Best Double DIN Head Units In 2024- Review & Buying Guide

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Ownership of an automobile is a unique experience that can only be experienced by the person who owns it. You’ll hear phrases like the best double din head unit while talking with other automobile owners. Having the newest and most contemporary double din vehicle audio is not only a luxury, but it is also a smart and safe way to drive. When it comes to getting about, cars make life easier and more comfortable, but they can also be aggravating and time-consuming when stuck in traffic.

Because of the annoyance of the traffic and the noise, you now need a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle to help you get through it. And that’s why you’re considering the greatest double-din head unit. If you’re looking for the greatest double din head unit for the money, you’ll receive the newest Apple Car Play and Android Auto capabilities.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to use GPS navigation. It will provide real-time traffic information as well as the most efficient path. In 2022, the head unit is a crucial part of every vehicle. As a result, we’ve taken care of everything for you. In order to compile this useful list, we’ve researched a few of the most popular items on the market right now.

Quick Shopping Tips

We’ve included all the relevant information on the specific head unit below to save time and stress.

Peak Power And RMS Power: RMS power is more essential than peak power for most individuals. It means how much power your stereo will put out regularly for an extended time. The highest volume of watts is the peak power rating when the head unit is playing music at its highest volume level. 

Connectivity: The double din head unit’s connection options should not be overlooked for functionality. If you have various connection options, your experience will be enhanced. In terms of the many connection choices available, USB and Bluetooth are the two most important since they allow you to connect nearly any device to the head unit.

Compatibility: However, it is critical to remember that not every car radio will operate with all gadgets. In order to use your iPhone or iPod in your car, you’ll need a head unit that supports Apple Carplay. Failure to do so might result in financial hardship or even loss of funds owing to compatibility issues.

Camera Support: There’s a good probability that your old automobile doesn’t even come equipped with a backup camera since the front screen is missing. You may obtain the screen and a backup camera with a double din head unit. A front-facing camera can be added if your head unit only supports backup cameras; however, some devices can accept input.

Best Double DIN Head Unit at a Glance:

  1. Pioneer MVH-1400NEX
  2. ATOTO S8 Standard
  3. Alpine iLX-W650
  4. Kenwood DMX1057XR
  5. Pioneer AVH-2500NEX
  6. JVC KW-V66BT
  7. BOSS BCPA9685RC
  8. Binize Android 10.1

The Best Double DIN Head Unit You can Buy Today

Pioneer MVH1400NEX
Pioneer MVH1400NEX (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Pioneer MVH-1400NEX

Best overall double din head unit


Screen Size: 6.2 Inches | Connectivity Technology: USB | Supported Internet Services: Spotify | Compatible Devices: Smartphone | Control Method: Touch


Built-in apps

Supports voice assistants

Subwoofer controls


Not Budget Friendly


Pioneer is a huge star as the global leader in cutting-edge audio technology. The Pioneer MVH1400NEX double din head unit is the first item of the greatest goods for your vehicle. It has a 6.2-inch Double Din Apple Car Play Stereo. It features an 800 x 400 resolution on its 6.2-inch clear-resistive touchscreen display. You may also change the color of the screen to suit your preferences. A USB mass storage device may be connected to the Pioneer head unit’s rear panel to play and control music, picture, and video data.

The video’s 24-bit True Color panel gives it a clear and beautiful appearance. If you are fluent in a foreign language, such as French, Spanish, Italian, or any other, this unit is ideal for you. The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX, one of the best overall double din head unit, has a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter that provides great audio quality for playing music from Android, iPhone, iPod, and Bluetooth devices. You can even send text messages to friends and family using Siri Assistant. Using the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX, you may control and play music saved on your phone using the receiver’s MTP capability. The head unit has all the controls you need right at your fingertips.

Aside from real-time traffic and the best route, Google Maps may be used for navigation. The song may be streamed through Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and other services. Thanks to a backup camera, you can see what’s happening behind the vehicle. Higher noise- and distortion-free audio levels are made possible using a MOSFET amplifier. This high-quality Pioneer product isn’t flawless, but it does its job well and offers excellent value for the money. With the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX’s built-in Bluetooth, you can make phone calls and stream music. The receiver supports up to five Bluetooth devices at once.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Made my 12 year old car felt like I am driving a newer car with having an infotainment. Siri and Bluetooth call works great even with my roof down. I had a Bose system and it is no way near the sound quality. No regrets on my purchase, it is a keeper.

ATOTO S8 Standard (Image credit: Amazon)

2. ATOTO S8 Standard

Best Budget double din head unit


Screen Size: 7 inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: N/A | Compatible Devices: Smartphone | Control Method: Touch


Powerful Preamplifier

Best possibility of compatibility



The sub output is really low.

After formatting the SD card, the settings may be lost.

First-generation ATOTO S8 have been replaced with Generation 2 models. The ATOTO S8 Standard has a capacitive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 pixels and 600 cd/m2. Its system on a chip (SoC) has a 12nm manufacturing technology, an ARM Cortext Octa-Core CPU, and ATOTO AICE UI 11 software. Users may utilize the S8’s screen lock feature to prevent unauthorized access to their Google/Facebook and other SNS accounts while the car stereo is out of their hands.

There are several circumstances in which the new ATOTO S8 may bring reassurance and delight. Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth, and USB are all methods to connect to the internet. Thanks to the integrated Digital Signal Processor, you can fine-tune the equalization, delay, bass boost, and bass filter. There are nine preset EQ modes and 32 re-adjustable frequency bands. In order to reduce the impact of traffic and wind noise, the S8’s SCVC automatically adjusts the system volume when vehicle speed varies, one of the best budget double din head unit. Wireless Android Auto is also available via the built-in phone integration connection (contact ATOTO for more information!), as well as wired/wireless CarPlay.

Six touch gestures are supported by the S8, including a two-finger/3-finger tap to access the multitasking menu swiftly. An HD rearview picture and a Live RearView are provided by the ATOTO AC-HD02LR or AC-HD03LR camera when used with the S8 (Gen2) Standard. This may allow people, headrests, and the roof to pass through. The IPS display screen’s 178° viewing angle and better contrast make it ideal for outdoor use in daylight. Users can connect S8 to phone and BT devices simultaneously. BT2 may connect to a phone through Bluetooth or an OBD2 device to scan or read engine codes. Bluetooth Handsfree and A2DP audio are both supported by BT1.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

I installed this in a 2008 Toyota Sienna. I paired it with Atoto’s dash cam. The installation went without a single problem. Everything has worked as it should. I have paired it with an iphone se. I installed a rearview camera last week. It was not an Atoto backup camera because I had bought it planning to use with a Pioneer unit. After reading about the Atoto I changed my mind. When I turned it on the first time it worked. Just take your time and double check everything at every step.

Alpine iLX-W650
Alpine iLX-W650 (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Alpine iLX-W650


Screen Size: 7 inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify | Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Speaker, Tablet | Control Method: Voice



Controls that respond quickly

Exceptional sounds


Sluggish boot-up

CDs are not supported

When it comes to the Alpine ILX W650, the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen is the brains behind the operation. It looks fantastic while playing video material, but there is almost no latency in the input when using this device. With this new digital media receiver, you’ll be able to manage it from your smartphone or tablet with the same efficiency level as you’d expect. Capacitive and resistive displays are used in head units. It’s a bit easier to manage your music while driving. Two-finger swiping is all it takes to adjust the volume and go forward or backward through your music collection on your phone.

Everything you need to connect to the iLX-W650 is located in the rear. With the iLX-W650, you’ll enjoy some of the most up-to-date features and technology in your vehicle while also offering a strong base for upgraded audio (if you want it). There are a few limitations, such as WebLink and customizable backdrops, but the advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are still available. One of the standout characteristics of this head unit’s inputs is connecting two cameras simultaneously. You may activate the front and back cameras at any moment while driving using this feature.

As a fan of music, it’s wonderful to be able to play music wirelessly over Bluetooth. Two camera inputs and six pre-amp output channels round out the available connections, all of which may be used with USB outlets and auxiliary cords. SiriusXM satellite tuner is compatible, even though it is not included. Its hands-free features, notably its interoperability with Google Assistant and Siri’s Eyes-Free Control, enable application usage. Alpine added a GPS antenna that is more powerful and superior to your phone. The responsiveness of Google Maps depends on it. CarPlay utilizes your phone’s antenna to relay navigation information to your car.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

I was expecting a complicated set up after I did the install. I was wrong, this thing is so simple and easy to use. Very intuitive controls that are responsive. You plug everything in, connect, and set up your phone with a couple clicks and everything just works! Perfectly! Audio set up is also easy to set to your liking. After a few days of use I couldn’t be happier!

Kenwood DMX1057XR
Kenwood DMX1057XR (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Kenwood DMX1057XR

Best high-performance double din head unit


Screen Size: 10.1 inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Supported Internet Services: Smartphone, Speaker | Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control Method: Touch


Easy installation

Big screen

Excellent deck


No digital output


This is wonderful news for those seeking more than a standard 2-DIN vehicle entertainment receiver. The new Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX1057XR has a gorgeous design and several appealing features that will draw attention. Kenwood’s newest model has a 10.1-inch touch screen. The OCA layer on the 1280x720p HD LCD screen reduces reflections and glare. The automobile multimedia player from Kenwood Excelon has four camera inputs. That way, you can ensure that your dashcam footage will be free of any unwanted gaps.

While driving, the large display provides the most convenience and safety. It is possible to peek at the screen and use the on-screen controls without being distracted. On the other hand, the stereo player may be controlled via voice commands. This stereo player has a huge display, but it is the best high-performance double din head unit and boasts excellent sound quality. With Hi-Res Audio and LDAC, the DMX1057XR provides an immersive listening experience. The stereo player has an AM/FM radio tuner built-in, as well as built-in Bluetooth for connecting two cellphones at once and smartphone app controls.

You may fine-tune it to your liking with its parametric equalizer, which improves the whole experience. With the 13-band Graphic EQ, further sound staging is also possible. With its floating panel mechanism, the stereo player’s installation is likewise a breeze. The screen may be positioned in three different ways. Car audio features such as satellite radio, USB media player, and Bluetooth hands-free may be seamlessly integrated with an Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR coupled to a KENWOOD receiver. This model also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Using your iPhone is safer with Apple CarPlay. Apple Maps directions, phone calls, voicemails, messages, and music can all be accessed by just speaking to Siri or tapping the receiver’s display.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

I mean not much to say except this is the best receiver ever. It works well on my Jeep. Tons of features!!

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX
Pioneer AVH-2500NEX (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

Best all-in-one double din head unit


Screen Size: 6.8 inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Supported Internet Services: N/A | Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control Method: Touch


Android Auto

13 Band Equalizer



Small Screen

No Wireless CarPlay

The Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is a wonderful double-din head unit choice and one of the finest of its kind. Innovative and highly adjustable user interfaces are the trademark of Pioneer’s DMH series. It comes with Amazon Alexa Built-in, the AVH-2500NEX in-dash receiver is the most up-to-date automotive networking option. The double din display arrangement enables a big monitor to be fitted in a universal 2-DIN chassis.

Users may communicate with Amazon Alexa directly via the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX receiver using Alexa. You may ask Alexa to play music from your favorite streaming video service like Spotify, listen to the news, check the weather, etc. In order to use your iPhone while driving, the AVH-2500NEX includes Apple CarPlay, a safer, smarter, and more enjoyable method. Apple CarPlay allows iPhone users to make calls, utilize Maps, listen to music, and send and receive text messages by saying or touching the screen of their car’s display. It is possible to show and operate both the Apple CarPlay UI and the receiver’s menu for your secondary source concurrently on one screen.

An iPhone 5 or newer with the most recent iOS version must use Apple CarPlay. It also offers Android Auto, which integrates the Android platform inside the automobile in a purpose-built manner. Android Auto provides you with relevant information and arranges it into easy-to-read cards when you’re driving. This best all-in-one double din head unit is meant to keep you focused on the road ahead so you don’t get distracted. Wi-Fi wireless communication provides a cable-free connection between your phone and the receiver.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

I could not be more disappointed in the quality of this unit. The resolution of the screen is nice, and that is the only positive I can say. The sound quality is horrific and washed out. The touch screen is highly unresponsive and delayed. There seems to be some technical difficulty at each stop. Steer clear.

JVC KW-V66BT (Image credit: Amazon)


Best double din head unit with DVD Player


Screen Size: 6.8 inches | Connectivity Technology: RCA, Bluetooth, USB
| Supported Internet Services: N/A | Compatible Devices: N/A | Control Method: Touch


Very powerful head unit

Plays CD and DVD



The unit didn’t work with Amazon

Poor Bluetooth Audio

The JVC KW-V66BT multimedia receiver has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on a 6.8-inch touchscreen display. You’ll also have access to audio sources, hands-free calling, powerful sound-shaping capabilities, and many aftermarket amps and subwoofers. Your iPhone or Android smartphone may be plugged into the KW-V66BT through USB, and you’ll be able to access a choice of applications that are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. An automatic Bluetooth connection is as simple as plugging in your Android smartphone through USB and waiting to finish the pairing process. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Wireless music streaming and hands-free phone conversations have never been easier, thanks to Bluetooth technology. You can easily switch between two linked phones with this JVC device, which is ideal for cars with several drivers. You can also use the free JVC Remote app to control this vehicle stereo’s streaming music. To enhance your driving experience, JVC Best double din head unit with DVD Player connects your smartphone to your automobile through Bluetooth. Safety was a top priority while developing Android Auto. In order to keep you focused on the road, it has an easy-to-navigate UI and strong voice commands.

With a large screen TV, you can comfortably and securely use your favorite applications and entertainment. With the use of the “Mirroring OA for JVC” software, you may show your Android phone’s screen on the receiver’s through USB. Waze, YouTube, and Instagram are just some of the applications you may use. Both the screen and the smartphone support touch control. It’s possible to set the receiver to automatically alter the sound output timing from each speaker, ensuring that all speakers’ sounds precisely arrive at the listening location.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

Got this for my wife and it’s been awesome. Got a new backup camera and the picture is awesome. Android auto is amazing too.

BOSS BCPA9685RC (Image credit: Amazon)


Best double din head unit with backup camera


Screen Size: 6.75 Inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, IHeartRadio, Spotify | Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control Method: Touch, Voice


Ease of usage

Incredibly sophisticated applications

Exceptional sound quality


Problem with AM to FM conversion

Volume is a bit low

The adaptability of double din radios is one of the factors that makes them so attractive. You may utilize your rear parking camera with a double din head unit with a big screen and video capabilities. When maneuvering in tight spaces, this makes life a whole lot simpler. As one of the best double din head units with a backup camera, this BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC model stands out. You may access the iPhone’s icon menu using Siri voice commands or the touchscreen. Apps that may be used with the phone include music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Make the journey more enjoyable.

There is nothing better than a high-quality double din head unit from a well-known business like BOSS. Apple CarPlay allows you to use Siri or your iPhone to operate your car’s touchscreen. Android Auto is an alternative that you may want to consider as well. It’s quite simple to mount the backup camera on the rear of your vehicle without hindering your vision. Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth device, you can still stream your favorite tunes. Driving in reverse, the BCPA9685RC lowers the volume to view the surroundings behind your vehicle on the screen.

Listening to the radio or streaming your music on the BOSS audio technology guarantees the best possible sound quality when driving around town. The clever operating system also decreases the level of your music when you go backward to improve concentration. Siri may be used to make phone calls without your hands. Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Apple Music Subscription are all good options for listening to music. Siri will be the DJ for you. Using Google Maps and Waze, you can get updates in real-time. Do not take your eyes off the road while using your smartphone to make calls, send and receive texts, or listen to music.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

So happy to have car play and a back up camera in my truck now! Works completely as expected. Do your research if installing on your own based on your vehicle make and model. The cable for the back up camera was not long enough for a standard size pickup. Easy fix though. Other than that, the back up camera was super easy to install.

Binize Android 10.1
Binize Android 10.1 (Image credit: Amazon)

8. Binize Android 10.1

Best wireless carplay double din head unit


Screen Size: 10.1 inches | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Supported Internet Services: Spotify, YouTube | Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Speaker | Control Method: App, Touch


Compatible with various devices

Made of high-quality material

Full HD resolution


Not supported with Samsung phones

Not being able to provide adequate volume

The Binize Android 10.1″ is just what you need if you’re looking for a car stereo. Stereo system for automobiles with 10.1-inch touchscreen, double din Apple Carplay/Wired compatibility Android Auto has a quad-core processor with 1300MHz CPU, 2GB RAM, and 32GB ROM. Upgraded 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen and a reaction time of less than 0.5 seconds. This is a comprehensive solution for your vehicle, and the manufacturer even backs it with a lifetime guarantee. Different internet maps, such as Google Map, Sygic, and Waze, may be readily accessed by anybody. The fear of getting lost will no longer plague your lengthy travel.

Using a product with a 1024*600 high-resolution visual display increases the user experience. FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity are included in the device’s capabilities. The antenna and GPS receiver are built-in to the device. You may download the app from the Play store if you have a Wi-Fi connection. With Android or iOS, the mirror link feature may be used. If your automobile has just one SW wire, connect SW1 and SW2 together. If your automobile has digital steering wheel control, you will need to purchase an additional CANbus decoder from your local car store.

The item has a built-in GPS and provides several additional capabilities, such as phone connecting, steering wheel control, and logo settings, among others. The best wireless carplay double din head unit runs on Android OS and can be connected to most Android and iOS phones, except for Samsung models. Also included is an FM/AM radio and all the necessary connectors to connect this item to your vehicle’s audio system. The dual-zone feature allows you to navigate while listening to music, allowing you to concentrate on safe driving rather than switching between GPS navigation and music.

User’s Reviews

This is what user of this stereo have to say.

So far, so good! This thing is awesome regardless of the price point. It was fairly straight forward to install, no degree needed. The sound is great, and the features are even better! I am hooking up my backup camera now, and have a few settings to get straightened out, but so far customer support has been great. And it even has a lifetime warranty! What more could you ask? Good job Binize!!


Over the last several years, double DIN head units have progressed significantly, and they’re here to stay. A wide variety of features and pricing ranges are available, making it easy for anybody on a tight budget to find a solution that fits their needs. If you want one for your vehicle but aren’t sure which one to choose, our best double din head unit review might help you narrow your search.

We strongly advise you to avoid low-cost head units since many of them are constructed on poor operating systems and may become sluggish in the future. Consider adding Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your head unit for even more versatility if your budget allows.

Make sure to check our customer reviews to learn more about double din head units before making a final decision! You’ll have precious peace of mind as a result of it. Our purchasing guide for the best double din head unit is a great starting point for finding the perfect double din vehicle stereo. Please do ask us anything in the contact section if you have any more questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a double din head unit?

1. You can answer phone calls using a double din head unit while driving. On a long-distance road trip, these gadgets may really enhance your experience.
2. A built-in GPS in your double din head unit will help you find your way using navigation.
You can more precisely control features with a double din head unit.
3. Having a large screen makes it simpler to see important information, such as directions.
4. It enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle and makes the dashboard seem smarter.
5. It’s also possible to explore and listen to music without holding your smartphone or audio player or struggling with its tiny fonts.

With double din head units, how do the backup cameras work?

Auxiliary input ports are used to connect backup cameras to a double din head unit. The auxiliary connector may be used to connect a backup camera, and the head unit can be used to link your main audio system to the auxiliary output.
After that, audio from the backup camera will be sent to the primary audio system through the auxiliary connector, where it will be played back over the car’s speakers.
The picture from the front camera is shown on the left, while the image from the back camera is shown on the right. Both photos are clear and sharp, and the user has complete control over how they look.

Is it possible to make phone calls with these double din head units?

Hands-free calling is possible with any smartphone equipped with a Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth technology). You may stream music in addition to making hands-free phone calls. It’s simple to use, and making phone calls is a breeze.
It’s a good thing to be cautious while driving when we’re continuously getting phone calls. You may make or receive calls over Bluetooth. Hands-free texting is also included.

Is it worthwhile to get a Double Din Head Unit?

Yes, it is. In addition to having a larger touchscreen, double din head units provide greater audio quality than single din stereos. The amplifier may receive superior sound quality from a Double Din Head Unit with a pre-amp output.

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