Pioneer AVH-211EX Review: Digital Media Receiver

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Get rid of those weirdly-shaped, low-quality sound speakers and switch to a better option – Pioneer AVH-211EX.

 Even the folks at Pioneer describe this digital media receiver to be an entry-level device, yet the absolute amount of high-end technology compressed into this Double Din unit relates to a mid-level masterpiece at an entry-level price.

It takes a lot of hunting to discover something extraordinary in the digital media receiver industry today that offers impressive features as the Pioneer AVH-211EX does. Top that off with the legendary reputation Pioneer holds, and you got yourself a life-relying product that makes any sound feel music to the ears.

Want to know why the AVH-211EX is such an excellent choice? For that, you have to keep reading this Pioneer AVH-211EX Review


Pioneer AVH-211EX – Futuristic and Elegant Design 

The Pioneer AVH-211EX is not some random stereo that became popular just because it belongs to a high-reputable company. It became a viable option because it is designed for those who love to listen to music and want a better experience without emptying their wallets.

Some would address this car stereo to be basic. Well, it kind of is, considering it does not support a vast amount of features. Still, the ones that are present work fine.

It is a senior-friendly car stereo because of its intuitive and straightforward design. If you are looking for navigation and apps, then you may have to search for another unit. Luckily, there is Bluetooth. It allows you to pair within seconds.

It works with almost every phone. It does not have specific applications like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but it offers a fast and good stereo. You can even mount a rearview camera to the unit; it will offer ease in parking.

It may take you some time to sync – depending on your phone list. Once done, the caller information will be displayed. Moreover, this car stereo is mainly for those who love traditional music players, such as the radio.

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Amazing Features Of Pioneer AVH-211EX

As said above, the Pioneer AVH-211EX is an excellent stereo system that offers many highly-oriented yet specific features. Each feature represents the ease of usability and convenience of this car stereo.

  • Bluetooth compatibility 

The Pioneer AVH-211EX incorporates a Bluetooth hands-free profile with a Wideband Speech capability, offering a significant improvement in phone calls’ sound quality. While calling, you get double frequency, which offers nothing but hassle-free sounds.

When you install this stereo in your car, you’ll be driving safe and obeying the traditional hands-free laws via built-in Bluetooth. Prefer to pair a Bluetooth-enabled phone to the Pioneer AVH-211EX, without tackling any complicated settings.

When a registered device is close to the receiver, the auto-connection feature automatically connects the two units.

From hands-free calling, simple pairing, wireless audio streaming, audio control and album, song search, and artist, Bluetooth advancement has come a long way in the vehicle industry. It has provided us with a lot of conveniences.

  • Choose your colors

The Pioneer AVH-211EX offers you a chance to create your own colors; hence, the opportunity of customization. Select among the five colors, violet, blue, green, amber, and red for the display. Besides that, there are 112 unique colors to match the unit’s illumination with your vehicle’s interior ambiance.

You can also choose from multiple background images to fit your mood. With all these options, there are a few cautions.

Prefer to read the operation manual, cautions, and instructions guide carefully before use. Keep your eyes on the road, do not use a feature if it cannot be used legally or safely in your environment or location, and limit glances to the stereo.

Distracted driving could lead to severe injuries and even death. Specific features like keyboard input and video playback are not safe for a parking brake interlock function.

Therefore, drive with focus and do not let the colors get in the way of your vision.

  • Android Music Support 

This one is for those who use Android devices with the 4.0 or older operating system. They can connect their phones to the AVH-211EX without installing an app.

The AVH-211EX comes with a lot of features that provide ease to both Android and iOS users. That said, Android users can use Media Transfer Protocol, which allows the device to be recognized as a music storage device.

The versatility of this product is extreme. Users can now play music via USB stored on Android devices and operate standard operations, such as Repeat, FF, Pause, REW, Random Play, Pause, and Play. Additionally, metadata can also be displayed, such as the album, artist, and track name.

  • Back-up camera ready

The Pioneer AVH-211EX features a back-up camera that offers the ease of reverse and rear-facing. The camera assists towing, parking, and efficient visibility while driving.

Furthermore, rear visibility setups are required under federal laws in certain new cars according to the phase-in schedule issued in May 2016. The purpose of telling this information is that people who already have back-up cameras installed in their cars should not use the AVH-211EX as a back-up camera. It might disable the system’s applications.

  • Use Direct Control for iPhone

Pioneer boasts superior technology in a traditional and straightforward looking stereo system. That said, it is ready to be used with direct connectivity to iPhone or iPod for the song, album, music, artist, and time information. Everything is beautifully displayed on the attractive and massive 6.2” touchscreen.

With a USB, users can directly connect for effortless signal transfer from the device for precise, clean sounds while delivering 1 amp of current to maintain your iPhone/iPhone battery.

Therefore, playing songs with your iOS devices has never been easier. The direct connection offers quick and effortless pairing.

  • Clear Resistive Touchscreen 

The AVH-211EX supports a 6.2-inch clear, resistive LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480, to deliver 1152.000 pixels. The amazingly clear and resistive touchscreen is designed to improve the visibility of on-screen images and graphics, making them appear crisp and clear.

The touchscreen lets you control the features of this unit and connect devices with it. The connected components include iPhone/iPad, Android, or USB.

Menus are displayed on screen for choosing functions, adjusting audios, and setting up the entire system.

  • Picture Adjustments

You can save several video settings for the rear-view camera and video source, including adjusting the brightness, contrast, dimmer, and hues.

  • Supertuner IID FM/AM Tuner

The super tuner FM/AM tuner contains Feedforward control, which eliminates the chances of multi-path interferences. The pre-detection of disturbances enables quick filter results and controls with little distortion. Additionally, the Super tuner IID manages to create a professional stereo experience during multi-path interferences.

Digital processing decreases distortion and enhances the Singal-to-Noise ratio, where advanced analog technology enhances signal processing.

What’s in the box Of Pioneer AVH-211EX?

The package will contain the following items/accessories:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Wiring strap
  • DVD receiver with a 6.2” touchscreen monitor
  • A CXE5116 remote control
  • 6 Pan-head ISO screws – M5 x 6mm
  • Warranty details
  • Quick start directions
  • Installation manual
  • 5” USB extension cable
  • Six flat-head ISO screws – M5 x 6mm
  • 3V lithium battery – inside the remote
  • Microphone with a mounting bracket – 13’ cable ended by a right-angle 2.5mm connector

Product Highlights 

There’s no way to describe a product’s distinction if it doesn’t offer something that makes it better than others. Fortunately, the Pioneer AVH AVH-211EX packs a lot of incredible and impressive features. Still, the ones that stuck out the most include the following:

  • Five display theme colors
  • 6.2-inch vast Double Din LCD touchscreen monitor and an In-Dash TFT
  • 112 key illumination colors
  • Apparent resistive touchscreen control
  • Android and iPhone compatibility
  • Built-in Bluetooth with AVRCP, HFP, SSP, A2DP, for wireless and effortless audio streaming
  • 24 or 12 hours clock display
  • iPod interface usage for 30 pin devices with CD-IU201V cable
  • Remarkable accessibility with a graphic touchscreen
  • iPhone usage with CD-UU52 interface adapter kit


When buying any product, the warranty should be a top priority. It is impossible to gain confidence in a stereo system that does not provide decent warranty details.

The Pioneer AVH-211EX digital stereo offers a one-year warranty. Yes, that may not seem sufficient for a product like this, but what’s done is done.


New radio offers more stations

Screen shut-down feature for night driving

Radically improves and balances sound quality


The display collects a lot of hair and dust

The font size of the unit is small


It goes without saying that the Pioneer AVH-211EX is a loved car stereo. It is efficient, simple, and does what a good quality radio can do, but in even better ways.

The Bluetooth connection is strong and fast, and it enables you to do hands-free audio streaming and calling. No one will ever experience technical difficulty from your end.

Sure, it has a few basic features and some flaws. Still, it beats other products due to its versatility, high-reputation, and simple functions.

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