Automotive Marketing Trends For 2024

Last Updated on August 1, 2023 by John Robinson

The auto industry has continued to be one of the largest and most necessary industries in the world. Those that do operate in this industry will find there is a lot of competition and consumer choices. Due to this, having a sound marketing plan in place is very important. As the world and vehicles continue to change, there continues to be a need for enhancements to these marketing plans. When it comes to automotive marketing trends 2023 will see changes from how car companies advertised in the prior year. 

Focus on Availability

For anyone that was trying to purchase a car over the past few years, shortages of vehicles were very apparent. There were continued supply chain challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people found that they would have to wait months to have a car built for them. However, as the supply chain continues to stabilize, car shoppers will find there are more vehicles available to choose from. Due to this, one of the automotive marketing trends will be for car companies to focus on their availability to ensure customers could leave a dealership with a vehicle that very same day. 

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Another trend to look out for in 2023 is the increased use of social media and influencers to help market car companies. The amount of people that use social media on a daily basis has continued to increase. Today, people use it for entertainment, social engagement, and to get their news. Due to the amount of time people spend on social media, car companies will use it to more effectively market to others. They are also likely to hire influencers that have a large following to reach a larger critical mass.

Data Analytics

Another way that car companies will enhance their marketing efforts is by using data analytics. With the use of social media, websites, and other tools to market, companies in all industries today are able to gather a lot of useful information about consumers. This includes identifying what marketing efforts are the most successful and figuring out how to properly target individuals. As data becomes easier to obtain, auto marketing efforts will continue to incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

Display The Newest Car Trends

The auto industry is continuing to be transformed by technology. Today, more people are interested in purchasing electric cars, smart vehicles, and connected cars than ever before. These enhanced features can make driving safe, more fun, and more convenient. Due to this, auto companies are continuing to look for ways to showcase the latest technologies. They will ensure that these features are among the most visible when completing new marketing plans in the coming year.

Mobile Ads

Today, more people use their phones to complete searches online than ever before. As someone will almost always have their phone with them, using this device to read information is very convenient. Because of this, having advertisements that work properly with a mobile search is very important. This includes having a mobile-friendly website and video content that can be quickly downloaded and viewed.  

Artificial Intelligence

One of the largest trends and talking points in the business world today has been the continued development and enhancements of AI technology. The use of AI will also have a big impact on the automotive PPC advertising and marketing industry. AI is able to use predictive tools based on data received from customers to provide customized marketing and advertisements for all consumers.  This can prove to be an efficient way to generate leads and target individual consumers. 

Being able to properly market and advertise your business is a very important part of any business, including those in the auto industry. As the industry continues to evolve, so will the marketing and advertising strategies used. 2023 is expected to see many different changes to these marketing plans, which should help companies target more consumers in the coming year.

John Robinson
John Robinson

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