5 Essential Features To Look For In A New Car

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After a house, a car is the second most precious monetary asset for most people. Choosing the right car matters because not only is this a huge long-term investment, but it will also greatly impact the quality of your life. 

Your choice of vehicle will influence the environment, as well as your day-to-day life. It is easy for someone to get carried away when looking at the enormous variety of vehicles in the market, from the most high-end cars to the ones with the most modern sound system and deluxe look. 

But how do you ensure that you are making the right choice? One more thing most people experience later in the process is buyer’s remorse. It’s that gut-wrenching realization that the investment you just made wasn’t according to your prioritized needs, and this is usually due to hasty, impulsive judgments and not doing the necessary planning beforehand.

Factors Impacting Your Choice

To make a sound decision, you first need to analyze a few things:

Reasons for purchase: 

First, you must decide the purpose of buying a car, whether it is a necessity or to satisfy your inner automobile enthusiast.


The use of this car depends on the distance it may need to cover on either a daily/weekly, or monthly basis.

Preferred Type: 

Your driving preferences, whether manual or automatic, will help you make an informed choice.


Your budget should be the top priority since a car is a prime example of a depreciating asset.

Lifestyle concerns: 

Your lifestyle, family life, modern luxury, or even sports performance will ultimately determine which vehicle is for you.

5 Key Features To Look For In a Car Before Buying

Now that you have somewhat of a clear idea, here are five essential features to look for in a new car in 2023:

Fuel Efficiency & Mileage

Your topmost priority must be performance and efficiency. This includes engine details, mileage, fuel efficiency, braking, tire pressure, load rating, and maintenance costs.

Fuel efficiency means the ratio of fuel conversion to kinetic energy for travel. A fuel-efficient car is less costly, more environmentally friendly, and usually more than 60 mpg.

Mileage refers to the distance a car may cover with a certain amount of fuel. A vehicle with higher mileage is typically more cost-effective for owners since it covers a large distance with comparatively less fuel.

Engine rating is usually determined by horsepower and torque. While smaller engines like that of 1.2 or 1.6 cc are smoother, a bigger engine of 2.0 cc has to work less hard comparatively for the same type of car. 

Adaptive Cruise Control And Driver Assistance Features

Today, the number one advantage of technology is the ease it has brought into our lives, whether at home, at the workplace, or even in terms of your vehicle. While choosing your own car, one feature that you need to look for is Adaptive Cruise Control. 

It is a system designed to match the vehicle’s speed in front of you and decreases the need for acceleration and braking, making it more efficient than our standard cruise control. A 360-degree camera and rear sensors for assistance in parking and electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors are other facets you can search for.

Safety Features

Safety measures make or break a good vehicle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 13 car accidents occur every minute. Not only can a collision leave your vehicle damaged or undriveable, but there may also be a costly Atlanta car accident lawsuit to deal with. It’s essential to pick a car that’s safe for the driver and passengers alike.

We suggest looking for a car with basic dual front airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), automatic emergency braking (AEB), obstacle detection, and collision and blind spot warnings. Airbags alone have saved 50,457 lives from 1975 to 201, per the latest NHTSA data. 

Infotainment And Comfort

Comfort and convenience are part and parcel of a positive experience. For that very reason, choose a car that has an up-to-date audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. Steering-mounted controls, push-button start, multiple charging ports, and built-in Android Auto/Apple Car Play for added flair. Make sure the car is spacious and has heated/cooled seats to allow you to travel comfortably.

Maintenance & Reliability

Lastly, take a look at the reviews before deciding on a vehicle. Take it for a test drive, experience it first-hand, and read other people’s views on the vehicle. Make sure to go over the maintenance and operating costs as they differ by brand, make, and model.

Opting for cars that contribute to less pollution is also a good option. These may include hybrids that utilize both fuel and electricity or simple electric cars. 

John Robinson
John Robinson

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