Why Is My Car Radio Display Not Working: 5 Reasons & Solution

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When using your car radio, you may notice that the screen is not working, but still emitting sound. The only way to resolve this issue is by either checking connections or replacing parts.

Follow the steps in the article to figure out what’s causing the malfunction and fix your screen.

Reasons Why is Your Car Radio Display Not Working?

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Reason # 1: Unadjusted Brightness

The most common reason why is car radio display not working that we can come across in our day to day life is when the display of the car head unit is too dim. If you find that your car’s display has become dull and hard to read, though it is not so old, then you need to check the brightness adjustment.

Check if the brightness controls are set as per your preferred levels. The brightness control may be set to low or even turned off because of which you are unable to view the screen clearly.

Reason # 2: Bad Fuses

Another reason why is car radio display not working is the problem with fuses of your car. You need to check and ensure that there are no blown fuses in the car.

Also, the fuse box is very important for your operating system to work perfectly. It ensures that all components of your audio system are working fine. So, if there is bad connection or blown fuse, you will find every component not functioning properly.

Reason # 3: Faulty Connector Wires

The next reason that can be attributed to why is car radio display not working is malfunctioning connector wires. There are several small connectors in your car which are very important for the smooth functioning of your car’s system. If any of these wires are not working properly because of broken or damaged connector, then your system will not function properly.

These wires carry signals from one component to another and hence there is break in the connection; you will find your car’s head unit not working hence it is important to check all the connector wires.

Reason # 4: Malfunctioning Radio Receiver

The next reason why is car radio display not working can be a malfunctioning radio receiver. You may find the radio receiver emitting sound but there will be no display which is a clear indication that there is some problem with the receiver.

You need to check and replace the receiver if it has stopped working.

Reason # 5: Broken Screen

The next reason why is car radio display not working can be the broken LCD. Most of the times, it is due to mishandling or some kind of physical damage that the LCD gets damaged, which results in no image appearing on the screen.

You need to replace the entire LCD if it has developed any fault because once this stops working, you won’t be able to read any information from the head unit.

What Is the Most Common Reason That a Car Radio Display Doesn’t Turn On?

The most common reason for a car radio display not working is simply that the fuse is blown. This is usually the case when people turn on their car and suddenly discover that the display isn’t working. By taking a look at where the radio fuse is located in the car, finding that it’s blown and replacing it with a new one, you can solve this problem.

Where Do I Find the Fuse for My Car Radio?

Fuses are usually located in the fuse box in your car. To access it, you will need to take out the panel covering it and check each fuse. What you are looking for is a small, cylindrical piece of metal with two wires coming out of the top of it. Since fuses are not labeled, you will have to keep track of which fuse goes where.

How to Fix Your Car Radio When the Display Is Not Working?

Solution # 1: Checking Connectors

The best way to fix your car radio when the display is not working is to check all of the connections in the back of the unit. If the head unit in your car is in good working order, simply reconnecting loose connections should solve this problem for you.

Solution # 2: Checking Wiring

If reconnecting the connections in the back of the unit doesn’t solve your problem, then you will have to remove the radio from the dashboard. You can then open it up and check all of the wiring connections in the front to make sure that they are properly connected.

Solution # 3: Replacing Parts

If even after you have checked all of the wiring in your radio, the problem still persists, you will probably need to replace some parts. For example, if there is a loose wire or connection anywhere in the radio, this will cause your display to malfunction and not work. You could also need to replace a fuse or any other component.


The most common reason that a car radio display does not turn on is because of a faulty fuse. If your fuse is blown, you will need to replace it with a new one. If this does not solve the problem, you should follow the other solutions provided in this article. In some cases, you will have to replace a wire, a fuse or another component.

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