Best Budget Double Din Head Unit – 2024 Review

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Driving is not as easy task as it seems. The driver has to pay full attention while driving on public roads. Moreover, now you can make your driving experience effortless with the help of a car stereo. You can quickly get navigation through a car stereo. Also, a car stereo allows you to answer you’re important calls hands-free while focusing on the road. Here, we will provide complete information regarding the best budget double din head unit.

A double din head unit is available at a variety of prices. It depends on the customers’ type of features in their head units. It is essential to know that a double din head unit with the latest features and technologies will cost you more. But still, you can get a range of high-quality double din head units on the best budget. A little research will help you get the best head unit with unique features without disturbing the budget.

Moreover, what if you are stuck in traffic? How will you manage to pass your time? A car stereo is a fabulous device that helps you kill your time. You can play thousands of songs and watch hundreds of movies while driving. It is a gorgeous technology that should be a part of your car’s dashboard. So, this article will help you choose the top double din head unit without disturbing your budget. All products are first reviewed by our experts and then listed here.

Quick Shopping Tips

While purchasing a budget-friendly double din head unit, you should consider all the below-mentioned features in your head unit.

Single or double din head unit: Before purchasing a head unit, it is necessary to know what type of head unit you require. Usually, head units are available in two styles; single din and double din. Both head units have their specifications and importance. For example, a single din will be smaller than a double din. So, it would be best if you went for the double din head unit for a more comprehensive view.

Compatibility: A head unit, also known as a car stereo, allows you to connect different devices for more comfortable use. Before buying a head unit, you should check which devices are compatible. For example, if you own an iPhone, consider a car stereo that supports Apple Carplay to stream your iPhone’s application on the car stereo. Similarly, if you own an android, look for the Android Auto feature.

Aesthetics: A good-looking car stereo will enhance your car’s overall aesthetics. While shopping for a car stereo, ensure that the car stereo’s color and design match your vehicle. Moreover, the size of the screen should also complement your car’s dashboard.

Quality: When some people want to buy a particular product at a reasonable price, they compromise on the quality. But, it is wrong because if you buy a low-quality car stereo, you have to spend money on its maintenance. So, always choose the best-quality head units for your car.

Best Budget Double DIN Head Unit at a Glance:

  1. Binize Android 10
  2. Pioneer DMH-100BT
  3. Kenwood DDX276BT
  4. Pioneer AVH-X390BS
  5. BOSS BV9384NV
  6. Sound Storm DD988ACP
  7. BOSS BVCP9700A-C
  8. Planet Audio P9900CPA

8 Best Budget Double DIN Head Unit You can buy Today

Binize Android 10
Binize Android 10 (Image credit: Amazon)

Binize Android 10

best overall budget double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi | Screen size: 10.1 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, microphone


High screen quality

Good tech support

Responsive touch screen


Average user interface

Irritating buttons for some users

The Binize Android 10 is the best option for those who don’t want to burn their pockets while purchasing a new din head unit for their vehicles, primarily cars. Though its price is less, it doesn’t mean that the company compromised on the quality and performance of the head unit. On the contrary, it offers all the essential features and some unique attributes, making it diverse from others. Therefore, it performs very well in every situation for your needs.

It has built-in features, including carplay and android auto, which can be connected through wired and wireless using the Bluetooth connectivity option. This head unit has everything so that you will not feel boredom while driving for a long journey. Overall, this head unit works out as the best overall budget double din head unit available. It has a backup camera which is free of cost and works out effectively and on time.

Moreover, if your car has a Wi-Fi system, it can be used to reduce power consumption by getting long-term performance even on long journeys. The big screen allows you to watch videos, give clear HD pictures, and show images while reversing your car. It also comes up with steering wheel controls that enable the driver to keep their focus on the road as the head unit will automatically control all the other things.

What we dislike about the Binize Android 10?

The Binize Android 10 had some issues that we didn’t like. Firstly, the Bluetooth OBDII adapter didn’t work well. Secondly, the RCA for the amp was quite weak. And lastly, there was no mute button. Although these were some issues, overall we thought that the Binize Android 10 was a decent product.

Pioneer DMH-100BT
Pioneer DMH-100BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer DMH-100BT

best budget pioneer double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 6.7 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone | Control method: touch screen


Easy to install

Wi-Fi screencast

Double AV output option


Slow charging sometimes

Dim screen light to be used during the day

Pioneer is one of the best companies for making car stereo head units, whether single din or double din, in the market. The DMH-100BT from the pioneer company offers a lot of good things to their customers without making holes in their pockets. It provides a hands-free Bluetooth service that enables you to drive as it will automatically manage your phone calls and messages by giving you ease and comfort. It offers the best things to you related to audio.

This slim and intelligent head unit set is highly compatible with every Android or iPhone device because of the high-quality build-up and installed systems. Additionally, it supports various audio and video playback formats so that you can play, watch and listen to your favorite tracks and videos with ease, as it was never before with other models and brands.

Every material used in this head unit is made with top-notch quality to experience good performance while enjoying your rides with it. The display screen has average size, providing good looks although you can get more giant screens in other brands available in the market. So you can say that this head unit is the best budget pioneer double din head unit you can get, whether online or from the market. It is also installed with a backup camera, which offers back and rear view images.

What did we dislike about the Pioneer DMH-100BT?

The Pioneer DMH-100BT has a few downfalls. Firstly, there is no custom background option. Secondly, the screen resolution is not the best but it is acceptable for the price. Lastly, the Bluetooth reception is a little weak. Despite these flaws, the Pioneer DMH-100BT car stereo is still one of the best

Kenwood DDX276BT
Kenwood DDX276BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Kenwood DDX276BT

best budget kenwood double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 6.2 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone | Control method: touch screen


Easy to use

Accurate controls

Customized background


Barely visible in sunlight

Average camera quality

On a quick basis, this is the best and cheapest option you can get from the Kenwood Company in their car stereo options available in the market. Kenwood is a famous company in the electronics world around the globe, and they provide the best products to their customers without making any quality compromises. This Kenwood DDX276BT double din Bluetooth Car Stereo head unit proves to be the most user-friendly option with many features and qualities that can’t be available at the same price anywhere else, even if you go searching.

This head unit falls in excellent head units under 300 dollars. We know the best thing is that it can connect two smartphones simultaneously, which is unbelievable. The company has installed a proper system that supports dual phone connectivity through hands-free Bluetooth service. This head unit also provides you with the assistance of Sirius XM, which is sold separately according to the demands. It will be helpful if you want commercial-free music streaming while driving.

On the other hand, it offers all the essential features and qualities that cannot be gotten in other car stereo head units. Furthermore, both the iPhone carplay and Android auto make it an excellent option to choose in a great price range that is highly affordable and compatible with your vehicle. Because of all these things mentioned, this head unit is said to be the best budget Kenwood double din head unit car stereo. Additionally, you can charge your USB devices quickly with it.

What we dislike about the Kenwood DDX276BT?

There are a few things that we don’t like about the Kenwood DDX276BT. Firstly, in order to use Sirius XM, you have to purchase a separate receiver. This can add quite a bit to the overall cost of the car stereo. Additionally, there is no Android Auto or CarPlay support built into this unit. This means that you won’t be able to use your smartphone with the stereo as easily as with some other models.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS
Pioneer AVH-X390BS (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer AVH-X390BS

best budget high-performance double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Screen size: 6.2 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, remote


Easy to install

Good remote control

High sound quality


Needs an update

Mic sucks sometimes

If you are searching for a head unit that can support old video formats such as DVD and CD in your car, you are at the right product from the whole list. The AVH-X390BS from the pioneer company is a good budget option for those who love to play old video formats while driving for long journeys. It has a big screen on average, which enables you to watch different videos on it as it has better resolution images on the net. The screen installed in this headset is of WVGA type.

This head unit offers various things, such as color customization according to your personal choice. It also permits you to use the display off mode and standby mode in the background screen splash. Furthermore, this head unit enables you to customize its settings according to personal preference rather than other brands. For example, you can adjust dimmer settings, screen brightness control, home screen shortcuts, and LED backlight. These customization options make it a good choice for everyone.

Talking about the basic features, it has all of them installed in its system, such as dual Bluetooth connectivity, multi-language settings, remote control, etc. You can also use the Sirius XM to activate it from the buyer. Moreover, it supports Android and iPhone easily and offers Siri eyes-free service. Therefore, it is regarded as the best budget high-performance double din heat unit one can quickly get from the market because it provides you increased convenience.  

What we dislike about the Pioneer AVH-X390BS?

We didn’t like the Pioneer AVH-X390BS because it didn’t have customizable guidelines for the backup camera, the auto EQ didn’t seem to work, and the buttons were small. We also didn’t like that there was no integration without an extra device to control the steering wheel controls.

BOSS Audio systems BV9384NV
BOSS BV9384NV (Image credit: Amazon)


best budget DVD player double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Screen size: 6.2 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, microphone


Affordable price

USB charging option

Highly compatible


Sometimes the CD player doesn’t work

Backgrounds cannot be uploaded

The BOSS Audio systems know how to fulfill the demands of their customers related to a car stereo, no matter if it’s double din or single din. BOSS Audio Systems BV9384NV is available cheaply but with many qualities and features to fit your every demand. From managing calls to listening to music, it can handle everything while you drive by keeping all your focus on the road and steering wheel of your car/vehicle. Furthermore, you can control the system using its wireless remote, which offers you ease and comfort.

The best thing is that it has many input ports, which provide you with several chances to use various formats for playing songs or videos in the car. For example, if you want to enter CD, you can use that port, and if you’re going to insert a USB, it also has that option. It means this head unit is highly versatile so that you can enjoy every ride in your car with wholesome happiness.

The company has installed an LCD screen which gives full HD images. That screen can be used for various things such as watching videos or GPS navigation. You can also use it for viewing photos from your rearview camera, which opens up when you reverse your car. So you can consider this head unit as the best budget DVD player double din head unit. It can quickly fulfill your every demand in this price range.

What we dislike about the BOSS BV9384NV?

One of the main things we don’t like about the BOSS BV9384NV is the call button. It’s very far away and small, which can make it difficult to use when you’re driving. Additionally, the GPS isn’t always accurate, and you have to be close to the remote in order for it to work properly. Overall, these are our biggest complaints about this car stereo system.

Sound Storm DD988ACP
Sound Storm DD988ACP (Image credit: Amazon)

Sound Storm DD988ACP

best budget carplay double din head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary | Screen size: 6.75 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, microphone


Easy to install

Remote control

Good sound quality


Average user interface

Less responsive touch screen

Sound storm laboratories is also a famous company for making a double din and single din car stereos. This model of Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP car audio stereo system provides everything you need in a car stereo you will buy from the market or online. It has the activated apple carplay, android auto so that users of both smartphones can easily access this head unit in their cars.

The only problem is that it has no CD player so if you want a modern stereo in your car, this will be your best companion in driving. Besides the CD player, it has everything. It has calling and messaging head units, a radio receiver, internet-supported services, and hands-free Bluetooth. You can quickly run third-party applications on its LCD screen, which will automatically manage everything because the company doesn’t want you to hurt yourself while using your phone while driving your car.

You can easily adjust various things according to your personal preference in this head unit, such as icons adjustment, settings, and configuration of car stereo, etc. With the help of a USB port of this model, you can charge your various devices, especially smartphones. It also provides you with steering wheel controls, and if you want, you can use the touch screen. It has a preset equalizer that boosts up the performance of your favorite soundtrack. These things make it the best budget carplay double din head unit.

What we dislike about the Sound Storm DD988ACP?

Although some users found it to be lacking in terms of radio reception, it does not catch up with all the available FM radios. But I believe this was important in the past. Now no one likes to listen to random podcasts or shows. With the advancement in technology which results in the introduction of YouTube and other video and audio sharing platforms, you no longer need FM radio. But If you are an FM radio guy who loves it, then it can be a little bit problem for you. But I do not mean it won’t catch up with the radio signals at all. No, I mean sometimes. For example while traveling in the mountains. The second thing I do not love about this head unit is the problem with its Bluetooth. Bluetooth disconnects randomly, which is a big problem.

BOSS BVCP9700A-C (Image credit: Amazon)



Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 7 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control method: Touch, Voice


Great for the money

High storage capacity

Wonderful design


No CD player

No wireless Carplay

BOSS audio system BVCP9700A-C is a fantastic car stereo with a reasonable price. It is one of the best car stereos in terms of price. The features and technologies included in this car stereo are not less than an expensive car stereo. This double din head unit allows you to control it through touch and voice. While driving, you can use its voice control to make calls, play music, and turn ON the backup camera. One thing that might be a distracting factor is that there is no CD player in this car stereo.

You can also watch video songs and movies on its 7 inches large screen. The screen resolution is pixels free that supports HD videos with more clarity. Also, if you cannot turn ON your mobile’s Bluetooth, you can transfer the data in USB and insert it into the car stereo port. You can stream any content stored on your USB on the BOSS widescreen. You can control the screen with a single touch without worrying about getting in an accident.

The backup camera feature of this BOSS BVCP9700A-C car stereo allows you to have a more comprehensive view of all directions. You can turn ON the backup camera through your voice while focusing on driving. Also, the BOSS car stereo design is awe-inspiring and aesthetic. It gives a beautiful look to your car’s dashboard. You can also switch ON the backlights for an extra stylish look because these lights create a very calm environment at night times.

What do we dislike about the BOSS BVCP9700A-C?

This head unit supports the ability to move up or down. But with time, it gets harder and harder. The lack of a volume knob makes things more complicated. You have to press the tiny buttons, which can make things difficult while driving. The EQ system of this head unit also does not work correctly. What I mean is that if you put it in a horizontal position, it will put a lot of bass. So your head unit must be curved to get exceptional audio equalization. The included backup camera has a poor resolution, but it works since you get it free.

Planet Audio P9900CPA
Planet Audio P9900CPA (Image credit: Amazon)

Planet Audio P9900CPA


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 6.75 inches | Memory storage capacity: 32 GB | Compatible devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control method: Touch, Voice


Support the latest technology

Unique features at a low price

Compatible with Apple Carplay


No DVD player

Bad sound quality

The last product on our list is the Planet Audio P9900CPA, a double din head unit. If you want an affordable car stereo that helps you drive more comfortably, it is the one. You don’t have to get bored during heavy traffic because you can play numerous songs on this car stereo. Moreover, you can listen to new and various themes on the Radio. However, the sound quality is not up to the mark, still outstanding at this price range.

Planet Audio double din car stereo allows you to connect your smartphone, whether Android or Apple. The Apple Carplay and Android Auto let you use the applications of both devices. You can also connect a mobile phone through a wire to charge it. So, you don’t have to be concerned about losing your mobile’s battery, especially when you are on a long road trip. So, with this Planet P9900CPA Double Din car stereo, there is no chance that you will get bored while driving.

Moreover, this car stereo also comes with the latest backup camera feature. Although this feature is usually in an expensive car stereo, getting this backup camera feature is convenient during parking. You can easily see a more comprehensive view of the background without worrying about hitting anything. Also, the 6.7 inches screen gives a better idea of the video songs and movies.

What do we dislike about the Planet Audio P9900CPA?

One of the most significant issues of this Planet audio model is with the screen. The screen does not respond to a single tap sometime. You have to press it hard. The brightness controls are also useless; they do nothing. As a result, you can not adjust the screen’s brightness, making it difficult to view day and night. With this, considering the backup camera brings difficulty.


Car stereos have been very popular due to their outstanding features. You can use a car stereo for many purposes. For example, you can enjoy your driving experience while listening to the playlist of your favorite songs. Also, if you have a movie stored on your USB, you can watch it on the screen. Moreover, these car stereos can be single din or double din. But with a double din head unit, you get a wider screen to watch different content.

Moreover, the price range of a head unit also plays an important role. Of course, a good quality car stereo will cost you more, but you can get an average car stereo at a reasonable price if you do some research. A good quality car stereo will include Bluetooth, several device compatibilities, a backup camera, better design, and an affordable price. It is a fantastic deal if you find all of the above features in your car stereo.

However, if you are confused about which product is the best budget double din head unit, I recommend going for the Binize Android 10 double din car stereo head unit. This is because it has a broader screen of 10 inches that supports visible content on the screen. We hope you enjoy reading our article. Good Luck with your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a double din head unit?

A double din head unit has given an International standard size that most companies follow. The international standard size of a double din head unit is 4×8 inches. But some companies have also customized their double din head units according to their size. But, it almost revolves around the 4X8 inches size declared by the international standard size.

What is the cost of installing a car stereo?

Different car stereos have additional prizes depending upon the features and quality. If you require the latest features in your car stereo, you have to pay more. For example, a mid-range car stereo will cost you around 110 dollars. However, if you want the latest technologies in your car stereo, it will be more than 200 dollars.

Can all car stereos fit in any car?

Car stereos are available in different shapes and sizes. The size of a double din head unit will be different from a single din head unit. You can’t fit any head unit in any car. You have to check the size of your car’s dashboard before buying a head unit.

Can you install a car stereo on your own?

The whole process of installing a head unit is relatively easy. But, some car stereos come with several colorful wires that can be confusing for some people. For that purpose, you can hire some professionals. These professionals will perform the installation process more quickly.

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