stereo adviser

We have always believed that the best car stereo is determined by how it will be used in what vehicle. Most buyers will want a headunit with Bluetooth, Aux and USB. It’s difficult to say you which car stereo is best for all situations. Some units are better at multi-device Bluetooth, while others excel at playing video and multimedia. Some units are better at Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, while others have better audio quality, tuning, and configuration. We are trying to tell you that it all depends on what car stereo you choose.

Petrolgang aims to provide all the information you need to research and select the right car stereo. We know that people have different preferences and we try to make our best recommendations based on what we believe consumers want. Our job is to keep up with new trends in car stereo technology. We aim to represent those trends in our best lists here.

This list of the best car stereos combines our top picks from a wide range of categories. We have lists of our picks (which we’ve linked), but we also know that people have different preferences so this list should highlight our top picks in each category.

How big is my dash

First things first. Before you buy a head unit, make sure you ask this question. There are two types of head units that will fit most vehicle dashboards. They are Single-DIN and Double-DIN. Double-DIN openings can be larger than the other. Double-DIN openings allow you to fit double-DIN and single-DIN units into your car. The correct dash kit will be required. You can only fit one receiver to a single DIN car stereo. This list focuses mainly on single-DIN units.