Mike’s Transit Stop

Mike’s Transit Stop will show you various old and new models of buses that you can use as your transportation to everywhere you go. Discover various models of buses with their old and new buses galleries. You can find a list of every model of a bus that has driven in and out of every street and city in the U.S. If you want to avoid the hassle, make sure to visit their site because they give the latest updates on railway and construction notices. Listed below are some buses and transit cars featured in Mike’s Transit Stop: 

TTC High Floor Non-Accessible Buses

High Floor Non-Accessible Buses include GM Articulated buses, GMC T6H-5307N, Orion III-Ikarus 286, Orion I 30, and 1991 Orion V CNG buses. These buses have their promotional pamphlet that contains information regarding when it was built and their functions and uses. The TTC operated the GM Articulated buses until 1987. It had produced 12 buses in 1982 and was sold to Mississauga Transit. The GM T6H-5307N has been renewed over the past years, and this model was a new look. The Orion III-Ikarus 286 cost $315, 500 but was retired at the end of 2000. However, 19 buses were rebuilt and started operating on city streets and these were owned by the Malvern Garage until it was shut down on June 20, 2003. Orion, I 30 buses were shut down and sold at the end of 1990. And 1991 Orion V CNG buses and were shut down between August 2004 and March 2005.

Wheel-Trans Buses

Wheel-Trans Buses include Orion II (21’), 5 26’ 1991 Orion II 02.501, and 9704 buses. Similar with TTC High-Floor Non-Accessible Buses, these buses have their own pamphlets. Orion II (21’) had produced 11 buses with these models and was purchased and shut down at the end of 2002. 5 26’ 1991 Orion II 02.501 was purchased by TTC, and it was used as a community bus on the 400 series routes. Lastly, there was no information regarding the 9704 buses, but only pictures were taken on Bathurst at Dupont on April 20, 2004. 

TTC Trolley Coaches

Trolley Coaches were a hit in the past, and it was accessible to the masses who needed affordable and quick transport. WFC E-700A trolly coach was the last trolley bus in Toronto, formerly known as 9240. Unfortunately, it had become a forgotten piece of the bus in a parking lot off of Lesmill Rd.


Peter Witt streetcars are also known as TTC Peter Witt cars. The only recorded photo of it was shot at the Halton County Radial Railway Musem on July 10, 2004, and 2755 at Woodbine Loop on September 5, 2004.  PCC car models had built 4549 which was rebuilt alongside with model #4500 in 1988. Another streetcar is called the CLRV, and its measurements read “401 Neville Park.”

Rapid Transit Cars

Rapid Transit Cars have M&H series, ICTS, and T-1. Under the category of the M7H series, the subway car models are M and H (H1-H4), 5531, H5 and H6. Under the category of T-1 are models #5221, #5146,and $5325. 

TTC Support Fleet

TTC does not only own buses, streetcars, or transit cars. It also owns a support fleet which is mostly used as a garbage trucks. TTC has various models of support fleet. Further, the list below is the models of the support fleet.

  • 60 None Pettibone Speed Swing
  • 69 YS2 438 Chevrolet Van 30
  • 70 929 3EW Chevrolet Express 2500
  • 80 YF5 908 Chevrolet Van 30
  • 90 824 1RR International Cube Van
  • 94 International Cube Van
  • 95 International Cube Van
  • 96 International ?
  • 98 948 2HP International Cube Van
  • 106 YL5 820 Ford Econoline 
  • 109 WZ6 372 Chevrolet Van 30
  • 110 VR8 810 GMC Top Kick
  • 116 XM3 006 Ford E350 Cube Van 
  • 118 ZH6 778 Chevrolet 3500 HD Cube van 
  • 119 VR8 941 GMC 3500 pick-up 
  • 121 491 1DJ International snow plow
  • 128 XO2 213 Chevrolet Van 20 Cube van
  • 132 YA3 519 International Overhead repair truck 
  • 137 162 9TM Freightliner Garbage Truck 
  • 141 YN3 493 Ford 8000 overhead repair truck 145 YL5 819 Ford F-350 XL crew cab pick-up 

146 AA1 143 International Cargostar 1710