what is the biggest cam for stock 350

What Is the Biggest Cam for Stock 350 in 2023?

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The purpose of a camshaft is to rotate and create a constant supply of henry owing to the rotation. This rotational energy can push springs and open valves to make gasoline be used up as fuel. A bigger cam can do wonders for your 350 Chevy. Although the size of the camshaft needs to be proportional to the engine’s capacity.

We have brought you the best and the biggest cams for stock 350. All of them are well meant to enhance your engine’s torque and horsepower. 

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The biggest cam for stock 350

1. COMP Cams 54-470-11 LSR Rectangular Port 235/251 Hydraulic Roller Cam

The biggest cam for stock 350

This sturdy camshaft will get the best out of your car’s engine. The combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine drives certain valves that regulate the torque and horsepower. Operating within a range of 200 and 7200 RPM, this hydraulic roller cam is ideal for producing the adequate balance between torque and horsepower that your engine needs for a splendid performance. 

This cam is most suitable for LS 6.0 and 6.2 engines because the rectangular port would perfectly fit like the port heads of LS3 and L92. These cams have a lobe separation angle of 113 degrees. This angle is responsible for the incredible boost they get in the upper rev area. This factor works well in bringing the ultimate power to your vehicle. 

The intake duration for the centrifugal blower of your shaft is 235 while the exhaust duration is 251. The lift for this camshaft is 0.050”. The greater separation between the intake and the exhaust guarantees greater airflow between the ports. 

The valve lift of 0.621/0.624” also maintains an adequate level of responsiveness to the combustion of the engine. Overall, this camshaft is incredible and is greatly benefitted by the best-quality cylinder heads that boost the airflow between cams. The features of this camshaft are meant to boost your engine speed and efficiency. 

  • This camshaft is utmost suitable for LS engines, GM LS GEN III and IV
  • This cam has a clean 3-bot configuration
  • The lobe separation angle is about 113 degrees
  • This cam has 0.621/0.624” of valve lift
  • Rectangular ports guarantee a wider lobe separation
  • This cam operates between 2200-2700 RPM
  • It is meant to boost your engine’s horsepower and torque
  • No negative reviews 


This strong and durable camshaft by COMP Cams is a reliable way to boost the torque and horsepower of your engine.

2. COMP Cams 12-602-4 Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam

COMP Cams 12-602-4 Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This perfect camshaft is meant to boost the power of your engine in the best possible manner. This cam is quite popular for the amazing growling sound it renders to the engine it boosts. By engaging your valves for a longer duration, this cam incredibly enhances your torque and horsepower.

The rotating cams are perfectly designed to ensure that the intake valves open fast at the start of the engine. The exhaust valves are also designed to stay open at the same time so that you get the extra overlap time for the best in class growling exhaust sound. 

Most suitable for street and muscle cars, the compression ratio of 9:1 reduces the risk of incomplete combustion that would otherwise clog the pipes. You’d also require lesser fuel to cover the same distance while the production of exhaust would fall. 

This camshaft has an operating range of 2200 to 6100 RPM. Your vehicle is sure to attain the maximum power and torque boost 

  • This camshaft can deliver you as much valve lift as 0.476/0.489”
  • This can adequately work with street stock converters
  • Operating between 2200 and 6100 RPM, it can greatly enhance your torque and horsepower
  • The 107 degree lobe separation angle provides enough space for fuel intake
  • The high compression ratio protects any incomplete combustion
  • The exhaust duration is quite long
  • This cam will also improve your torque curve
  • Many users have reported defective parts 


This popular camshaft is available in CL. GK, and K kits. It renders a heavy growling sound to your engine along with an exceptional power boost. 

3. COMP Cams CL-12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam

COMP Cams CL-12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This utmost economical camshaft will render you an exceptional boost in horsepower. This reliable camshaft consists of a great motor that can certainly transform the performance of your stock 350. 

The 107 degree lobe separation angle between the exhaust and the intake lobes is sufficient to save chopping sounds in an idle engine. The exhaust gases cannot enter the intake valves and disturb the perfect fuel to air proportions in the engine. The precise valve lift is between 0.479” and 0.465”. 

This excellent camshaft operates between 2000 to 5800 RPM. This dependable RPM range can daily transfer the operation of your street car from high to low gear. The three cam designs work perfectly together to render you a considerable benefit in torque and horsepower. 

As you start up your engine, the intake valves will open early and the exhaust valves will remain open for a sufficient duration to ensure adequate overlap. This mechanism is noticeable in the powerful exhaust note at the start of your engine. 

  • The lobe separation angle for this camshaft if 107 degrees
  • This is perfectly compatible with street stock converters
  • This camshaft will greatly improve the torque and horsepower of your stock 350
  • The operating range lies between 2000 and 5800 RPM
  • This camshaft is very suitable for street and muscle cars
  • The exhaust note is quite powerful owing to the perfect valve overlap
  • This camshaft will work adequately along with manual as well as automatic transmissions
  • The installation may be tricky 


This is the most cost-effective camshaft that will bring you the perfect boost in horsepower and torque along with a loud and powerful exhaust note. 

4. SB Chevy 283 327 350 400 Hi-Perf RV Cam 

SB Chevy 283 327 350 400 Hi-Perf RV Cam 

This top-class camshaft for stock 350 will render you the perfect fuel and air mixture to grant your vehicle the absolutely best performance. The valve lift will be as much as 0.480” so that more air will be supplied to the engine. The rich supply of air will help in burning fuel for effectively and efficiently. 

The quality combustion will render excellent horsepower and torque to your vehicle. Equipped with a duration of 282 degrees, this camshaft is ideal for the best hard-hitting sound at the start. This cam operates between 2000 and 6500 RPM. This factor makes it perfect for street cars that already need help in overcoming incomplete combustion. 

  • The kit includes lifters as well as camshafts
  • The operating range lies between 2000 and 6500 RPM
  • This camshaft would greatly improve the torque and horsepower for your engine
  • Coming from a renowned brand, this cam is very reliable
  • The lobe separation angle of 282 degrees keeps the valves open for a sufficient duration
  • The engine’s performance is significantly improved

  • No negative reviews 


This quality camshaft is perfect for creating the best fuel and air mixture to boost the performance of your vehicle. 

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what are the factors to consider before selecting a camshaft for your vehicle?
camshaft for your vehicle

It is not easy to select one perfect camshaft for your stock 350. The decision will be confusing owing to the numerous attractive choices. You must consider some certain factors to assess the quality of a camshaft. 

  • RPM range 

The camshaft serves to smoothen the working of your engine. Your ideal camshafts should comply with the operating RPM range of your engine for the best results. A good RPM range would deliver maximum power.

  • Compression loss 

Your selected camshaft should not allow any compression loss. Compression loss would greatly disturb the ideal fuel-air ratio for the best operation of your engine. 

  • Valve lift 

The rotation of the camshafts helps in opening the valves of the engine. The creation of an adequate air-fuel ratio helps in improving the torque and horsepower. 

  • Performance 

Your selected camshaft should render a certain boost to your engine’s horsepower and torque. 

  • Price 

Make sure that you purchase a good quality camshaft from a notable brand so that it is perfectly dependable. 

  • Compatibility

Your camshaft must be perfectly compatible with your engine and transmission 

  • Lobe separation angle 

An adequate lobe separation angle is crucial for the best performance of your stock 350. 

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A good quality camshaft can render you an unbelievable boost in performance. Make sure that your selected camshaft is absolutely compatible with your engine and perfectly reliable. A good lobe separation angle, valve lift, and RPM range would bring out the maximum capabilities of your engine. One of the above options is set to render the perfect start sound to your stock 350.