Best 5 Cars to Pull Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

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After you get your horse, but the best horse trailer for it, you will require one more thing to get yourself camp ready. A car with a good pulling or towing capacity! Make sure you get yourself a vehicle which is strong and sturdy. Often during camping, on the basis of the place you choose, the landscape might be rough, steep or not too friendly to tread on. Also, the roads might be muddy, which can hinder the drive. So before purchasing a car, make sure you consider everything! 

Typically, the weight of horse trailers might range from 1300 pounds to 14600 pounds. The weight may vary on the basis of their structure and design. It might be relatively heavier if you are going for a horse trailer with a large living quarter. The overall weight depends on the material used, the horse capacity and other amenities. Also, the entire length and height contribute to its weight. 

For example, double d trailers have quite different horse trailers with different weights, which are customised per the customers’ requirements. They have a bumper horse trailer living quarters weighing around 5100 lbs. It is relatively a lightweight horse trailer with living quarters. They usually try to maintain lightweight trailers. However, eventually, it depends on the design and structure.  

What are some towing tips you should remember?

If you must tow your horse trailer regularly using your car, then make sure you do it legally.

Your car licence must allow you to pull the horse trailer.

If you passed your driving test before 1997, then you are eligible to tow a horse trailer weighing more than 8000 kgs. However, those who passed the exam in 1997 or later are eligible to tow weight of only 3500 kgs. 

What are the cars that are strong enough to pull horse trailers with living quarters?

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you wish to get yourself through a jungle and win over the mountains, then Toyota Land Cruiser is what you are looking for! With this car, you can glide through the world’s least hospitable areas. Travelling in this car ensures you can safely make it through any slippery lane without worrying about any accident.

Many people complain that Toyota Land Cruiser is not a very comfortable car. Indeed it is not as luxurious or big as SUVs. However, Toyota Land Cruiser is quite a wise choice if you want to pull a horse trailer with living quarters. It is a tough vehicle that is a formidable off-road weapon.  

Cars that are manufactured before 2018 are very agricultural. These vehicles have the capacity to tow or pull a maximum of 3000 kgs. This weight is quite a number which is adequate to pull horse trailers. 

Toyota Land Cruiser is quite an expensive car. However, sometimes you can get impressive offers where you can buy the car on EMI. The Land Cruiser comes with a five-year warranty and is an excellent choice for covering 100,000 miles.  

Land Rover Discovery

Horse trailers and Land Rover Discovery are the combination that people call “a match made in heaven.” These cars efficiently pull your horse trailer along with living quarters. 

It would not be too wrong to say that Land Rover Discovery offers it all to the individual. Whether it is the sharp styling you are looking for, a posh badge, and a luxurious interior, this vehicle will not disappoint you. 

Moreover, it has enough space to accommodate up to seven-horse fans. In addition, the car contains a large boot. Therefore, it is very helpful for carrying the saddles, hay bales, and riding boots. 

As it is evident, this vehicle is in demand amongst many people. Due to its high demand, Land Rover Discovery has a high market value even as a second hand vehicle. So, if you wish to pull a horse trailer, then going for Land Rover is a good idea!

Audi Q7

Audi 7 poses a serious competition to the Land Rover Discovery. People often find Audi 7 as the perfect seven seat vehicle which can pull a horse trailer quite effortlessly. In addition, this vehicle has a good capacity in terms of both strength and interior accommodation. 

Even after the seven seats in the SUV, this vehicle has about 295 litres of boot space in the rear end. Besides all its strength, Audi 7 has a lavish interior. It is everything that you can expect from an SUV. Whether it is the space or capacity of the engine, Audi 7 fulfils all expectations. 

Moreover, it goes without saying how much the Audi 7 remains in demand. It is one of the models that are on the topmost rank in the market. No wonder it is a popular vehicle in the equestrian circle!     

Mitsubishi Shogun

It is common knowledge that camping with horse trailers is more appropriate in equestrian lands. It is easier for horses as well as for horse owners to travel in such areas. Mitsubishi Shotgun is a very popular model that people prefer, especially in the equestrian landscape. The reason for its popularity is that since 1992, the car company has sponsored the renowned Badminton Horse Trials.

 Wonder why would the company sponsor such an event? Of course, there is a reason. Mitsubishi Shotgun is a vehicle that is suitable for pulling a horse trailer- even with living quarters.

Mitsubishi Shotgun is a preferred vehicle by many across the globe. One of the features that attract buyers is the model’s no-nonsense approach. It is a hundred percent dependable that comes with a spacious interior. Also, this car is a good value for money. 

Coming to the specific details, Shotgun has a 3.2 diesel capacity. Its engine is so powerful it can pull any you tie it to irrespective of the weight of the other object. No wonder it can tow a horse trailer so effortlessly. You often find the car in front of a horse trailer or even a caravan. 

So if you wish to pull your horse trailer and have a fun time in the countryside with your horses, you know where to look! With Shotgun, you have a guaranteed pleasurable experience.

Skoda Kodiaq

Apart from pulling a horse trailer when the need arises, you must think about what you want to do when it lies idle. A car must have some other uses apart from just towing or pulling a horse trailer. So what are some other purposes you can use a car for? Driving it to work, working the week doing trips to and from the school, driving your children to their extra co-curricular, etc. You might want a sophisticated looking yet elegant car for everyday purposes. Skoda Kodiaq is what you are looking for!

The Skoda Kodiaq is a vehicle that you can use for multiple purposes. If you want an adventure and go camping, this vehicle has the strength to tow your horse. This vehicle does the work if you want a regular car to commute to work or school or any daily errands. 

When it comes to the weight it can carry, Skoda Kodiaq can easily pull a horse trailer weighing 1500 kgs. 

It is definitely much less than an SUV but still possesses quite the strength. Therefore, if you wish to have a pleasant authentic equestrian experience, Skoda Kodiaq is not a bad option. Rather, it is a vehicle that has a broad spectrum of usability.   

The towing or pulling capacity of different vehicles or cars vary according to their models. Depending upon their manufacture year, the model, accommodation space and specifications might differ. So before you decide to purchase a car to tow your horse trailer with living quarters, you must do your research! 

To Wrap Up

With busy schedules, we no longer have the time to have a peaceful vacation. If once a while we get a tension free holiday, then it is vital that we get to spend it in a peaceful manner. Especially when it comes to horse trailers, you do not want to mess up one day that you get with your horses. 

To prevent any mishaps, you must have a proper strategy before you go camping. Apart from the horse trailer, you need a car with good engine capacity. Towing a horse trailer is a serious task. 

Well, many people would head to the website of the vehicle manufacturing company as the first step to buying a horse trailer. The website might guide you through the entire process. However, your main focus must be on the specific details of the car. Its Engine capacity, boot space, interior accommodation space, the weight it is able to tow, etc. 

Pay attention to the towing rate of the vehicle that you wish to purchase. In order to pull or tow a horse trailer safely, you must be aware of your vehicle’s or truck’s tow package. Make sure you consider the brake control, wiring harness and class V hitch. 

The optimal functioning of these factors plays an important role in the proper towing of horse trailers. In addition, cars might need a heavy-duty battery and transmission cooler for effortless towing of heavy trailers.

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