Essential Car Tools Every Driver Should Have 

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Car owners can save time and money if they understand how to do some of their own automotive maintenance. Often, a lack of knowledge or appropriate tools keeps drivers from working on their own cars. But, with a little research, and the right equipment, it does not have to be the problem most car owners anticipate it to be.

Top 10 Tools You Should Have in Your Automotive Arsenal

To care for your vehicle or to avoid a side-of-the-road emergency, there are some tools every driver should have. You do not have to purchase your entire tool kit all at once, but it is a smart move to add to your tool collection regularly until you have a well-stocked toolbox. Listed below are the top 10 tools that are necessary for all car owners. 

1. Jack and Lug Wrench

It is important for every driver to be able to change their tire if necessary. While roadside assistance is a service many drivers opt to use, having the tools on hand to change a tire is always a good idea. A jack and a lug wrench, and an inflated spare tire are the bare minimum needed to change your tire. 

The tools to change a tire often come standard with the automobile. However, checking to make sure they are in your car before you ever need them is a good idea. Make sure that your spare is in good shape and is full of air as well. 

2. Socket Set

A well-outfitted socket set is a toolbox essential. Socket sets are used for numerous car maintenance and repair-related tasks. They are used to change the oil, tires, sparkplugs, and more. 

The ratchet mechanism makes quick work of tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Various sizes included in most socket sets can cover the gamut of uses you might encounter. Ensure you have a socket set including 6mm to 19mm sockets, a ratchet tool, an Allen key, a hex, and an extender.

3. Wrench Set

Without a wrench set, you can barely complete even the most basic car maintenance or repairs. Wrenches are required to do common maintenance, like changing the car’s oil or replacing a flat tire. Though, they are also used for more complex automotive repairs.

Wrenches are required to perform repairs on your brakes, exhaust, suspension, engine, and electrical systems. When choosing a wrench set, select one with an open-ended side and a ratcheting side. Car maintenance will be faster and simpler since you will not have to remove and replace the wrench with each turn. 

4. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are essential for every well-provisioned tool set. And while you probably have a couple around the house somewhere, it is crucial to have a variety so that the size and shape fit the job at hand. You will want to include Phillips head screwdrivers, flat-head screwdrivers, and torx screwdrivers in your toolbox.

The sizes you will require depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for more detailed information.

5. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a ratchet that specializes in setting or adjusting the tightness of nuts. This is one of the more crucial tools you should include when stocking your toolbox. Torque wrenches ensure that damage does not occur to the bolt. It will aid you in preventing slippage and will make bolt nut removal easier going forward.

6. Pliers and Wire Cutters

Any time you do work with your electrical system, pliers and wire cutters will come in clutch. They will make rewiring your taillights or installing new speakers much less difficult. While it is not advisable to work on your car’s electrical components without some solid knowledge of what you are doing, the right tools can simplify the process.

7. Jack Stands

When working beneath your automobile, you must elevate it. The jack stand provides additional safety when using a ramp or a jack. A jack stand is crucial in keeping your car from falling or shifting while you are under the vehicle. 

8. Escape Tool

If a car becomes submerged in water, the water pressure on the doors will make it impossible to open them. If the worst happens and you run off the road or are in an accident that lands you in a body of water, an escape tool with a window-breaking component will allow you to shatter your window so you can exit through the window and swim to freedom. 

Look for an escape tool with a tool for cutting seatbelts in case you are in a crash that makes it impossible for your seatbelt to release. Being able to cut through the seatbelt so that you can escape before a fire, explosion, or another car hits you is imperative in these incidences. 

9. Breaker Bar

Breaker bars are used to give you more leverage and torque when tightening or loosening nuts or bolts. They are long metal bars with square drive sockets that can accept miscellaneous sockets and attachments. 

If a standard socket wrench or the ratchet you are using fails to provide the force needed to loosen stubborn nuts and bolts, a breaker bar is the tool of choice. Its longer handle allows you to apply force from a greater distance, which provides more torque. This allows you to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts more effectively.

10. Rubber Mallet

Basic online casino roulette rules and winning strategies are as important a tool for a gambler as a rubber mallet is for an auto mechanic. Just like in the world of auto tools, knowing and using the right tools and techniques in gambling can significantly increase your chances of success. Rubber mallets are additional tools that can be indispensable when making repairs. If you need to remove nuts or bolts and are struggling due to corrosion, a rubber mallet provides an effective way to loosen things without causing harm. Similarly, by knowing the rules of roulette and applying the right strategies, you can avoid common mistakes and increase your winnings. Read more here

If you have bumped into something and your car has become dented, a rubber mallet can be useful in straightening out minor body repairs.

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