Best Car Stereo under 150 Dollars

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Almost all cars these days are already from factory-installed music programs, and although these work well, they are usually basic units that do not offer much in terms of features. If you want to improve your car infotainment knowledge, you can find one of the top aftermarket units installed in your car. With the option of a built-in stereo system, but it is natural for them to upgrade to the rear as most are not of the highest quality. Choosing the best car stereo under 150 dollars per thousand units can be a challenge. Advances in car stereo receiver technology have enabled those on a tight budget to get the sound quality and features they want and be within the desired price range of your Car Stereo.


Best Overall car stereo under 150

BOSS Audio Systems BV9370B


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Best budget car stereo under 150

BLAUPUNKT NAPA65 Double Din 6.9 Inch 


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Best performance car stereo under 150

Soundstream VR-65B Double DIN Car Stereo

Soundstream VR-65B

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The difficulty lies in finding which stereos are the best deals and which ones are the cheapest because they are the perfect waste. Unless you spend all your time compiling updates and experimenting, you will need to jump to conclusions at some point. There are many brands like Boss, Pioneer, and Alpine that offer excellent sound and quality displays with many features in the market. But the problem is that the prices of those units affect the sky. We’ll share our top-of-the-line car stereo buying tips, and we’ll discuss how to choose the best car stereo for under $150.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Audio / Video Quality: It is the first consideration because most of us buy a video viewing unit and play music and other items. Make sure it has enough power output and reasonable resolution, even though the units we have provided have good audio and video quality.

Size: When ordering a stereo unit, you should make sure it will fit in your car. The radios listed here have double din, and single din means that if your car dashboard has dual din receiver space or a single din receiver, these units will surely fit into your car.

Connectivity: The thing to consider in the buying tips before buying a car radio is that if your phone is not connected to your receiver, you cannot fully use the stereo.

Best Car Stereos under $150 At a Glance:

  1. BOSS Audio Systems BV9370B
  2. BLAUPUNKT NAPA65 Double Din 6.9 Inch
  3. Soundstream VR-65B Double DIN Car Stereo
  4. ATOTO in-Dash 2 Din Digital Media
  5. Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Built-In Bluetooth
  6. Binize 1-Din Car Stereo

Our Recommendations For Best Car Stereo under 150 Dollars

BOSS Audio Systems BV9370B
BOSS Audio Systems BV9370B (Image credit: Amazon)

1.BOSS Audio Systems BV9370B


Color: Black | Screen Size: 6.5 Inches | DVD/CD Support: No | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, Spotify | Connectivity Technology: USB


Easy installation

Excellent audio quality

Best of Amp

Reasonable price


Creates problem while connecting with some Bluetooth devices

The BOSS sound system provides the BV9370B player is the Best Double Din Head Unit under $150. It is one of the finest products of this famous brand. The product comes in black. A CR2 battery is required to operate this product. Display resolution is 800 × 480. The product comes with a remote. The receiver, as well as the mounting hardware, are also present.  You can play the FM feature of this product to enjoy radio music. This FM feature is adjustable. Many channels are available for this product.

The product has the technology of USB, and the Bluetooth features of this product, you can make calls without interruption while driving. There is also a built-in microphone that lets you speak to it. A speaker is available, which helps you to hear the caller’s voice. You can link your Bluetooth compatible stuff with this and listen to the playlist. The maximum output power on this device is 320 watts.

This DVD player has a built-in charger of 1 A. You can charge your phone with this built-in adapter. You can enjoy your favorite music by connecting your Bluetooth hands-free with this player. The product has a touch screen feature. You can enjoy the best quality music with just the theme of your nails. If you want to have amazing features on your DVD player, go buy this one.

BLAUPUNKT NAPA65 Double Din 6.9 Inch 
BLAUPUNKT NAPA65 Double Din 6.9 Inch  (Image credit: Amazon)

2. BLAUPUNKT NAPA65 Double Din 6.9 Inch


Color: Black | Screen Size: 6.8 inches | DVD/CD Support: Yes | Supported Internet Services: None | Connectivity Technology: None


It has a big screen

The interface is very easy to use

It has an excellent equalizer mode



It is not much you can say about the appearance of BLAUPUNKT NAPA65; it is the best touchscreen car stereo under 150. Once the Double DIN head unit is installed on your car’s console, almost every front face is a screen. There is a small plastic border around the screen, four visible buttons, and a CD slot at the top. The visual buttons say Home, Back, Menu, and quick navigation keys to navigate. There is also a microphone that lets you take calls while your phone is in your pocket. The screen is a 6.9-inch TFT capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. While not as sharp as we would like, the viewing distances are more than standard tablets and smartphones, and you probably won’t look at the screen much anyway.

Blaupunkt’s explanation for choosing the older version of Android is that it is a stable release and works very well with the company’s visual interface and computer hardware. The unit has a USB port, an SD card slot, and an auxiliary stereo cable socket. The back of the unit has space for three additional USB ports, which will require extension cords attached during installation if you intend to use them. The device has GPS and wifi, and you can attach a USB dongle for mobile internet access.

Soundstream VR-65B Double DIN Car Stereo
Soundstream VR-65B Double DIN Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Soundstream VR-65B Double DIN Car Stereo


Color: Black | Screen Size: 6.2 inches | DVD/CD Support: Yes | Supported Internet Services: None | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth only


It has Ryzen 7 processor, which is just incredible

Good for multitasking


Not be recommended for gamers

The Soundstream Double Din VR-65B  Player 6.2 “LCD Bluetooth USB offers many features is the best performance double din head unit under $150. It features a variety of features, including DVD car stereo with Bluetooth, unit size, GPS, and VRN-dd7hb Bluetooth in-car dash. The maximum output power seen on each of the four channels is 50W. Bluetooth technology supports hands-free speech, and seamless audio streaming A2DP (Enhanced Audio Distribution Profile) makes high-quality audio streamed from your audio device to this stereo. There is support for MP3, CD-RW, CD-R and CD playback. 

You will find a powerful glass touch panel and advanced Bluetooth V4.0 smartphone technology on this audio device. In addition, you will notice the flexible fast-charging implementation of enabled mobile devices. With design trends, these stereo devices tend to rely on limited power capacity, using all efficiency to increase battery charging. There is an option of remote control to easily control different settings on this wireless car stereo. However, AptiX applications implemented use advanced microprocessors and a central processing unit. Therefore, there is an immediate response to multimedia entertainment programs. The standards for all AptiX models include Smart Sense capacitive glass touch panel, Bluetooth V4.0 hands-free dial-up, Flexible Instant Charging for enabled mobile devices, and more.

ATOTO in-Dash 2 Din Digital Media
ATOTO in-Dash 2 Din Digital Media (Image credit: Amazon)

4. ATOTO in-Dash 2 Din Digital Media


Color: Black | Screen Size: 7 inches | DVD/CD Support: Yes | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, Spotify | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB


Android Auto/Apple CarPlay support at a lesser price.

It is easily accessible to all kinds of cars with a dual dashboard

A nice display with reactive touch.

Audio Scanner with several modifiable options

Useful Screen Sharing options


For newbies, it may be difficult to install

There is no option to customize button lights

There is no configurable feature for car parks guidelines

This ATOTO model gives you the best communication you can find on the radio at any price point is the Best Performance car stereo under $150. You will get many advantages such as Android Auto and  Apple CarPlay, compatible with all Apple smartphones and Android phones. ATOTO Car hi-fis are branded for their brilliant audio excellence and many advantages at a sensible price. Phone screen cloning features are also provided, with which you can play your smartphone’s display to the stereo screen. A large capacitive touch-sensitive IPS display is provided where you can chill by watching videos in 1080P quality. The sound quality on this radio set is excellent due to the inbuilt amplifier, decent output power, and RMS.

You will not face any hurdle while calling because of its beautiful built-in microphone. For navigation purposes, users can use Google Maps or Apple Maps. You can use together AM and FM radio; the multi-band tweaker is given to customize the frequency. Considering its price and features, this would be a good deal.

Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Built-In Bluetooth
Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Built-In Bluetooth (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Built-In Bluetooth


Color: Blue | Screen Size: 9 x 7 x 4 inches | DVD/CD Support: None | Supported Internet Services: Pandora, Spotify | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB


It has breathtaking sound experience

Hands-Free phonecalls works well

Very easy to setup and use


You have to buy separate wire

It doesn’t come with a CD/DVD player

Pioneer has always had a high reputation for its high-end head units and receiver. This unit is among the best single din car stereo under $150 on our list. Many features include Bluetooth, light timer, LED light, and radio with 18FM and 6AM channels. It has many basic features, such as Bluetooth capability, but its performance is not a big deal, and it has a lot of compatibility problems like the JVC model above. It’s even worse, as it often drops the Bluetooth connection during a call.

The embedded amp is very good and can produce clear sound. Music and podcasts can be listened to via Spotify and Pandora. Recipient adapts with the Pioneer Smart Sync application, where you can connect and play music with up to give devices connected at a time. Similarly, you will get alpha sonic earbuds, which is best of its class. The interface is straightforward, but you can’t change colors. The good news is that it’s smart, so you can easily navigate it while driving. The brightness is not too dull and not too lit. Installation is also aching, as you have to navigate the cable maze without much help from the commands, which do not even mean writing color code.

Binize 1-Din Car Stereo
Binize 1-Din Car Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

6. Binize 1-Din Car Stereo


Color: Black | Screen Size: 10.1 inches | DVD/CD Support: None | Supported Internet Services: None | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB


A great display with a receptive touch

A health warranty offered by this company

You can enjoy dual apps at a time, Waze Roaming or Spotify Music

Clear and sharp sound quality


The Streaming link feature does not perform well when you connect the phone to the recipient.

Binize is an Android based automobile stereo that runs on Android 9 with a 4 core processor. This stereo is no doubt the best budget car stereo under $150. It has included GPS option, which you can also use in offline mode. The navigation system is very accurate and precise as it uses satellite broadcasting technology to provide an accurate location. Many other features of this radio support system, such as the built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, FM radio tuner, and audio streaming to the receiver and control it from your phone. To support offline and online map streaming, if you want to use an online map, please connect wifi or hotspot; if you want to use an offline map, please download the offline map in advance. It is apparently a 1 Din touch screen unit that fits well on all cars with dual din stereo option, which is the last one of our Best Car Stereo under $150 list.

Many other customizations are provided, such as changing the home screen wallpaper, car logo setting, light control, and many measurement settings. The display size is too large, where a powerful touch screen is provided, that works well regardless of any problem. You can also play HD videos in this head. Similarly, the features of the screen link let us to stream our phone display to the unit display. This touch screen stereo fits All Universal 1 Din.


There are many cheap stereo options to buy, but in the end, you should choose only one that fits your budget and fits your car. Our recommendation for choosing the best cheap stereo, Soundstream VR-65B Double-DIN, is the best choice for Best Car Stereo under $150. There are a few things that are very important to stress. First of all, you may be surprised at how much the installation step will cost. We recommend that you consult a professional and work with them on the cost of parts and installation, and we recommend that you make sure that the quoted costs will be the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of car stereo is the best?

There are a lot of products that sell car audio, as well as a variety of different parts. However, some companies are known for building audio equipment throughout the system. There are companies that include the likes of JVC, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, and Alpine. Whether receivers, loudspeakers or speakers, get the equipment from these companies, it will usually be at the forefront of build and sound.

Does cheap stereo affect sound quality?

This factor relies on what stereo you are buying. You can find several cheap stereos on the marketplace, but very limited of them, like the Pioneer MVH S310BT stereo, offer brilliant sound experience and many modern needed options and features.

Is installation hard for a head unit?

Yes, it is hard work. You may want to go for an expert to install your amplifier, but where you put it may vary from car to car.