How To Play Mp3 In Car?: 5 Methods

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No one can forget the MP3 players, especially the portable ones which we used to carry in our pockets at nearby passed times. That MP3 player was our best companion to get by on long travels especially when we are alone. Music lets you tether the memories that you collect along the way while listening to the music. Also, the music lets us relax and make the journey more melodious.

Imagine having a full hi-fi stereo attached to car woofers and listening to your desired tunes either along with your friends or alone. It cannot be declined that we often prefer our phones to listen to our favorite mp3 songs but the loud music cannot be experienced unless you rely on a bigger output device like the car stereo. There are a lot of dedicated gadgets now available in the market for listening to MP3 music and being sold like hot cake.

There is a plus point that there are numerous devices and many ways to connect and play Mp3 in a car And we will be telling you how to connect It the right way.

How To Play MP3 In Car?

In the vast variety of doing so, there is a cherry-pick option for you to pick the best that suits you or comes out to be more convenient.  Before going to follow one option, remember that your car’s head unit plays an important role as it determines which way is going to work also there are also compatibility anxieties of the stereo with your device. Possibly, here are the main methods that help you link the device to the head unit if you want to amp your music from a little speaker to a bigger one.

Possible Methods to Stream MP3 Music to Car

1. USB

USBs have widely used the medium to carry data from one device to another. A USB is loaded from any of the computers with music then it is inserted into the stereo USB port. The main unit should have a USB input (female) port so it may let you attach a USB drive. Most cars come with stereos having a USB port intact. Also, the stereo should have proper drivers to read MP3 data from the USB device. Also, look out for the format of the music file type before plugging it into the head unit because some old-school stereos are unable to read music files other than the Mp3 format.

2. Bluetooth

When you are out of options i.e a USB drive, AUX cable, or a USB cable then it is time to rely on Bluetooth. But it is necessary to have a Bluetooth radio option on your phone (which is going to pass through the stream to the stereo) and also on the head unit so the Bluetooth pairing can be done. Bluetooth offers solid connectivity at a distance of up to 10 feet so, inside the car, the whole ecosystem will allow any passenger to connect to the Bluetooth without any long wire running around the car.

With evolved Bluetooth technology there is almost no latency in Bluetooth connectivity also you can attend calls with Bluetooth across the car’s space. Having all those unnecessary wires absent from the front makes the interior of the car much better with a lot of possibilities to sway your connected device while you are listening to your jam without the threat of disconnecting. Also, you can use your phone while connected via Bluetooth.

Just follow these steps to connect via Bluetooth:

  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth radio.
  • Turn on the head unit’s Bluetooth radio.
  • Go to the phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Search for your car’s stereo in the nearby Bluetooth devices list.
  • Tap to connect.
  • Enter PIN code 0000 or 1234 (optional).
  • Turn up the volume from the phone and stereo.

3. AUX

If you don’t want to brainstorm or even try to do pairing tasks for Bluetooth, the AUX is your companion then. The AUX method involves an AUX cable of any desired length, your phone having songs stored and being played in it, and the main unit having a female 3.5mm audio jack. The AUX cable is the main ingredient of this method and it is basically a two-sided male 3.5mm audio jack, one goes in your phone and the other one goes to the head unit. There are simple yet swift steps to follow:

  • Play music on your phone’s media player.
  • Connect AUX cable with your phone.
  • Connect AUX cable with your head unit.
  • Turn up the volume from the phone.

4. Wireless Adapter (FM Transmitter)

There are many car gadgets available in the market to fulfill many needs of your modern connectivity. There are USB chargers (adaptors) to attach to your car also there are wireless adapters (FM transmitters) in the market to fulfill the wireless connectivity needs when your stereo lacks wireless connectivity directly. The good thing to know about such handy adapters is that they support almost all the stereos no matter new or oldest.

Whether you have a third-party or factory default head unit, you should be able to avail FM transmitter for under $50 or maybe even more lesser. The FM transmitter works in frequencies, these frequencies are only interpreted by your stereo only. Basically, you just get a connecter and link it to the MP3 player via audio jack (3.5mm jack). The device will spread the signals to a state of FM radio which your vehicle can receive and can stream right away.

Many of the FM adapters come with a USB header as well that will help you to charge your phone.

5. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

If you’re using an Android-powered modern MP3 player or an iPod then enter Android Auto or Apple CarPlay app. Many latest head units will come with inbuilt support for Android Auto Apple CarPlay.

If your MP3 player similarly has inbuilt support for this technology, then you can flawlessly play music without any hassle.


We have stated all the given options and now it is for you to decide which option is most convenient for you. Just look out for compatibility and possibilities to use with your head unit. Happy melodies!

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