves. You need peace of mind in that, on the roads anything can happen, and you want to know that the vehicle can be replaced or repaired.

As a petrol head who loves their car, these are the must-haves that you should consider as car owner essentials. Having a beautiful vehicle is more than just what it looks like, but also what’s under the hood and the fact that all this is covered should someone collide with your vehicle. Don’t wait – take out the best policy you can to give you peace of mind.

John Robinson
John Robinson

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