Best Car Stereo with Navigation and Backup Camera In 2024

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Car stereos have been a great source of entertainment for everyone. They ensure that you have an exciting driving experience without getting bored. But a car stereo is not just a source of joy; it is much more than an entertainment gadget. You can get the best safety from a car stereo while driving. With the navigation feature, you don’t need to worry about getting lost on roads. We will discuss the best car stereo with navigation and backup camera.

Directions have always been a significant problem, especially driving to unknown locations. Navigating can be beneficial if you have no clue where you have to reach. First, you have to enter the place you want to go, and then the navigation of your car stereo will tell you the directions. If your mobile’s internet is not working, you can also download the maps for later use. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect to any smartphone. In addition, you can play music from your favorite internet platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

Moreover, car stereos are also coming with the feature of a backup camera. A backup camera is beneficial for parking the car. In addition, you can look at the background view through the car stereo screen. So, if you get all these features in a car stereo, what else do you want? If you wonder how to select the best one among thousands of options, don’t worry! Our team has listed the top car stereos with navigation and backup camera features.

Quick Shopping Tips

A good car stereo should have the following features.

Screen size: First and the most important is the size of the car stereo screen. A large widescreen will be more helpful than a small and compact screen. You can view content simultaneously without scrolling the screen. A large car stereo screen will be beneficial for reading documents and articles. Moreover, you enjoy a movie with more focus and clarity.

Navigation: Navigation is now a necessary feature that should be a part of every car stereo. Just think, what if you get lost on an unknown road? This navigation feature will help you to drive to all the new places. First, you need to connect your phone’s internet with the car stereo, and then you can easily use the navigation.

Backup Camera: A backup camera is the latest technology that is very helpful for car drivers. Without any effort, you can quickly reverse or park your car. Most car stereos have the newest technology in their car stereos. You can now use your backup camera at night through its night mode.

Entertainment Facilities: Whatever features you get in your car stereo, the most important factor that everybody requires is entertainment. Therefore, ensure that your car stereo is compatible with different devices to enjoy various entertainment content while driving.

Best Car Stereo with Navigation and Backup Camera at a Glance:

  1. P.L.Z AN-500
  3. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX
  4. Alpine ILX-207
  5. Hikity Android
  6. BOSS BVB9358RC
  7. Pyle PLT85BTCM
  8. Ankeway Double Din

Best Car Stereo with Navigation and Backup Camera

P.L.Z AN-500
P.L.Z AN-500 (Image credit: Amazon)

1. P.L.Z AN-500

best overall car stereo with navigation and backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 10.1 inches | Controller type: IOS, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, app


Responsive touch screen

Good sound quality

User-friendly services


Average user interface

Low Bluetooth connectivity

The P.L.Z AN-500 car stereo is from double din type, which offers a lot of things to their customers that they need to be installed in their cars with ease and comfort. First of all, it gives G.P.S. navigation system services so well that it can help you drive even in an area where you are going for the first time. It also provides the backup camera service for free to see the rearview images on your big screen without installing a separate screen and camera for reversing the car.

The backup camera installed by the company in this best overall car stereo with navigation and backup camera is of top-notch quality. The display screen has a size of 10 inches, enabling you to watch everything on it and comfort your eyes. Moreover, the camera has many attributes, including night vision, high-definition quality, loop recording, and ADAS function, which allow you to drive on the road. Moreover, the big screen is locked with such excellent services for free.

Along with all the essential features you get in other brands, it allows you to enjoy and drive simultaneously. This car stereo provides the mirror link feature to connect your various devices quickly with the system. The mirror link feature in this system is highly compatible with almost every android and iPhone model. The screen can easily split into two parts so that you can do various things at the same time.

What did we dislike about the PLZ AN-500 Car Stereo?

The biggest downside to the PLZ AN-500 car stereo was that some of the Android apps did not work. This was a bit of a disappointment, as we had hoped that all of the features would be accessible from the get-go. Additionally, the car stereo was slow as compared to other ones on the market. Another minor complaint was that there was no remote control included.

Our Verdict: Its performance, while not earth-shattering, is still great for the price. We also love how this head unit doesn’t skimp on features, offering support for Mirror Link and HD Radio. However, our biggest gripe is with the build quality. In our experience, the PLZ AN-500 car stereo felt a bit flimsy and cheap. This is likely due to the use of lower-quality materials in its construction.
If you can look past its build quality, the PLZ AN-500 car stereo is a great option for those on a budget. It offers good performance and a host of features, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a cheap Android car stereo.

BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10RC
BOSS BCPA10RC (Image credit: Amazon)


best single din car stereo with navigation and backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 10.1 inches | Controller type: IOS, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, app


Easy to use

Value good for the money

I.P.S. touch screen


The sound quality could be better

Below average Bluetooth connectivity

BOSS audio systems company is one of the most prominent companies for making double and single din car stereos to deliver the best quality and performance to the customers. Boss Audio Systems BCPA10RC multimedia player is highly versatile and compatible with every vehicle and device you want to connect. Moreover, it is straightforward to install compared to other car stereos available. In addition, the company has introduced the apple carplay service in the system, which can be connected with every iOS and Android smartphone model.

This car stereo is enabled with SIRI voice and Google assistance system, which allows you to use your voice to manage different things by showing you everything on a big screen of ten inches. For example, you can use your voice to direct the system to manage your phone calls and messages, opens up the G.P.S. navigation system, play your favorite tracks, etc. If you don’t want to use your voice, you can use the touch screen or steering wheel controls that are easy to operate.

You can easily customize the panel colors according to your mood as it is backed up with a multi-color illumination service. The company also provides you with a backup camera which can be joined with the reverse camera to get the 360 views on the display screen. These things make it the best single din car stereo with navigation and backup camera. Moreover, the price range of this car stereo is kept for budget-friendly people.

what did we dislike about the BOSS BCPA10RC?

We didn’t like the fact that there were no installation instructions included with the BOSS BCPA10RC. We also found that the HDMI input was accessible from the back, which made it more difficult to use. Finally, we didn’t appreciate the lack of a volume knob.

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

best high-performance car stereo with navigation and backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 7 inches | Controller type: Google Assistant, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, app, remote


Great audio fidelity

Value great for the money

Good smartphone integration


No apple carplay

Not very easy to install

Whenever you talk about car stereos, Pioneer is one of those companies that automatically pops up in mind because they have been in the market for so long. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX multimedia player double din car stereo offers a lot of great things to their customers, including all the essential features you need, such as a backup camera and G.P.S. navigation. In addition, it offers wired and wireless connectivity to the users to enjoy the versatility of this model with more convenience and ease.

This car stereo has a built-in power amplifier that boosts the experience of listening to music, albums, and tracks. Moreover, you can adjust the system according to the bass of your favorite track because it has a built-in equalizer, as it will not reduce the quality of the song you play. Moreover, it supports the online music streaming app “Spotify,” which can easily listen to music, podcasts, etc. It is the best high-performance car stereo with navigation and backup camera.

This system also offers a CD player port and many codecs. So if you remember the album and artist information, you can enter it into the CD text display and play that song for you without needing a CD. The build quality is high, and it can be used for years without any tension. The car stereo’s robust quality makes it a highly reliable model among different users. So it would help if you got it for sure.

What did we dislike about the Pioneer avh-w4500nex?

Customers service – we didn’t like the fact that the customer service from Pioneer was not up to par.

Screen is not bright enough at day time – one of our dislikes about the Pioneer Avh-W4500NEX is that the screen wasn’t bright enough, making it difficult to see during the day.

Alpine ILX-207
Alpine ILX-207 (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Alpine ILX-207

best alpine car stereo with navigation and backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, HDMI | Screen size: 7 inches | Controller type: Google Assistant, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, app, remote


Good performance

Highly compatible

Value good for the money


Some G.P.S. map issues

Camera wiring issues

If you search for a car stereo that can easily fit every vehicle without compromising performance and quality, this will help you. Alpine ILX-207 is made with good quality material and is highly reliable. Moreover, this system can connect your phone with Apple carplay and android auto, which means you can connect your smartphone with it, no matter which model you have of iOS or android system.

Moreover, the company has installed a high-quality camera for free, which helps you get rearview images while you reverse your car so that you don’t meet any accidents. The display screen is seven inches, and its type is VGA. The camera installed provides a 190-degree field view on the dashboard screen. It also enables you to use the CMOS image sensor, which automatically adjusts the screen according to the environment’s lighting on the road.

This head unit works out even in old vehicles, so you should buy it if you want your old vehicle to be equipped with modern features. This system is the best alpine car stereo with navigation and backup camera. It gives you three options to control the head unit: touch screen, installing application, and remote control. It also has steering wheel controls for the users so that they only keep their all attention on the road.

What we dislike about the Alpine ILX-207?

The Pioneer Alpine ILX-207 only has one USB output. You can’t use the HDMI input and read USB at the same time. Additionally, some buyers report not receiving a backup camera.

Hikity Android
Hikity Android (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Hikity Android


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 10.1 inches | Controller type: Google Assistant, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, buttons


Value good for the money

Android car radio

Great design stereo


No apple carplay

Average user interface

When you listen to the name of this brand for the first time, you will think that it is a sub-brand of the famous hello-kitty, but it is not valid. It is not a very renowned brand, but it offers so many good things with powerful performance and qualities. Sometimes undergo brands work out more perfectly than the famous brand products. For example, the Hikity New Android double din car stereo model proves to be the best car stereo that gives not only entertainment but also brings convenience to your driving.

Even though it is not a very famous model, it offers many great features, including smartphone integration, mirroring, android car radio, etc. It also has a big screen of more than ten inches, and it brings full H.D. quality images on the screen. The big screen size makes everything so easy for the users to manage calls and messages and other applications by using mirror link services. The price range is also very affordable for various customers.

This car stereo offers the steering wheel control but with different services about the other features. Those controls can be attached to the original remote control of the steering wheel to make the whole process straightforward for the users of the car. The backup camera used in this car stereo has 12 L.E.D.s which means you will get accurate rear view images even at night. So you can drive safely at night.

What we dislike about the Hikity 10.1?

The Hikity 10.1 has a few drawbacks that might be deal-breakers for some users. Firstly, the radio tuner isn’t the greatest. It doesn’t pick up as many stations as other car stereos on the market, and the sound quality is just average. Secondly, the audio equalizer does nothing special. It’s just a basic equalizer that doesn’t have any extra features or settings.

Thirdly, the Hikity 10.1 is not integrated with XM radio. This means that you can’t use the Hikity 10.1 to listen to XM radio stations. Fourthly, Netflix does not work on the Hikity 10.1 (though an update might fix this). Finally, it’s difficult to install the Hikity 10.1 in some cars. If you’re not experienced with car stereos, you might have a hard time getting the Hikity 10.1 to fit properly in your dash.

BOSS Audio systems BVB9358RC
BOSS BVB9358RC (Image credit: Amazon)


best dvd player car stereo with navigation adnd backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Screen size: 6.2 inches | Controller type: Google Assistant, Android | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch screen, voice


High wattage output

Smart feature control

Easy to install


Low user manual instructions

The BOSS audio systems offer one of the best car stereos with powerful performance and features. BOSS Audio systems BVB9358RC works out as BOSS of other brands because it provides incredible things you can’t get from anywhere else. First of all, this car stereo has a very high output wattage, which will bring the good quality sound of the song you will play on it without splitting its notes and tunes. The sounding system installed is highly reliable and compatible with every device.

This car stereo falls in the best DVD player car stereo category with navigation and backup camera. It provides the service of AM/FM with DVD player settings. You can make your playlist using the auxiliary jamming port installed in the system. For hands-free calling, this car stereo comes up with Bluetooth connectivity. The system also supports the most significant online music streaming application Spotify so that you can listen to the latest songs, tracks, audio shows, and podcasts easily.

This car stereo doesn’t offer a free backup camera, so you should buy it separately from the market if you want one. It brings convenience to the users by providing an easy installation process that can be done in minutes if you read the user manual correctly. It has intelligent features along with high versatility options. The touch screen is highly responsive compared to others though the size is average in this price range. It fits out perfectly in every car or vehicle of every model.

What we dislike about the BOSS BVB9358RC?

The BOSS BVB9358RC car stereo has some major design flaws that can make it difficult to install and use. The wiring instructions are misleading and there is no auto-brightness adjustment, which can make it hard to see the screen in direct sunlight.

Pyle PLT85BTCM (Image credit: Amazon)

7. Pyle PLT85BTCM

best remote control car stereo with navigation and backup camera


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Screen size: 7 inches | Controller type: IOS, Android | Compatible devices: Smartphone, Television, Tablet, Speaker | Control method: Remote


Support Google maps

Large 7 inches screen

Includes CD/DVD player


Poor sound quality

Stereo resets automatically

Pyle PLT85BTCM car stereo is a popular head unit that many people prefer for their cars. It comes with several features, including Bluetooth, USB, smartphone compatibility, map navigation, a backup camera, etc. It is a beautiful product, especially for those who need a quality product. However, the only issue we have to face while testing is the sound quality, but overall it is an average car stereo.

One attractive feature of this car stereo is its navigation system. You don’t need to worry if you are traveling to a new city or country. You can easily avail google maps and travel to your desired locations. Moreover, the Pyle car stereo also comes with a remote for a more convenient control system. You can easily control the whole car stereo system by pressing the buttons. You can also use the backup camera for easier reversing and parking. Therefore, it is called the best remote control car stereo with navigation and backup camera.

Moreover, you also get the CD/DVD player with this Pyle car stereo. You can insert any CD or DVD in it to listen to your favorite music type. The 7 inches large screen ensures that the people sitting at the back also get the same view as the people at the front. You can stream your favorite T.V. shows and movies on it. While going on a long road trip, there is no chance that you will get bored by this beautiful car stereo.

What we dislike about the Pyle PLT85BTCM?

Some of the things we didn’t like about the Pyle PLT85BTCM were that the screen wasn’t very sensitive to touch, it was hard to see the screen during daylight, and the FM radio reception was weak. Additionally, the small microphone didn’t pick up our voice very well during phone calls. Finally, there were no proper installation instructions included.

Ankeway Double Din

8. Ankeway Double Din


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB, WIFI | Screen size: 7 inches | Controller type: IOS, Android | Compatible devices: iPhone, Android | Control method: Touch, Voice


Compatible with iPhone

Best for entertainment

Support hands-free calls


Bluetooth cuts off

The screen is too wide

The last product on our list is this Ankeway double din car stereo with Android and IOS compatibility. You can easily control this car stereo whether you have an iPhone or Android phone. The control system allows you to control the head unit with both; touch and voice. With voice control, it becomes straightforward to answer hands-free calls. While driving on highways or in busy places, you don’t need to worry about an accident with this voice control feature.

However, this car stereo is perfect if you like exploring new areas. With its navigation system, there is no chance of getting lost anywhere. The Google assistant tells the directions through audio so that the driver maintains their focus on the road. ANKEWAY double din car stereo also comes with Bluetooth. But, while testing, we felt that the Bluetooth feature gets disconnected after some time. This issue can be a big problem for some users.

Moreover, if you find any difficulty reversing your car, this car stereo is for you. With its backup camera feature, reversing has become very easy. You can see the complete view of your background through its rear/backup camera. The camera is also waterproof, ensuring that rainwater doesn’t damage it. Also, its 7 inches screen is best for viewing your favorite T.V. shows and movies.

What we dislike about the ANKEWAY Android?

Slow performance is one of the things we didn’t like about the ANKEWAY Android. The touch buttons on the side are on the edge, and it is sometimes a hassle to press the right spot. Instead of android auto, they have EasyConnect but it does the job. Just want to mention.


A car stereo is a fantastic device for all car drivers. You can get several useful features by installing a car stereo in your car. Therefore, it is not only a source of great entertainment but also a beneficial gadget. Using this fabulous device, you can make calls without even touching your phone. Also, its widescreen ensures that everyone gets a clear view. However, you can also make some customized changes to it according to your requirements.

What if you get the fantastic feature of navigation with your car stereo? The navigation feature plays the role of a cherry on top. You can access this feature anywhere while traveling. It is an excellent source of help for drivers who don’t know the directions. Moreover, you can also download the Google map to access it if you don’t have the internet. So whether you choose a single din head unit or double din, you will only benefit from it.

However, while making a purchase, always check the quality of the material. Above, we have created a section named shopping tips that will help you get the best device for your car. Although the products mentioned above are top-rated, the best car stereo with navigation and backup camera is the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX multimedia player double din car stereo. It is the best car stereo that comes at a budget-friendly price with many excellent features. We hope you have the best shopping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a good quality car stereo?

The price of a car stereo depends on the features and your requirement. If you require a good quality car stereo with all the latest features, you have to pay more. Such a car stereo can cost you about 400 dollars to 1000 dollars. But, if you need a medium quality car stereo only with the daily used features, you can make such a car stereo at 200 dollars.

Can you use navigation without the internet?

Usually, it is compulsory to have internet in your car stereo to use the navigation feature. But, in case you don’t have any internet access, you can download them offline. Downloading the maps is very helpful as you can use them anywhere in the world.

Which is a preferable car stereo?

Currently, so many brands are producing amazing car stereos with all the required features. Therefore, it gets challenging to choose a single-car stereo among them. However, the most popular car stereos are from the brands like Kenwood, Pioneer, and PLZ. Their car stereos work fantastic and use the most quality material in manufacturing.

Can the rain damage the backup camera?

As we all know, a backup camera is permanently installed outside a car. So, there is a high chance that the rain will damage your backup camera. But, don’t worry, many brands have come up with a waterproof backup camera. So they don’t get damaged by the rain.

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