Best Double DIN Head Unit for Sound Quality

Best Double DIN Head Unit for Sound Quality

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The latest technologies help us choose the best products that fit our desired needs. With the advancements in technology, we have been manifested with the latest and most reliable products in the market. The automotive industry has continued to flourish for the past many years. 

We all know that buying the best products for our car is very important. It requires proper research and a lot of effort to find a go-to tool that fits all your needs. A car stereo is one of the most important features of a car and people find it very challenging to choose among so many brands.

best double din head unit for sound quality

Many features play an important role in a car stereo like touch screen and display, single/double din, connectivity, frequency, and sound quality, etc. While looking for a car stereo, the first and most important factor is obviously sound quality. The companies are always in the hustle of launching multi-function products that meet many other needs in addition to sound quality. That has also proved much beneficial for us.

If you are searching for the highest sound quality car stereo, this product review would be beneficial for you. Listed below are some of the best double din head unit for sound quality that are available in the market that provides smooth and versatile sound quality along with many other specifications. They have already taken up the market with their unique features and can fit any budget!


When it comes to purchasing a car stereo, the most important aspect to consider is sound quality. The car audio should be able to create clearer and stronger sound, allowing you to listen to music while driving. But how do you know which is the best? Here is a list of factors related to sound quality.

Equalizer: The equalizer is a critical component of a car stereo. Equalizers are typically composed of numerous bands that aid in sound processing by adjusting the effect of various input frequencies present in an audio source. The boost levels can be adjusted to improve the sound quality and produce the desired output. The presence of equalization in a car radio can be used to determine its quality. If the stereo lacks an equalizer, it is not worth purchasing.

Power: A car radio should have enough power to improve the sound quality. A big number of watts can aid in the production of high-quality output. If you want high-quality sound, you must consider a number of other criteria in addition to wattage.

Media Playback: Another crucial thing to consider when purchasing a car stereo for sound quality is media playback. Examine the media that the stereo can play. It must be capable of playing CDs, DVDs, USBs, and SD cards.

Connectivity: The best double din head unit for sound quality should offer a wide range of connectivity choices. Examine the internet connections, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection, aux input, and a variety of other connectivity possibilities.

Budget: Last but not least, when purchasing a car radio, keep your budget in mind. There is a large variety of double din head units for sound quality available on the market at various price points. Choose the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

Best Double DIN Head Unit for Sound Quality At a Glance:

  1. JVC KW-R940BTS Car Stereo
  2. Pioneer AVHX4800BS Car Stereo
  3. ATOTO S8 Lite 10.1 Inch Car Stereo
  4. Sony XAV-AX100 Car Stereo
  5. Alpine iLX-W650 Car Stereo
  6. BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A
  7. BOSS BVCP9685AU Car Stereo
  8. JVC KW-V85BT Car Stereo
  9. Dasaita 7 Inch Android 9.0 Car Stereo
  10. Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo
  11. JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo
  12. Pioneer AVH-2400NEX Car Stereo

Our Recommendations for Best Double DIN Head Unit for Sound Quality

JVC KW-R940BTS Car Stereo
JVC KW-R940BTS Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

JVC KW-R940BTS Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, IHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Internet Radio | Screen Size: 7 Inch | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.7


Built-in 50 watts per channel amplifier

Several Internet radio options

13-band equalizer


It does not play DVDs

The JVC KW-R940BTS is an excellent Bluetooth vehicle audio receiver with numerous features and advantages. It includes a built-in amplifier with 50 watts of power per channel and a 13-band equalizer with digital time alignment. The stereo also has K2 technology, which enhances the sound quality of all music sources. It can play CDs and USB memory devices, has an auxiliary input for your smartphone, and has a number of Internet radio alternatives. The touchscreen is huge, with a 2-line display that displays all of the necessary information. It features a 6-channel preamp output and is ideal for anyone seeking for a high-quality car entertainment receiver.

The JVC KW-R940BTS is an excellent choice for people seeking for a high-quality Bluetooth vehicle audio receiver. Its numerous features and cutting-edge technology make it well worth the price. It also has a plethora of inputs and outputs, giving you a great deal of freedom in system configuration. The touchscreen is wide and easy to use, and the integrated amplifier provides plenty of power for your speakers. If you’re in the market for a new Bluetooth vehicle stereo receiver, the JVC KW-R940BTS is a great option. It includes a plethora of functions that will fulfill all of your requirements while also providing excellent sound quality.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

The radio is very very good – EXCEPT – the display is not very bright in the daytime with no way of making it brighter. So, very disappointed in that as that is important. Looks like JVC would see the complaints on this and fix it.

Pioneer AVHX4800BS Car Stereo
Pioneer AVHX4800BS Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer AVHX4800BS Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: SiriusXM | Screen Size: 7” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.8



7-inch wide touchscreen

Remote included

Ability to support two phones at once

Siri Eyes Free

Plays CD’s, DVD’s, USB, iPhone, and XM, all with album art.

Optional backup camera.


Inconsistent dimming feature

AppRadio / Navigation requires USB

The Pioneer AVHX4800BS is an incredibly fantastic double din head unit for any car! It comes in a wide 7-inch LCD display and super easy-to-use touchscreen. Pioneer has proved itself in introducing the best head unit in the market with unmatched specifications. 

This head unit comes with a built-in Bluetooth and Siri Eyes Free, so, if you are looking for the best double din head unit for sound quality, this product can be a quite handy product for you. It also has a CD/DVD player with 14 watts RMS and 4 channels, so you can listen to your favorite radio while driving. Bluetooth wireless technology has made our lives much more versatile. Its built-in Bluetooth enables the perfect hands-free calling and audio streaming. Also, it can support two phones at once!

This head unit gives an amazing first impression to the users with its sleek design and amazing quality. It looks great and the touchscreen is easy to use, just like the Bluetooth, Siri, and voice control. Listen to your favorite music, get instant sport, and weather reports, and never miss your important calls while driving with your favorite head unit! 

In addition to Bluetooth, it also has a built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control. It works great with Android too. However, an optional adapter is required for viewing video content. Its built-in Spotify App control features allows us to listen to our favorite tracks and enables us to pause, play and skip tracks. However, Spotify Premium users can enjoy high-quality music even with no internet connection.

An amazing feature of this head unit is that it provides direct connectivity to iPods or iPhone for music playback. Time, artist, song, and album information are exceptionally displayed on its wide LCD display. Its 1 amp of current keeps iPhones charged during the journey. Also, MIXTRAX makes automatic remixing of tracks quick and easy.

Pioneer provides a 1-year warranty to the consumers to ensure customer satisfaction. If the radio has been damaged during installation, it will be at Pioneer’s discretion whether to replace the unit during the warranty period. This can be the perfect double din head unit for you as it is user-friendly due to its multiple-functions and easy-to-use features.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

We LOVE this unit. We had replaced the factory units with Pioneer systems already for two of our children to give thier older cars modern conveniences. Wouldn’t even consider another brand. This one for our own aging car is the best yet. We did backup camera as well. Awesome, the only thing missing with our older beloved Lexus is missing no longer. Great, easy to use, install, etc. couldn’t be happier?

ATOTO S8 Lite 10.1 Inch Car Stereo
ATOTO S8 Lite 10.1 Inch Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

ATOTO S8 Lite 10.1 Inch Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: Most of the available | Screen Size: 10.1” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.4


Great sound quality

Beautiful design

Built-in GPS.

Full HD Touchscreen

Live Rearview


This is a high-end car stereo and as a result it is somehow expensive.

When it comes to sound quality, the ATOTO S8 vehicle radio is among the best on the market. It has a power output of 24w, which is enough to power 4 – 8 door speakers. The Speed Compensated Volume Control feature automatically adjusts the radio volume level based on the vehicle’s speed. This ensures that the volume remains constant no matter how fast or slow the car is driving. This is a fantastic tool for folks who are concerned about their safety but yet want to listen to their music or podcast at all times.

The S8 supports the majority of audio formats and allows you to adjust the sound output in a variety of ways. The head unit can even be programmed to modify your car’s equalizer settings based on the music you’re listening to at the time. This implies that if you start listening to a hard metal song, the equalization will adjust to provide you with the greatest listening experience possible. When you change to a country song, the equalization will adjust to provide the greatest sound for that kind of music. The S8 also has a built-in microphone for making hands-free phone calls while driving.

In terms of usability, the S8 is relatively simple to set up and operate. Once installed in your car’s dashboard, you can use Bluetooth to link it to your Android or iOS smartphone and enjoy hands-free phone calls and wireless music streaming directly from your phone. The touchscreen controls are straightforward and intuitive to use, and there is a clear display that offers text and song information.

One of the best aspects of this car radio is its simple dashboard control panel and the fact that it includes a built-in GPS, eliminating the need to acquire an additional device if your vehicle does not already have one. This saves you money and keeps you from having to do any unneeded installation labour.

A wonderful addition is the HD 720P rearview video display, which includes virtual surround view parking and live rear view functions. The ATOTO S8 also offers a screen lock option for personal privacy protection. The online product protection registration and continuous system software update are also outstanding characteristics that distinguish the ATOTO S8 from the competition. Overall, the ATOTO S8 is an excellent car radio with excellent sound quality and features.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

If you wanting Wireless Android Auto this is the Radio for you. Just buy the radio then contact Atoto customer support and they will give you a link to up date the radio and get Wireless Android Auto. Best customer service I have ever delt with. Very happy.

Sony XAV-AX100 Car Stereo
Sony XAV-AX100 Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Sony XAV-AX100 Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: Youtube | Screen Size: 6.2” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.5


Compact rear chassis makes for easy installation

The rotary knob is easy to use and very responsive


Pricey compared to some other models in this review.

The Sony XAV-4 AX100‘s x 55-watt amplification provides clear and detailed music even at high volumes. It also includes a rear-view camera input, which is useful when parking. The intelligent voice control on the AX100 allows you to navigate, communicate, and listen to music without ever taking your hands off the wheel. The personal navigation feature allows you to get real-time directions without ever taking your eyes off the road. The huge, crisp touchscreen wakes up twice as fast as previous versions and lets you operate everything you need with a single press.

The inbuilt microphone on the AX-100 allows you to activate Siri with your voice, allowing you to use voice commands in the car without ever hitting a button. This enables hands-free operation of iPhone features such as Maps, Music, Messages, and others. With the AX100’s numerous sound control choices, you may additionally personalize your audio experience. The receiver includes a tiny back chassis that makes installation simple.

Another feature of the rotary knob worth emphasizing is its responsiveness. The Sony XAV-AX100 outperforms all other models in this review in this category. It wakes up almost instantly from standby mode and responds instantly to any touch or move of the control.

There is no lag time or anything else. This makes the knob excellent for quick adjustments, such as when you’re driving and a song you don’t like comes on and you want to skip it right away. You may also use the knob to quickly scroll through menus without taking your eyes off the road. The knob is an essential component of the Sony XAV-AX100, and it performs admirably.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

This is a fantastic bargain. We have two in the family. CarPlay is great on these. This is not a $1000 head unit so don’t get bent out of shape over minor squabbles.

Alpine iLX-W650 Car Stereo
Alpine iLX-W650 Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Alpine iLX-W650 Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify | Screen Size: 7” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.4


Good Sound Quality

FLAC compatibility

Capacitive touchscreen

External microphone ensures clear hands-free calling

Designed to work with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


No CD player

The Alpine ILX-W650 is a fantastic car audio that is loaded with capabilities and allows you to manage multiple apps with your voice. The touchscreen swipe controls are simple to operate, and the radio is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You may also connect your USB devices to the stereo and listen to music apps like Pandora and Spotify.

Because of its built-in amplifier, the Alpine ILX-W650 provides excellent sound quality and lots of power. It also has 6 channels for enhanced audio playing and FLAC compatibility for those who seek the best sound possible. The built-in amplifier outputs 18 watts per channel, and the stereo is compatible with the majority of stock steering wheel audio controls. The external microphone ensures clear hands-free calling, and the shallow-mount form of the stereo makes it ideal for small places.

The Alpine ILX-W650 also functions as an AM/FM tuner, allowing you to listen to your favourite radio stations. You can effortlessly link it to your backup camera or front parking sensors with Backup Camera input/output. The USB interface supports a variety of gadgets including thumb drives, while FLAC compatibility allows for high-quality music playback. Overall, the Alpine ILX-W650 is a fantastic car radio that will provide you with a fantastic listening experience.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Great Alpine quality sound, intuitive interface, touch screen, seamless pairing AppleCar Play,etc. If you’re looking for changeable graphics, screen animations and and flashing button colors, this is not for you.
If you value quality, understated appearance, and expandability this is the one.

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A
BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A (Image credit: Amazon)

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Most of the available | Screen Size: 6.7” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.4


Sleek and stylish design

3 year platinum warranty

Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


No HDMI Port on the front of the unit

The BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A is one of the greatest double din head units for sound quality. It costs more than the other models on the, but for good cause! This is one of the few systems available that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, doubling as a media console for your phone. This is especially beneficial if you don’t listen to the radio in your car and instead connect your phone via Bluetooth or Aux-in. You can use your phone to manage apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio without taking your eyes off the road.

The Boss BVCP9685AU has some of the best sound quality available. It’s on par with the more expensive Alpine. At high volumes, the sound is clean and precise, with minimal distortion. One thing to keep in mind is that when the automobile is in reverse, the sound level automatically decreases. Many head units include this safety feature, which prevents drivers from being distracted by excessively loud music while reversing.

When shopping for a vehicle radio, one of the most critical features to look for is the ability to back up safely. The backup safety features on the Boss BVCP9685AU are great. It has a rearview camera input (camera not included), making it ideal for backing up in tight spaces or parallel parking in congested regions. It also includes an interface module that allows you to use the current controls on your steering wheel. It also contains a USB connection and an Aux input in the back, allowing you to connect an external hard drive or a smartphone without taking up too much space in your vehicle.

It also has a 6.75′′ touchscreen for easy use and browsing of music files stored on a USB stick/external hard drive, among other things. The BOSS Audio Systems is an excellent value, especially if you’re searching for a double din head unit that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Underneath the elegant design are a variety of inputs and outputs that allow you to connect all of your favourite gadgets while on the go. The sleek and attractive design, as well as the 3-year platinum warranty, is an extra benefit.

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A
BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A (Image credit: Amazon)

BOSS BVCP9685AU Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Spotify / Pandora | Screen Size: 6.2” | Rated for Sound Quality: 3.9


Maps of all 50 US states

Wireless remote

Included Rear Camera


Does not support some file formats

The BOSS BVCP9685AU is an excellent Double Din head unit for people looking for the best of both worlds: built-in navigation and a Bluetooth operating system (OS). The 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen display with enhanced quality enables excellent video playback as well as a user-friendly graphical interface for touch control of many of the unit’s features and capabilities. It also has Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming, a wireless remote, preloaded POI and maps of all 50 US states and Puerto Rico, a rearview camera input, and a built-in preset EQ. The BOSS BVCP9685AU is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a top-of-the-line Double Din head unit that can do it all.

Enhance the sound quality of music by modifying the bass, treble, and balance levels with the equalizer settings provided in this car receiver with Bass Boost, which allows you to easily customize your audio experience. It also reduces distortion at greater volume levels, giving you clear audio with no unpleasant shocks. This double-DIN audio system improves the entire listening experience of its customers by offering them with simple system controls. The user-friendly interface adds to the allure of this all-around player, which is unquestionably one of a kind.

With this simple wireless remote controller, you can operate your complete system, including turning on/off your navigation source, playing and pausing music, and more. The optional Steering Wheel Control (SWC) harness allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while safely interacting with your smartphone with the BOSS Audio KIT1W. This harness connects to the SWC input on the back of the head unit and allows you to operate basic receiver operations using the buttons on your steering wheel. You have everything you need to get the most out of your BOSS Audio KIT1W car audio with the wireless remote and steering wheel control.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

I installed it on my Honda Odyssey. It works great. I tested GPS Navigation, bluetooth pairing, USB MP3, DVD playing and even the steering wheel control. Everything works as it should be.

JVC KW-V85BT Car Stereo
JVC KW-V85BT Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

JVC KW-V85BT Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Spotify / Pandora | Screen Size: 6.8” | Rated for Sound Quality:


Impressive equalizer capabilities

CD/DVD player available

Wireless remote control

Powerful 1.5-Amp USB charging system

Works with both Android and iPhone


The screen is neither motorable nor detachable

Some android users face connectivity issues

The JVC KW-V85BT has emerged in the market with its special and unique features leaving many other brands behind. It comes with a 6.8-inch wide display, so you can have all your favorite apps and time in just one screen. Its touchscreen gives a great advantage to the users, who want to keep switching the buttons in this technological era? However, its touchscreen has a few buttons on the left edge to make it easy to control for all users.

Its double din multimedia receiver and high-resolution audio make it a perfect go-to tool for customers. Its wireless remote control also provides a lot of conveniences while operating this head unit. It helps the driver to focus on the road, as it has specially been designed with automatic controls systems.

To provide the users with fantastic sound quality, the JVC KW-V85BT offers a 13-band equalizer, high-resolution audio, and variable subwoofer levels. This makes it very easy for the users to adjust the audio as they want. You can even change the sound settings in this stereo.

Its built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking and audio streaming provides much ease to the consumer while driving. So, if you do not want to compromise on sound quality, this product would be a perfect pick for you! 

 The fact that it is pre-packaged with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay has proved much beneficial for users as they can easily connect their devices with it. There is also a built-in USB port for charging phones during the journey.

Its Bluetooth works perfectly for both Android and iPhone so you can listen to Spotify and Pandora with smooth control and never get your favourite music messed up. Also, its Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) instantly shows the name of the incoming caller and accesses the contact list as well to avoid any kinds of distractions while driving.It also includes Siri Eyes Free, making it possible for you to control your iPhone using voice commands directed at the microphone.

Although it is a multi-function device including all the specifications required for consumers, it is much cheaper than other double din head units. All these features have made it the best double din head unit for sound quality because it is very practical.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Great receiver well worth the money. Delivery was quick and on time

Dasaita 7 Inch Android 9.0 Car Stereo
 Dasaita 7 Inch Android 9.0 Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Dasaita 7 Inch Android 9.0 Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Cellular, Wi-Fi | Supported Internet Services: Most of the available | Screen Size: 7” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.0


7-inch capacitive touchscreen

Built-in radio tuner

15 band graphic equalizer

Supports 4K video format

Supports 3G/4G internet

Expanded memory


Display touch is not bright enough for daylight

The Dasaita 7-inch Android 9.0 double din car stereo comes with a wide 7-inch touchscreen display. This head unit is probably the most advanced of all other units due to its unique specification. Its touch screen provides a user-friendly experience and is easily customizable. Its UI is designed to be specifically convenient for the driver. Unlike many other head units, its Built-in radio turner provides access to 18 FM stations and 12 AM stations so that you can tune in to your favourite radio stations. It’s AM/FM tuner can be preset to 30 stations. It is specifically designed keeping the sound quality the most important factor, making it the best double din head unit for the sound quality of all times.

This product provides the best hardware to its consumers. Its 7-inch digital car multimedia and IPS screen with 1024*600 high resolution provides an unmatched visual experience during the journey to its users. Also, its built-in DSP, 15 band graphic equalizer can let you enjoy the sound more.

In addition to flawless sound quality, this head unit supports 4K video format! It allows the users to play games and watch videos in high quality without missing any details. 4K has been introduced in this head unit so that the users can enjoy their drive and not get bored. This could be an amazing head unit for you if you have little children who love playing video games! They can also watch their favorite cartoons and videos in high quality as this format has replaced the 1080P video format.

Its built-in GPS and 3G/4G Wi-Fi never lets you miss any direction. You can always remain connected to all the latest news through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. Its Built-in Bluetooth navigation system provides the facility of hassle-free audio streaming and high sound quality. Its widescreen and 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM provide you the versatility to download unlimited apps.

It supports mirror-link functions, can connect the backup camera, and supports steering wheel functions. All these features are very important in any head unit and all of them come in this multi-function unit! Another user-friendly feature of this head unit is its adjustable illuminations. You can choose the color of button light in 8 options, and you can also set hundreds of colors through RGB combinations. This makes it fun to drive your car, especially at night with beautiful background colors and fabulous illuminations.

This head unit is perfect for any Android user due to its flawless specifications, the most advanced being the 9.0 pie latest operation system, 4GB RAM and 42 GB ROM, and 4K video format for an ultra-clear screen.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Nice double din head unit. Too many features to list. Needed to make cuts internally to fit Ram. Still learning this unit but it currently works great. 8/10/20 the unit still works great. No issues with apps crashing like some other reviews. Screen brightness needs a better range in sunlight. Unit control buttons such as the back button can be stubborn. Otherwise still a 5 star product.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo
Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: SiriusXM | Screen Size: 6.2” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.6


Remote control attached

6.2’’ wide touchscreen

LED backlight

Comes with illuminator timer

Sleek design

3 Sets of 4V preamp outputs


No direct integration with steering wheel

The Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din car stereo is an in-dash receiver that comes with a wide 6.2-inch capacitive display. The pro of this screen size is that it can fit in any car, so you can call it an ideal screen-size head unit. It has an LCD touchscreen, so you will not get distracted while switching between the buttons during driving. Unlike many head units in the market, this car stereo comes with a 24 hour and 12-hour clock display on the screen.

Many customers complain that there is no clock shown on the screen although they bought the highest-ranking head unit in the market. But do not worry, you will not face such problems with this one! In addition, it also displays CD text and MP3 ID3 Tag including title, artist & album. So, you can enjoy your favorite music and listen to AM/FM radio with no disruption and smooth sound.

It perfectly works with all Bluetooth enabled cell phones and Includes an external wired microphone. So, take your driving experience to another level and never miss important calls as it provides clear high-quality sound for convenient talking. Enjoying songs and listening to the radio in high-quality audio streaming would not have been easier without this one.

This head unit has a peak power output of 50 watts x 4 channels, providing the users with unmatched sound quality. It also includes AM and FM tuner with 18 FM and 12 AM presets. It has an MP3 and CD text information display as well as works with all kinds of cell phones, whether iPhone, Android, or iPod. It provides much flexibility to the users as it has full Voice Control for all functions, so you never have to take your eyes off the road. Its steering wheel controls make it even more user-friendly.

It has Siri Eyes Free and wireless Pandora control for iPhone and Android. Moreover, Mixtrax blends the sound in a DJ-style, so that your driving experience can never be boring. Also, it provides amazing colour customization with 5 display colours and 112 key colours. This head unit has proper brightness control and dimmer settings so that you can easily see your screen even in daylight. For nighttime, it also provides outstanding colour customization, to make your journey even more enjoyable along with super-high sound quality.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Wow, I love it, synced to my Android phone, sound is crisp and clean, 2 av inputs so I have a front lic plate camera and rear, really easy to use, I am really enjoying it a great deal, installed in a 2010 dodge ram 2500 mega cab.

JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo
JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: SiriusXM | Screen Size: 6.9” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.6


Removable anti-theft faceplate

Color illumination feature

CD player

Bluetooth connectivity

Siri Eyes Free along with Pandora and Spotify


No DVD player

No touchscreen

The JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo is a great double din receiver with a large LCD display. If you are willing to boost your car audio head unit to something more modern with Bluetooth wireless technology, the JVC KW-R930BTs a fantastic choice. However, it does not come with a touchscreen. This feature is a pro for many consumers while a con for some.

This head unit can be best suitable for senior users. It comes at a very cheap price and suits all customer needs. Its main focus has been on sound quality. Without any doubt, we can say that it can provide amazing sound quality without any disruption. If you are looking for the Best cheap double DIN head unit for sound quality and are particularly low on budget, this one will be the perfect pick for you

Its 2-line LCD display instantly gives all the information about the track that is playing. So, you will not have to keep switching between the apps. Just select your favorite song and enjoy the drive!

Listening to music while driving would not have been this much easier without this one. This head unit has been enabled with built-in Bluetooth wireless version 3.0 technology and works with both Android and iPhone. So, listen to your favourite music on Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. This head unit also has Siri Eyes Free voice control for iPhones. Its steering wheel control also provides much ease while driving. Unlike some head unit, this one also has a CD player, taking your audio streaming experience to another level!

The 13-band equalizer allows the user to fine-tune a wide range of frequencies to their liking. This function allows users to independently tune specific bands in order to create the finest possible sound quality, whether they are listening to rock, pop, hip hop, or any other kind of music.

This JVC head unit has attracted many customers due to its great performance as it has a peak output of 50-watts x 4 peak power. It comes with a clear and wide LCD display featuring variable color illumination. This feature has attracted many customers towards it as many users love its color-changing lights.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Love this receiver! Great FM reception. Nice display – easy to read with a lot of info, artist, song title, HD radio readout. Has a fully adjustable equalizer or choose one of the presets. Display is nice and bright. Great price.

Pioneer-AVH-2400NEX-Car-Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer AVH-2400NEX Car Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify | Screen Size: 7” | Rated for Sound Quality: 4.5


7 inch Touch Screen




The Pioneer AVH-2400NEX car stereo is the most affordable and most decent-priced car stereo. It comes in a wide 7-inch capacitive touch screen, allowing you to have all your favorite apps and multiple functions all on one screen. This head unit will also be a quiet handy product for you if you are looking for the head unit for sound quality in 2022. Its built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming along with digital multimedia receiver with AM/FM make it an outstanding and a must-have product for anyone.

Its LCD touchscreen also has multi-color illumination and a resolution of 800 x 480. It would be quite impossible to have such flawless at such a low price, but Pioneer provides this flexibility to its consumers. Pioneer has always come up with amazing products that make themselves stand out in the market.

Its Bluetooth feature adds much more to its exceptional qualities. You can easily pair a Bluetooth enabled phone to this head unit, so choose this head unit if you want a safe and sound driving experience and you want to avoid complicated settings. The AVH-2400NEX with Bluetooth improves call quality reception using the new Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6, nearly doubling the bandwidth of the frequency boosts the quality of your calls.

This provides an undisrupted and smooth sound. It also has Siri Eyes Free, Pandora, and Spotify to provide a better-than-ever listening experience. You can play and pause tracks and browse playlists easily while driving by using the Pioneer controls.

This head unit can be a go-to product for anyone looking for a multi-function head unit at a decent price. If you are interested in great hands-free controls and great music, this is the head unit you need to into account.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Great product and straight forward install on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Need the upgrade from a stock receiver to Bluetooth, touchscreen, and Apple Car play! Looked up a few youtube videos to install this myself. No major issues at all. Simplify the install by purchasing a wiring harness. Only wish this included an HDMI input which it does not.

Closing Thoughts

We have reviewed the best double din head unit for sound quality for you. However, many other factors need to be taken into consideration while choosing head unit. Choosing the best head unit for your car can be challenging but we hope you would have rest assured after reading this review. Better head unit not only provides facilities but also increases the sale value of your car. You just need to choose the one that perfectly matches all your needs and your budget. You can check out our latest article below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence sound quality?

There are many factors that influence sound quality in a car stereo. Equalization, power, media playback, and connectivity are some of the most important. Each of these factors play a role in the overall sound quality of a car stereo.

What are the top brands in double din head units for sound quality?

There are many popular brands of double din head unit available on the market. Popular brands include Pioneer, BOSS, Sony, Alpine, and JVC.

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