7 Car Light Maintenance Tips To Make Driving Safer

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When one first begins driving a car, there are several things that they should be taught from those driving longer. Just as there are rules for road use and interaction with other drivers, the lights on one’s car serve as an essential means to let other drivers know where you are and how fast you’re going. While most drivers are well aware of the basics, such as turning on one’s headlights when driving at night or in inclement weather, there are several other helpful car light maintenance tips that anyone who owns a car with lights should know.

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Car Light Maintenance Tips – Automotive

For those looking for general car light maintenance tips, Here are some of the most important things to know.

1. Convert Your Standard Halogen Bulbs To Xenon HID

One of the most helpful car light maintenance tips is to change the bulbs in your car. If you have standard halogen bulbs, it might be best to visit xenonsonline.com and convert them to Xenon HID headlights. These are considerably brighter than standard halogens and could help drivers see better when driving at night or in inclement weather. Another benefit of using these lights is that they are powered by electricity. If one’s vehicle has a power source running through it during the day, there is no need for them to worry about forgetting turn signals or headlights. They come on automatically once the engine is turned on.

Convert Your Standard Halogen Bulbs To Xenon HID

2. Use A Turn Signal Assist

This is another car light maintenance tip that seems simple but can help drivers see better and make it safer for others on the road. The turn signal assist will let other drivers know when they plan on changing lanes or turning at an intersection by watching their blinkers. It sounds like a small thing, but if everyone knew when a driver would change lanes or turn, traffic could move much more quickly and safely. This device can also serve as an excellent gift for someone learning how to drive because it allows parents and other experienced drivers to help new drivers safely navigate the road.

3. Check Your Lights Regularly

Drivers must check their lights regularly, at least once every two weeks. It’s also a great way to maintain your car. This is an easy way to gauge whether or not they are working correctly and allows drivers to plan accordingly for driving in darkness or inclement weather conditions. If your car does not come with automatic lights, then you’ll need to turn them on manually whenever it’s dark or wet outside. Although this may seem like a simple car light maintenance tip, many car owners do not remember until they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and realize that their lights were left on for far too long.

4. Use High Beams Only When You Need To

All drivers must understand how their high beams work before having another driver flash them at night or when it is raining; doing so could lead to a misunderstanding of sorts and make for angry other drivers who might slam into you should your car hit his or hers while you’re clicking on your high beams to signal for the person to go ahead. Thus, it’s essential that one only uses their high beams when there are no other cars around, and it is safe to do so. Otherwise, stick with low beams. This will allow you to see further down the road instead of having the light bounce off raindrops directly in front of you, which may make driving more complicated than it needs to be.

5. Be Careful When Flashing Your Lights

Finally, it’s always important to be careful when using one’s lights on a car. If you’re going to turn on your high beams or blinkers, make sure that the other person can see them. Also, instead of flashing lights, it’s best to use hand gestures or turn signals should you feel as though the other driver is not doing their job correctly. If you have an older car and aren’t sure whether your lights are working correctly, there is a way to check without having to pull over and use one of your cell phone apps. Stop in a public area with plenty of people around or call a friend who lives nearby and ask them if they can see your headlights from where they are standing.

6. Don’t Extend Your Headlights Too High.

One should never extend their headlights too high because other drivers might be blinded by their brightness, which can lead to an accident. That being said, it should also be noted that one should make sure to lower their bright once another driver flashes them as a courtesy; doing so will allow for better vision when driving at night and help you avoid blinding another driver as well as endangering yourself as a result of your bright lights. To avoid blinding other drivers, one should never extend their headlights above the highest point on their car.

7. Use Your Fog Lights Wisely

While some drivers may choose to use fog lights at all times, this is not advisable because there are specific laws regulating fog lights. Instead of turning them on whenever you feel as though it is necessary, check your local law enforcement website for information about fog light regulations. That being said, if it is illegal to have them on in your area or you prefer not to have them on while driving at night, then attempt to limit yourself from using them unless it’s an emergency. This way, other drivers will be aware that they’re coming up with their fog lights activated and will have time to slow down accordingly.

Most cars today come with built-in computer systems that monitor many mechanics of a vehicle, including how much fuel has been used or what kind of oil needs to be changed (though some require the driver to check these manually). However, there are no monitors for one’s car light system. Therefore it is vital to make sure they work correctly by replacing burnt-out bulbs regularly. It also helps to make sure that all of your car lights need to be replaced simultaneously. This is especially important with indicator lights because if one light goes out, others may follow suit soon after, even if they are still working correctly.

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