Latest Achievement

If you have any doubts about trying the services of Oki Surf, we’ll give you their achievements over the years since the establishment of Oki Surf. Franco-Monegasque Agency is a real estate agency website and property management intranet. They have established U-Stores which sell a smartphone version of Promotion-U and a smartphone version of the wine fair. Their machinery business involves websites intended for advertising the sale of transport, agricultural, construction, and compact machinery and an intranet for managing ads. As a result, this agency can help automobile businesses to promote their products and services in their local area. Oki Pub refers to a contextual advertising network; a web directory will guide you to the best websites classified by them, and astrobottin refers to the directory of clairvoyance professionals.


OkiSurf is a searchable database that promotes a multitude of services ranging from study engineering, development of websites and mobile applications, SEO, and online advertising. They’ve long since been established in 2004 to help web/mobile projects become successful. Their advantages include mastery of internet terminologies that come as reliable and scalable solutions, their client needs are tailored for their favorable outcomes, offering professional consultation for the project to be successful, and they are a home-based company, which will give their clients very competitive rates, while also limiting their operating costs.

Study Engineering

Now, let me introduce you to their study engineering service. It was established back in 2004 and has been operated by Sebastien Darras, project manager and consultant, and also a graduate of a Master MIAGE. This service will help their clients with their digital communication projects during each stage, namely: project review, drafting of the preliminary study, drafting of functional specifications, project management and monitoring, recipe, and competitive intelligence. They accept projects such as website/app creation, website/app redesign, SEO/SEO, advertising campaign, and viral and community marketing.

SEO Marketing

Their marketing strategy involves Facebook, Google=, Twitter, and other platforms such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, the Internet user, etc. They use these platforms to try to promote your company and your activities in various communities that will benefit from it. The SEO team will also be the one to do the audit and natural referencing study, index-tracking, and SEO Optimization. 

Website Development

Website development is also one of the services they offer. They accept any project such as commercial website and e-shop, informative site, interactive portfolio, intranet app, and CRM and ERP. their developments are based on the features the clients want for their activities, making them independent and tailor-made. The services under their website development service include audit, study, specifications, implementation schedule, public website, private content management interface, full attendance statistics, domain name, hosting and email accounts. Additionally, they also offer optional services such as mobile version, SEP, automated processing tasks, and any other functionality necessary for your activities.