4 cheapest Car Models That Are Easy To Maintain

Last Updated on September 17, 2022 by John Robinson

The thing with supercars is that not only are they expensive to buy, they are also quite expensive to maintain. For example, blowing a tire on a Bugatti will set you back about $12000, a full set will cost around $45000. Compare that to the average cost of a tire for a regular vehicle like the Toyota Corolla which is around $500 for a set of four. Considering the latest fuel prices, it’s not just the availability and price of parts that are a concern for buyers but also the cost of running the vehicle. 

While the old muscle cars and the modern sports cars are all very nice to look at and the sound is exhilarating, it’s also quite an exhilarating experience to fill up their tanks after you’ve just gone down the street to pick up some bread and eggs. Here are a cheapest car models that are easy to maintain and they offer all the amenities and features you would desire from a modern vehicle.

Cheapest Car Models That Are Easy To Maintain

1.  Toyota Camry Hybrid

Depending on where you live buying the hybrid model of the Camry might be cheaper than buying the regular model. If you are interested in a bigger tax bonus then consider a fully electric vehicle however it will be more expensive to purchase and repairs can also be pricey. The latest Camry brings together an advanced Hybrid drive technology that nearly mimics an electric vehicle though it does still have an engine. A regular service for the hybrid Camry will only cost around a couple of hundred dollars. In fact, in terms of service cost, the Camry is the cheapest option to maintain with a ten-year maintenance cost of slightly over $4000.

2.  Honda Accord

The other very popular sedan from Japan is the Honda Accord and is also available with hybrid technology. While both the Camry and the Accord share a similar displacement, there is a significant difference in the suspension and the drivetrain. The Camry is rear-wheel drive whereas the Accord is front-wheel drive. If you are looking for speed the car enthusiasts at 0-60specs.com suggest you go for the Type-R Honda Accord that is a fully modified version of the standard Accord. It features everything from racing seats to a high-powered engine, racing suspension, multiple drive modes, and even paddle shifters. The Accord platform, like many offerings from Honda, can be customized to your liking and the Type-R Accord can easily be built into a serious racing machine.

3.  Kia Sportage

If you have a small family that you want to go on trips with or you just enjoy the look and feel of a compact SUV then the Kia Sportage is a good choice. More importantly, one variant of the Sportage comes with AWD which can prove to be a very beneficial technology if you happen to live in a region with a lot of snow or on otherwise slippery surfaces. As South Asian car manufacturers continue to grow in popularity across the world it is extremely easy and very cost-effective to maintain these vehicles. Together with plenty of space and a number of fantastic features such as the panoramic sunroof the new Kia Sportage easily competes with much pricier competitors.

4.  BMW 3 Series

While Asian-made cars have definitely got an edge when it comes to the initial price, there is no doubt that German engineering is a class apart. Even in the entry-level vehicle from BMW, the 3 Series proves just how much of a difference there can be between manufacturers. The key difference is the amount of research that goes into these vehicles. The latest offerings from BMW use smaller engines than ever before yet the power output is higher than it has ever been. Moreover, the reliability of these German vehicles is second to none. The 3 series is a slightly more expensive option but when it comes to maintenance and the cost per mile, it beats most other cars in its league. Regular maintenance is no problem at all, the only challenge is when you encounter serious mechanical problems. These can be too complicated for the average mechanic to fix and you will have to take them to an authorized repair shop.


If you are looking for the best of both price and performance, there are quite a few cars that you can consider. The real thing is whether or not that car is a good choice for your locality. For example, getting a solid Volvo vehicle is great but if there is no after-sales support for that vehicle in your area it will end up costing you a lot more than getting something that is easily available. Also, you want something that will last with the locally available fuel. Advanced engines require better quality fuel and this isn’t always available. There are ways around it but then again, it will only add to the cost of ownership.

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