6 Reasons Why You Want Paint Protection for Your Car – 2024

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by John Robinson

If you buy a car, you probably know you can get all kinds of bells and whistles with it. Sometimes, you might not know what you need versus what’s unnecessary. However, if someone says your car needs paint protection, you should probably listen to them. Paint protection does a lot for your vehicle. We’ll talk about why you want paint protection for your car in the following article.


You’ll want to get automotive paint protection for your car because birds can use it for target practice. Nobody likes thinking about birds defecating on their vehicle, but it will happen at some point. Even if you keep your car safe in a garage most of the time, you’ll drive it around sometimes, and you can encounter birds anywhere.

You might feel like you can just take your vehicle to a carwash and wash off those stains, and that’s true. Bird droppings are quite corrosive, though. If you can’t get to a carwash quickly, those stains can cause permanent damage.

Bird droppings won’t dribble through your hood and damage your engine block or anything that extreme, but they’ll cause unsightly stains if you don’t get to them quickly. Protective paint means that likely won’t happen before you can wash your car.


You might also encounter a hailstorm at some point. Hail, or tiny ice balls, can bounce off your car with impressive velocity.

If you live in a place where this happens every year, you don’t want these ice balls to cause damage. You can save your car from them with paint protection.

The right paint protection will create a hard shell for your vehicle that the hail can’t penetrate. You’ll hear them bounce off and cause an impressive noise, but you should see no dents or dings, even if you’re driving around during a storm.


If you leave your car out on the street at some point, a dog might come along and use it the same way they would a fire hydrant. You’d hope an owner would stop a dog from doing that, but a stray dog won’t have anyone telling it to stop or pulling it away on a leash.

Dogs want to mark their territory, so you can’t blame them for this behavior. You want to make sure you protect your car, though, especially if you bought it new and you like it very much.

Paint protection will guard against dogs, just like with birds. Dog urine can damage your vehicle’s paint job if you don’t take steps to protect it, and this basic one should help you to breathe easier.

Dents and Dings

You should also get a protective paint job because it can save your car from the dents and dings it might otherwise accrue. If you drive often, you know you might encounter a careless driver at any time. They may bump into your car in a narrow parking garage or parking lot.

When you’re shopping for groceries, at your local hardware store, seeing a movie, or doing just about anything else, a protective paint job will guard your vehicle, whether you’re in it or it’s sitting in a parking lot when someone or something hits it. You can’t guard against heavy impacts, but lighter ones won’t leave much of a mark if you’ve got that protective paint coating.

You Want to Improve the Resale Value

You might also want to spend the money to get a protective paint coating if you think you’ll sell the car at some point down the line. Very few people keep a vehicle indefinitely. A time might come when you decide to sell it because you want a newer model with the latest amenities and safety features.

You can probably get top dollar if you bought that protective paint coating years before. Your car will still look like new, and you can expect hundreds or even thousands more than what you’d get if you didn’t buy the protective coating.

You Want Your Car to Look Better

You might also choose to get that protective coating because you want your car to gleam every time you drive it. Protective paint holds its color longer. You can show off your beautiful vehicle every chance you get if you pay that extra money for a protective coating.

Your car’s color won’t fade out if you buy protective paint, even if you leave it in the sun. It’s another sensible reason for this expenditure.  

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