6 Most Common Motorcycle Myths: You Should Know

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by John Robinson

Motorcycles represent a very unique way of transportation. They are made for one person, two people max, and you can see the person riding it clearly. They are the main figure of the motorcycle and it looks much more badass than being caged inside a car. They are always associated with pretty dangerous fellas in movies and represent freedom. But how much does the general population actually know about motorcycling?

As with anything popular, myths are always bound to pop up and spread around. Misinformation always spreads more rapidly than correct information, especially in modern times. In order to find what is true and what is not, you will need to do some research and talk to other people. It seems kinda impossible sometimes to find the right information these days. Luckily, this short article will show you 6 common motorcycle myths and why they are not true.

1. Typical motorcycle rider

This myth is true for every single stereotype, it is just wrong. People always have the wrong idea about motorcycle riders and their personality traits because people just think about what is in front of them. They always associate everything with their own personal experience instead of looking at a broader picture. Every motorcycle rider is different and a unique person with their own backstory. You should always listen to a motorcycle rider instead of just judging them.

2. Helmet safety

Some people tend to say motorcycle helmets actually cause more harm than good. This is a complete myth because helmets saved a lot more skulls and brains than you can imagine. Sure, helmets can get quite hot on summer days, but that is not the reason why you should not wear them. 

If you already have an adventurous spirit you should actually act like it and stop whining. Everything comes with some sort of sacrifice and if you can not handle a bit of heat, how can you ride a motorcycle? 

3. Racing tires on regular roads

When a wheel spins on a surface rough like a road, wheels tend to get hot. This is why racing tires exist because these tires spin extremely fast and thus create more heat. Racing tires are meant to last when they get hot, but this comes at the price of other traits. 

You really do not want to be using such tires when it is raining outside. Racing tires do not create enough friction on regular roads, especially when it is raining. Therefore, you can expect to slide off everything on a wet road with racing tires.

4. Higher price means higher quality

Buying the most expensive bike you can get will not guarantee you good rides. People say that you should buy your dream bike immediately and just start driving. Just like with dating in real life, your first relationship usually does not end up the best. This is why you should look at your first bike as an introduction to the future that is yet to come. Do not look at price tags, look at the actual value of both your bike and your gear.

5. Confidence is everything

Confidence is very important for everything in life, but being cocky will get you nowhere. If you think that you are too good to crash on a motorcycle, chances are that you are not that good. If you think that all you need is a good spirit to be a motorcycle rider, you are still very green. Confidence is important, but without skill and practice, it means nothing. Your actions should always come first and save fancy words for later.

6. Everyone will like you

If you ride a motorcycle just to show off, you should think about it for a second. Riding a motorcycle does not make you instantaneously attractive to every person on this earth. You will not capture the looks of passing by people who will whistle as you ride. You ride a motorcycle for you and your own wishes, not someone else. Always keep that in mind and just do what you enjoy doing for your sake. That is the trait that will make certain people like you more, what makes you an individual person.

By consuming the right type of media, you can be at a very big advantage. There is no problem with the internet in its nature, it is about finding the right content on it. Sure, you can use it to scroll social media without even blinking for hours and doing nothing. There is a real danger of that, especially with youngsters getting addicted.

Mostly, it is not even their fault, it is the people supervising them that allow them to do so. When you use the internet correctly, you can find so many useful pieces of information. Just like these 6 myths, you can uncover so many more things about motorcycling and other topics.

John Robinson
John Robinson

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