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9 Best Farm Jack: Best Aid for Heavy Loads

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Farm jacks are quite essential for lifting heavy loads around the farm. Be it heavy machineries like tractors, or some farm machine that needs to be pulled, a good quality farm jack will always have your back on the field. You require a jack that is easy to shift around and also simple in function. There are so many good options to choose from that the final choice seems far fetched.

We have thoroughly researched to get you some of the best farm jacks in the American market. Ours selected farm jacks are meant to distribute your loads in the best way possible. Not only are they reasonable in price, but they are also quite durable and meant to serve you for a long time. Pay attention to the reviews and get yourself the aid you really need. [amazon box=”B00042KG3A,B000CO86BY,B001CF3JFA,B000688VNE,B003SMIKG8,B0017T3P28,B0017T7WHW,B003CEODPO,B003ULZGFU” template=”table”]

    Review of 9 best farm jacks 

1. Hi-Lift HL484 

best farm jack

This best-recommended farm jack is also one of the most lightweight jacks in use. Weighing at just twenty-eight pounds, it has a load capacity of around 7000 pounds. The lightweightedness of this farm jack makes it very handy and portable. No matter where the site of the task is, this one can be easily carried under your shoulder. 

Essentially durable, this farm jack is made out of the best quality materials. The solid construction ensures that this jack can be reliably employed for pushing, pulling, and lifting. The exceptional strength of this jack can also be employed in bracing another farm equipment. 

The steel and the cast components of this jack render it sufficient strength to make it absolutely dependable no matter how tough the task at hand becomes. The lightweight further makes it really easy to operate. This farm jack has been tested to lift as much as 7000 pounds of weight. Loads weighing more than this shouldn’t be lifted. 

You can learn more about the proper use and maintenance of this tough tool with the help of the instruction guide pasted as a sticker on the handle. It is also important that you occasionally clean and grease your farm jack’s components.

  • The exceptional lightweight of this farm jack makes it easy to be moved
  • The light weight also makes the overall handling and operation easier
  • The materials of construction are high in quality and strength
  • This farm jack is very durable and can serve you for a long time
  • This one can lift up to 7000 pounds of weight 
  • The operation of this farm jack is a little complex
  • The appearance of this farm jack may not sustain without regular oiling and cleaning


This farm jack is largely recommended because of its relative ease of use and reliability.

2. Torin Big Red

Torin Big Red

This supremely powerful farm jack is fit for use in a large variety of farm activities. These involve lifting, pulling, and the numerous other tasks that require these principles. It is possible to utilize this jack both inside and outside the farm. Weighing at about thirty pounds, this jack is enough lightweight and can be carried to different locations with ease. It can easily handle loads of around 6000 pounds.

The most significant aspect of this farm jack is its excellent quality. This is very evident in the way it has been built. The making of this product utilizes an excellent grade of steel. This material best matches the superior quality and the dependable strength this jack is endowed with. Even the durability of this jack is amazing and is very much influenced by the material of construction. 

This tool is built to last long and perform like an elephant. Also, it is adequately protected with a powder finish so that no damage from rust occurs. This tool is also quite safe to use as compared with other contenders.

Reasonably priced, this model compares to some of the best and most expensive farm jacks in the American market. Just be careful to never cross the load limit and you’ll be fine. 

  • This farm jack is best made for use inside and outside the farm
  • It is adequately protected from damage by rust by a special powder coating
  • The strength of this jack is absolutely reliable
  • Also, this farm jack is relatively safe to use
  • As compared to many other competitors, this one is really affordable
  • This farm jack is made with the most excellent grade of steel to ensure reliable strength and durability 
  • Users report that the stand for this farm jack is not very stable 


This strong and durable farm jack is also very affordable. It can be effectively utilized both inside and outside the farm.

3. Smittybilt 2722 

Smittybilt 2722 

This very sturdy contender is absolutely dependable and can be easily regarded as the most versatile farm jack. Weighing at thirty-seven pounds, it has a load capacity of around 4660 pounds. Relatively easy to operate, this farm jack is all it takes to get out of tough situations faster. The most significant feature for this farm jack is its broad base.

This broad base allows proper positioning so the clamp connector can be adequately adjusted. All these amazing features render it the capability to perform heavy-duty tasks of all kinds. This one can be effectively used on the farm and also outside the farm. 

The robust nature of this farm jack is the result of its excellent cast steel construction. Together with an attractive color coating of grey or black, this easily becomes a well-performing beast. One must note that it is very important to grease and oil this jack and prevent the onset of rust. Although, the utmost perfection of this jack lies in its superior flexibility and adaptability. 

  • This farm jack is very strong and dependable
  • Matching many of the expensive jacks in traits, this is also quite affordable
  • This farm jack is very easy to use and maintain
  • The function of this farm jack is quite versatile
  • The durability of this farm jack is groundbreaking
  • The exceptional strength of this farm jack is availed by the dependable cast steel construction
  • If this jack is not oiled and greased properly, it may start developing rust


This strong and powerful farm jack is very affordable and supremely easy to use. 

4. Hi-Lift Jack HL485

Hi-Lift Jack HL485

This is commonly regarded as the best farm jack for pulling stumps. But that is not the only thing it is good at. This strong and robust farm jack can be employed for pushing, pulling, lifting, or even moving heavy farm equipment. Moreover, all of this can be done in the utmost safe and effective manner. 

The quality material of construction renders it dependable durability and strength. This cast iron farm jack can lift loads around 7000 pounds with ease. One common problem arises with farm jacks when we lift more weights than we ought to. The special shear bolt feature of this farm jack stops you from lifting any more weight than 7000 pounds. 

Best of all, any kind of negligence is avoided because of the presence of a guide that thoroughly explains how to operate and maintain this jack. One must note that this powerful tool can turn out to be extremely unsafe if used negligently. It is best to regularly grease and oil this farm jack to ensure that all dust is removed and the performance is thoroughly enhanced. This can be done two or three times a year for the best results. 

  • This farm jack is much safer to use than many competitors
  • This one is very strong and supremely durable for dependability in the toughest scenarios
  • This jack is made out of the best quality materials
  • This jack is sufficiently lightweight to be moved around easily
  • This farm jack is also very affordable
  • Users report that the paint on this farm jack can peel off with improper use
  • Users also report that the already provided support is inadequate


This farm jack is considerably versatile and is best employed for pulling purposes. 

5. Alltrade 647587 

Alltrade 647587 

This is amongst the best quality farm jacks in the American market. Weighing at 32.2 pounds, this one is great for performing minor tasks that don’t involve very heavy loads. It can easily lift around 3000 pounds of weight. This is essential because of the high-quality steel employed in its construction. 

This excellent material of construction also renders it sufficient durability to last long. One must note that this quality tool has been built with the best in class precision. The superiority in operation is quite evident. Also, this one is very safe to use and does not generally pose threats because of minor negligence.

  • This farm jack is best known for its accuracy and the resulting quality of performance
  • The cast iron construction renders it very durable and reliable
  • This farm jack is perfect for lifting weights around 3000 pounds
  • It is also very easy to use 
  • This farm jack is relatively expensive 


This best quality farm jack is most well known for the precision curtailed in its making. The resulting quality of performance is also excellent.

6. Hi-Lift Jack PP-300

Hi-Lift Jack PP-300

This high-quality farm jack is best made for post removal be it tree stumps, metal T-posts, or wooden fence posts. The engagement of this tool results in sufficient generation of force to easily lift the targeted object off the ground. You need to ensure that the jack is tightly fastened to the T-post so that the necessary action can be accomplished with ease.

For objects other than the T-post, one needs to tie a rope or chain around the base and connect it to a hook. The high-quality steel construction of this jack renders it reliable durability. This sturdy jack can lift as much as 5000 pounds of weight. 

Weighing at 19.9 pounds, this farm jack is sufficiently lightweight in itself to allow maximum portability and ease of use. The thorough user guide lets you further ensure the optimum actions for the best outcome. When positioned correctly, the execution of set tasks will be quite easy. 

  • This farm jack is made out of the best quality steel
  • This strong tool is quite easy to use
  • The sturdy structure renders it amazing durability
  • This farm jack is very lightweight and portable
  • The operation of this farm jack requires a chain but that isn’t supplied in the package 


This is the best farm jack for post removal. Essentially lightweight, it can help you pull out weights as heavy as 5000 pounds. 

7. Hi-Lift Jack XT485

Hi-Lift Jack XT485

This is the most well-featured contender in this list. Available in 45 and 60-inch sizes, this farm jack has a load capacity of 7000 pounds. There is no other contender as amazing as this one. The distinct appearance of this jack is the result of the metallic charcoal coating on its surface. In turn, the handling hardware is coated in gold zinc to provide the most superior esthetics. These coatings also provide adequate resistance to damage by rust. Therefore, the lifespan of the jack is considerably enhanced. 

Because this jack is capable of lifting around 7000 pounds of weight, it can never really be overworked. However, you must apply grease and oil regularly to maintain the top-notch functioning of this jack. Oil helps in removing dirt and clears all blockages that may occur in different components of this equipment. Overall, this jack is easy to use and maintain. 

  • This jack is very easy to use and maintain
  • The superior powder coating provide adequate resistance to rust
  • The sturdy construction renders absolute reliability
  • This farm jack is also very durable
  • It can easily lift weights around 7000 pounds

  • Any negligence in the handling of this jack could have drastic consequences
  • This one is also more expensive than other similar competitors


This powerful farm jack can easily lift around 7000 pounds of weight. It is also supremely durable and considerably esthetic.

8. Hi-Lift Jack UTV-424

Hi-Lift Jack UTV-424

This popular farm jack can easily lift loads as heavy as 7000 pounds. The lightweight of this jack renders amazing portability and ease of use. You can utilize this tough tool both inside and outside the farm. The material of construction for this sturdy jack is high quality cast iron. There is a coating of black powder to prevent the occurrence of rust.

Unlike most other farm jacks, this one comes along with a spreader, a winch, and a clamp tool for the most adequate support. A sticker on its handle signifies the direction of use and maintenance for the best possible output. The reasonable price further assures the ease that this jack is bound to provide.

  • This farm jack is very easy to use
  • The lightweightedness allows excellent portability
  • It is very easy to move or rotate this jack
  • The durability of this farm jack is groundbreaking
  • This high-quality jack is available for a very affordable price
  • Every tough lifting task is conquerable with this powerful jack
  • Users recommend wearing gloves during use to protect fingers from injury


This easy to use farm jack is also very powerful. Moreover, the lightweightedness avails unmatchable ease.

9. Alltrade 640912 

Alltrade 640912 

This is easily the most durable contender in this list. Weighing at 22.4 pounds, it can lift loads around 6000 pounds. This effective tool can be best utilized on the farm, in a garage, or anywhere a heavy load needs lifting. Measuring between 11 and 21 inches in height, this tool is sufficiently strong and best made for heavy-duty operations. 

Also, it is adequately portable to render the best use in the safest and the fastest manner. The broad steel base promises stability during use and maintains the position of the load. There is a special bar that ensures the safety of use by checking the position of the jack under pressure. This farm jack is very comfortable to work with and can keep exerting for a long time. 

  • This farm jack is extremely strong and durable
  • It is also very easy to use
  • The broad steel base provides the best possible support
  • This farm jack can lift around 6000 pounds
  • The safety bar ensures safety during use
  • This is appropriate for light and heavy-duty vehicles 
  • This farm jack needs to be properly lubricated for the most efficient function


This ultimately durable farm jack is also supremely powerful and very portable. 


We have brought you some of the best farm jacks in the American market. You must select your final product based upon your personal considerations. We hope our thorough reviews prove helpful in making the final choice.