Best Shocks for Ford F150 4x4

Best Shocks for Ford F150 4×4: For the ultimately smooth rides 

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The overall smoothness of your drive depends upon the perfection of your shock system. The shocks in your vehicle are also integral to adequate control while turning on curves. Considering the innumerable variety of good quality shocks available in the market, it is essentially overwhelming to select one that would serve as the best.

We have thoroughly researched amongst the most well-fitting options to get you the best shocks for  Ford F150 4×4. The seven ultimate shocks in our selection are good enough to best serve the utmost heavy-duty Ford F150 vehicle. 

Now that your valuable time and effort has been saved, get ready to experience the ultimate smoothness on your drives. Our selected shocks are also very easy to install and built to last long. 

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The best shocks for Ford F150 4×4 

1. Rancho RS999910 Quick Lift Loaded Strut 

best shocks for ford f150 4x4

This is one truly popular set of shocks for Ford F150 4×4. The excellent design for these shocks is coupled with the most amazing performance. Moreover, this set is durable and reliable. 

The special design for these shocks has excellent corrosion-resistant components to best enhance its longevity. Moreover, the liquid metal finish provides a supremely esthetic appearance while enabling protection against damaging agents.

This shock absorber system has a monotube design. Rest assured that your vehicle will run at its absolute best once these shocks are fixed. Also, the incredible durability of these shocks must assure you of their promise of a long time. 

Best of all, the design is rugged and best suitable for challenging and harsh driving conditions. The wear and tear that accompanies such paths are quite effectively reduced by the excellency of these shocks. While you may deem them to be slightly expensive, you must know that the smoothness of your drive will be incomparable. If you frequently indulge in off-roading, these shocks will fulfill every possible expectation you’d have when it comes to balance. 

The front suspension for your truck will be best aligned with the rear suspension by removal of the factory rake. This factor will also enhance the efficiency of your truck in hauling. You’ll obtain enough clearance to install 35-inch tires. Also, the 9-position tuning technology makes custom ride configurations easy. All the more, the operation is wireless so the effort is reduced on your part.

Even the installation process is easy and dependable. Moreover, you get a lifetime warranty with this product. 

  • These shocks are relatively easy to install
  • The unique design is rugged to effectively tolerate rough terrains
  • The special QuickLIFT technology operates wirelessly
  • All the components in these shocks are resistant to corrosion
  • Enough clearance is created for 35-inch tires
  • These shocks come with a lifetime warranty
  • This kit is quite expensive


These shocks are the most dependable way to improve your driving experience. You can have good quality smooth rides even on rough terrains. Moreover, the installation is easy and requires just a few hours. 

2. Rough Country 52230-2-inch Leveling Lift Kit 

Rough Country 52230-2-inch Leveling Lift Kit 

This is amongst the most economical good quality shocks you can get in the American market. One cannot believe the price of this kit after considering the number of quality components it supplies. This kit includes the best quality strut extensions, rear and front shock absorbers, and all the necessary hardware required for installation.

These shocks will not only avail you of a valuable aftermarket replacement for a lesser price, but they will also maintain the quality of your drives much like the original. While these shocks are resistant to damage by rust or other degrading factors, they may not sustain the brunt of off-roading like other heavy-duty shocks. 

Also, this shock kit is best compatible with Ford F150 2WD and 4WD models built between the years 2009 and 2018. Enough ground clearance is created to install tires up to 33 inches in size. Overall, your vehicle will be lifted by 2 inches.

The installation of this kit is very easy. There is no need to uninstall the struts to install the whole kit. Only about three to four hours are required in completing the installation. 

  • This kit can adequately lift your vehicle at the front and the rear ends
  • This is one of the most affordable shock kits in the American market
  • The materials of construction for this kit are resistant to damage by rust and other corrosive elements
  • The installation is supremely easy
  • This shock kit is not compatible with Ford F150 Raptor models 


This is the best option for those on a tight budget. This may not be the most ultimate kit in the market, but it offers good performance and reliable quality. One may not depend on these shocks for off-roading, but they are good for driving on smooth roads.

3. WULF 2004-2018 Ford F150 3’ Front 2’ Rear Lift Kit 

WULF 2004-2018 Ford F150 3’ Front 2’ Rear Lift Kit 

This is the most well-recommended and high-quality option for Ford F150 trucks. Although this kit may be more expensive than the other contenders, it is quite dependable and excellent in performance. You'll not just get the most efficient aftermarket shocks, this kit will also level and lift your Ford F150.

The materials of construction are quite resistant to wear and tear. Their effective durability will make them last a long time. Moreover, the durability of these shocks is the ultimate. These are most compatible with Ford F150 4WD models built between the years 2004 and 2018. But all the raptor models are not compatible.

The kit includes rear shocks, U-bolts, Strut spacers, rear blocks, upper control arms, and other necessary installation hardware. Also, the installation is quite easy. It is a simple bolt-on procedure and can be easily accomplished by people with minimal experience. One must consider proper wheel alignment after the installation of these shocks. 

Your truck will be lifted by 3’ in the front and 2’ in the rear. 

  • These shocks are made out of the best quality materials
  • While rendering adequate smoothness to your drive, these shocks also adequately level and lift your truck
  • Your truck is lifted by 3’ in the front and 2’ at the rear-end
  • The installation is supremely easy and requires no additional cutting and welding procedures
  • This kit is very expensive 


This kit includes all the necessary components to best improve the quality of your drive. The materials from which the kit is made are of good quality and adequate durability. The suspension system of your vehicle will be truly revived with the rear blocks, strut spacers, and rear shocks.

4. Detroit Axle Complete Strut and Spring Assembly 

Detroit Axle Complete Strut and Spring Assembly 

This excellent strut and spring assembly is the best thing to upgrade your Ford F150 with. The purpose of these components is to make your ride smooth and prevent your vehicle from damage while traversing inconsistent roads. 

These shocks go well with Ford F150 trucks built between the years 2004 and 2008. You’ll experience the original smoothness of your truck after having these installed. Moreover, the installation is supremely easy, no special tools are essential to accomplish the process. You just have to remove the factory strut and replace it with this assembly.

Overall, the smoothness of your drive will be best enhanced and the kit is bound to last long due to its essentially durable construction. 

  • The installation is supremely easy and doesn’t require any special tools
  • You can install this kit with a simple bolt-on procedure
  • The materials of construction are high in quality
  • This kit is quite affordable as compared to its contenders
  • This kit is best compatible with Ford F150 models as old as 2008 


This kit is the best way to smoothen the rides in your old Ford F150 4×4. Not only is this kt affordable, but it is also very easy to install. You don’t have to go through any hassle during installation, and your rides are set to be free of bumps. 

5. KYB 349108 Excel G Gas Shock 

KYB 349108 Excel G Gas Shock 

This is amongst the best performing shock kits available in the American market. These kits are equipped with the unique twin-tube design and nitrogen gas charging for the utmost quality performance. This excellent OEM replacement shock has been calibrated for the best stock handling and control. 

The working cylinder is seamless and has a unique Teflon coated piston band. The piston rod is triple chrome plated and there are multi-lip oil seals. The mounting eye rings are solid in structure and also seamless. Even the bolt bushings in this kit are sturdy. 

Rest assured that the smoothness rendered by these shocks will be very close to the original shock kits. Also, this kit is quite affordable. Considering its excellent quality, it is available at the best possible price.

  • These shocks will provide you the most excellent smoothness
  • The twin-tube design is meant for the ultimate performance
  • The materials of construction are durable
  • The installation of this kit is easy
  • This kit is very affordable 
  • No cons


These shocks will provide you smoothness much like the original for a very less price and much ease in installation. The materials of construction are dependable and best in quality. This is one of the best deals you can get for this price.

6. Bilstein 33-187501 Shock

Bilstein 33-187501 Shock

This is one of the best quality shocks you can get. Moreover, this kit is affordable. You must not judge the quality of this product owing to its low price. Unlike other expensive kits, this one doesn’t include extra components to accompany the shocks. So you get the best in class shocks and the most reliable performance for a low price.

These shocks have a monotube design and they can provide you reliable performance for many years. One must note the special velocity-sensitive piston employed in this kit which works well in dynamic driving conditions. 

These shocks will best enhance the smoothness of your drive whether you are going on a smooth road or a path blessed with undulations. 

  • These best quality shocks are very much affordable
  • The unique monotube design provides the utmost consistent performance
  • You can greatly adapt to the driving conditions owing to the supreme ability of these shocks to maintain the quality of the ride 
  • You may have to get the other suspension components separately


These are the best quality shocks you can get for a very low price. You can set them up with a simple bolt-on installation. Moreover, the materials of construction are resistant to rust and damage by corrosive elements.

7. Gabriel G64079 Ultra Truck Shock

Gabriel G64079 Ultra Truck Shock

This utmost durable twin-tube shock absorber is best known for its dependable longevity. These shocks are endowed with the special G-Force technology which renders them fast response. The unit also includes Ultra StableSteer valving and the unique sintered iron construction of the piston. 

Best of all, these shocks have nine-stage variable damping to do well on all types of roads. The single-lip oil seal and the superbly finished and chromed piston rod provide the best possible sturdiness of the structure. 

  • These shocks have a very durable structure and are meant to last long
  • The performance of these shocks will be very much close to the original smoothness of your vehicle
  • For a very genuine price, these shocks get you the most reliable performance and quality
  • Even the installation is easy
  • No cons 


These shocks deliver the best possible performance for a very genuine price. You’ll get smoothness as best as the time you first got your vehicle. 


We have brought you some of the most reliable and dependable shocks for Ford F150 4×4 in the American market. These are not only the best in performance but also worth every penny you spend. Get ready for the most enthusiastic rides upon the most undulating paths. These best quality shocks will assure that your drink doesn’t fall. 

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