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11 Best Windshield Repair Kit 2022

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A chip on a windshield can make your entire car look rugged. Not only will it affect your visibility and the overall safety of your vehicle, but it will also bring down the esthetics. You can either get a new windshield or consult a professional glass repair company. However, both these options are startlingly expensive. There is no better solution than a DIY windshield repair kit. 

One must note that the use of windshield repair kits is affected by a number of factors. For one, they will not entirely finish a crack or a chip. A kit can only manage to stop the damage from worsening. It will ensure that the crack does not expand further. All the more, the damage will not seem obvious. 

Because an unattended chip or crack could expand in size, we have researched through numerous available options to get you the best windshield repair kit. While keeping you safe, this will also improve your visibility and enhance the esthetic appearance of your vehicle. Most DIY kits consist of a resin solution that helps in filling the chip and strengthening the surrounding glass.

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Best 11 Windshield Repair Kits

1. American Windshield Repair Systems’ Mini Windshield Repair Kit

best windshield repair kit

This is the best professional quality kit you can get in the American market. This is meant for people wanting to fix their windshields at home. Customers who use this unique DIY repair kit can be inclined to start their own windshield repair business.

The overall design of this system is compact. There is a nylon carrying case for extra portability. All the more, it contains everything one can need for the best in class windshield repair at home. The whole apparatus consists of a repaired bridge, razor blades, curing strips, UV light, and resin. The UV light is meant to fasten the progress of the curing process. There is a sufficient quantity of resin in this pack to last for up to fifty repairs. 

Moreover, the detailed instruction manual lets you follow through in the best possible manner. In addition to the windshield repair resin, this kit also includes a pit filler. This substance tends to seal your repaired portion with a hard finish that also enhances the overall durability. This is easily the most affordable way to get your windshield looking good as new. 

  • This is a professional solution best utilized by technicians
  • The complete set can adequately supply up to fifty repairs
  • This kit has every component to ensure the top-quality repair
  • The ease of use makes it very handy
  • There is a detailed instruction manual to help 
  • This DIY kit is slightly more expensive for a single time use


This DIY kit is perfect for people who want to start their own windshield repair business. This kit is easy to use and supplies enough material for over fifty windshield repairs.

2. Permatex Windshield Repair Kit 

Permatex Windshield Repair Kit 

This is best considered as a high-tech heavy-duty windshield repair kit that is capable of making permanent repairs of sound cracks up to 1.25 inches in measurement. Any laminated glass window can be rendered spot free by this easy to use high-quality repair kit. 

The makers of this kit specialize in providing the best maintenance solutions to the manufacturers of OEM parts and engineering companies. This is why their windshield repair formula is better than most other contenders in the market. The detailed instruction manual further provides helpful photographs to effectively guide through every step. 

Note that the liquid resin in this setup does not require any mixing or special preparation before application. This professional-grade repair can be accomplished in any shaded area with a temperature of 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that you leave the car in sunlight for some time to let the resin cure. Although, the most significant feature of this kit is the specialized delivery system with a unique spring lock feature.

  • This kit is really easy to use because of the detailed instruction manual provided along
  • This heavy-duty formula makes the best quality air-tight repairs
  • The delivery system for this formula is supremely adequate
  • Users report that the curing time for this set is longer


The most reliable feature of this repair system is the presence of a state-of-the-art delivery system. The advanced spring-lock feature provides the utmost reliability.

3. Rain-X Windshield Repair System

Rain-X Windshield Repair System

This is considered the most popular windshield repair kit in the American market. RAIN-X is a very popular and reliable brand for car care products. Best known for making the most excellent headlight restoration kits and wiper blades, they also make some of the most amazing windshield repair kits. 

Popularly recommended by most users, this windshield repair kit comes with a quad suction pad applicator and about 0.96 ounces of resin glass repair fluid. Moreover, it is quite easy to use. When used properly, it can straighten your cracks and chips in a matter of minutes. However, the time required for drying may be longer. 

Unlike most other repair kits, this one is also effective on long cracks. Moreover, it works on all sorts of laminated glass. This includes quarter windows, rear screen, and side windows. The specialized and advanced resin formula by Rain-X serves to minimize the appearance of the cracks and chips in the best possible manner. This tends to protect your windshield from further serious damage. 

  • This advanced resin formula comes for a very affordable price
  • This is amongst the most economical DIY windshield repair kits
  • Even long cracks can be filled with this kit
  • The amount of fluid per package is more than other kits
  • The required preparation time is longer
  • The cracks will not entirely disappear
  • One has to religiously follow the instructions on the user manual


This can be regarded as the kit with the most advanced resin formulation. Easy to use, it can also fill long cracks within a matter of minutes. 

4. Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit 

Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

This is considered as the DIT windshield repair kit that comes with the most extra quantity. There is a 1.6-ounce tube containing resin liquid. Other components of this kit include the repair injector, resin chamber pedestal, adhesive alignment seal, curing film, resin liquid, and a razor blade. The purpose of the razor blade is only to scrub off the additional liquid off your windshield.

It is recommended that you do this windshield repair work in the sunlight for the most excellent results. It has been noted that this kit works much better than most other popular DIY windshield repair kits in the market. Users have reported that this kit has made the cracks on their windshield less ambiguous and less obvious in the daylight. Also, this product can be effectively utilized on shower doors and other objects with laminated glass.

  • The exceptional formula for this repair kit works better than most other DIY repair kits
  • The company provides reliable customer support
  • The instruction manual is concise and easy to follow
  • The quantity of liquid provided is more than any other contender
  • Some users report that the applicator for this kit is slightly more difficult to use
  • The curing time is also longer than some other contenders 


This DIY repair kit provides the most extra quantity of resin liquid. The results of use are also significantly better than other kits. 

5. Gliston Car Windshield Repair Kit

Gliston Car Windshield Repair Kit

This one is the most easy-to-use DIY repair kit for windshields. Not only is this kit the easiest to use, but it also saves you money. If there are multiple cracks on your windshield that need repair, you can go for a 2-pack. But you can purchase a 1-pack if there is only a single crack that needs to be taken care of. 

Best of all, this kit can effectively repair small cracks and chips in about twenty to thirty minutes. Moreover, it works excellently on almost all types of outdoor glass. Note that small chips, star-shaped, bulls-eye, and half-moon crescents are most adequately covered by this system. Precisely, cracks no more than 12 inches in size are most effectively covered considering the circular diameter isn’t more than an inch. 

The easy technique involves squeezing the resin upon the cracks and then applying a curing strip before the solution is left to quickly dry and solidify in the sun. any remaining excessive resin can be scraped off using a spatula. In case the damage to your windshield isn’t too extensive, this is the most reliable and easy-to-use kit to depend upon. 

  • This kit has the tendency to repair all cracks within twenty to thirty minutes
  • The resin solution for this system is highly effective
  • This kit is very easy to use and the best results are obtained under the sun
  • This system does not work effectively on larger sized cracks


This DIY windshield repair kit is supremely easy to use and is very effective on small cracks. 

6. Versachem Windshield Repair Kit 

Versachem Windshield Repair Kit

Versachem is a well-acclaimed company in the US, known for manufacturing some of the best ever DIY adhesives and automotive repair products. For the last thirty-five years, this company has produced some of the most reliable products in this category. The kit consists of a 1.8 fl-oz tube of resin liquid. Cracks with a diameter up to 1.25 inches can be most effectively repaired. 

Because this kit is only meant for single-use, it can only repair a single crack at one time. For multiple cracks and chips, you’ll need another kit with more quantity of resin. This kit is most well-known for its supremely effective formula that takes only about 1 hour of curing time in direct sunlight. 

  • This is a solid and reliable product with considerably the most effective formula
  • It can effectively reduce cracks by as much as 90 percent
  • This kit comes from a very trustworthy and reliable company 
  • The quantity of resin fluid is not sufficient to repair more than a single crack
  • The quality of the applicator pump is not adequate
  • This set is meant for single-use only 


Coming from a very reliable manufacturer of automotive repairing products, this DIY windshield repair kit is best formulated for the most effective repair of small cracks. 

7. 3M Windshield Repair Kit 

3M Windshield Repair Kit

3M is a very renowned company that produces some of the best car care products. This windshield repair kit is equipped with a dual suction stabilizer, two wipes, a dropper, a blade, and a bottle of resin liquid. Even the instructions manual is of supreme quality and very concise. 

Unlike most other DIY repair kits, this one doesn’t require any specialized heating or mixing. Moreover, the unique mound supplied with the kit is very adequate in holding pressure. It is recommended that you use your own screws and suction cups rather than the ones that come with the kit. Overall, this DIY kit works very excellently, except for the single drawback of inadequate screws and suction cups.

  • This DIY repair kit comes from a very established brand, known for making the best quality car care products
  • Lesser curing time is required
  • The instruction manual is very detailed and helpful
  • The applicator is of high quality
  • The price is very reasonable for the quality of this kit
  • The screws required to secure cups aren’t of the best quality


This is the most excellent DIY repair kit and is best known for its shorter curing time. No specialized mixing or heating procedure is required so that the process is overall easy.

8. PDR King Windshield Repair Kit 

PDR King Windshield Repair Kit

This is the most comprehensive professional-grade windshield repair kit. While this may be the most excellent product on our list, it is recommended that you only use this kit if you have prior experience with these tools. One can also dwell on this kit through a side-job or a hobby. Each kit is equipped with the best quality components for the most reliable and professional repair. 

The setup includes a pit buffer and polish, o-rings, mylar tabs, inspection mirror, hookscribe, carbide scribe, cloth, lube, acetone container, glass cleaner, razor blades. The system also comes with a DVD with training videos on repairing windshields. 

The most significant component of this setup is the Tri Glass Bridge. This consists of a precision stainless steel injector. While these patented components are certainly a treat, they cannot be effectively used without prior experience in this field. A wrong method can make these cracks worse.

  • This is one of the most reliable professional-grade repair kits
  • The patented Tri Glass Bridge is the most significant feature
  • This kit is extremely comprehensive and contains everything you can possibly need for the procedure
  • This kit is only meant for experienced users


This is probably the most comprehensive professional-grade repair kit in this list. It is recommended that you only use this kit with prior experience. 

9. ATG Windshield Repair Kit 

ATG Windshield Repair Kit

Built by a German manufacturer, this quality product is exceptional in repairing cracked and chipped glass. Apart from this, it can also be utilized to repair the damage caused to windshields by bad windshield wipers or ice scrapers. By utilizing this product, you can ensure to fix your glass of optical problems and distortions. 

One rare feature of this kit is its ability to restore old glass in classic cars. This rare and significant feature makes it stand out from all other contenders in this list. Frankly, no other DIY windshield repair kit has the ability to repair the old glass. The components of this kit include a specialized resin injector syringe, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning pin, a metal scraper blade, an adhesive seal, and the resin liquid. Moreover, the price is very genuine. Furthermore, the preparation and application of this product requires only one hour. 

  • Built with specialized German technology, this windshield repair kit is utmost suitable for the repair of chipped or cracked glass
  • This kit also has the ability to restore faded glass
  • The preparation and application of this product requires only one hour
  • This repair kit will fit well within your budget 
  • Users report that this product takes time to be shipped
  • It requires a minimum of ten days to be shipped from Germany


This special DIY repair kit has all the unique attributes to make it supremely reliable. Endowed with fine German quality, it is capable of repairing even old glass. 

10. J-B Weld Windshield Repair Kit 

J-B Weld Windshield Repair Kit

Made by the renowned J-B Weld company, the J-B Weld Windshield repair kit includes certain patented step by step systems. While this kit serves to minimize the appearance of the chips and cracks, it also tends to prevent any further damage. Cracks and chips of diameter up to 1.25 inches can be adequately repaired. Made in the USA, you can totally rely upon the excellent quality of this windshield repair system. 

Your only duty is the correct application. The right repair action will render a smooth texture to your damaged windshield. Up to three small cracks can be filled with the help of one bottle. However, one must note that the curing time for this product is considerably longer than the others. It is recommended that you leave it out for curing overnight. At least twelve hours are required for the completion of its curing process. If you follow the instructions correctly, this one is bound to work at its best.

  • This is a reliable product from a well-renowned company
  • The instructions manual for this repair kit is intricately detailed for the best possible guidance
  • The customer support rendered by the company is incredible
  • One bottle of this product can only fill up to three cracks
  • The curing time required is longer


This patented epoxy product comes from a very renowned brand. It repairs chips and cracks in the best possible way and also prevents further damage.

11. Bywabee Quick Fix Windshield Repair Kit 

Bywabee Quick Fix Windshield Repair Kit

This is probably the most economical and the cheapest contender in this list. The high-quality resin in this kit is made to fix every possible glass crack. It is important to carefully follow the instructions to achieve the best possible results. Built for all sorts of auto glass repair functions, this repair kit is a blessing for those looking for a cheap alternative to regain the esthetics of their vehicle. 

You will be amazed by the quality of this repair kit. The final repair is quite unnoticeable and is considered high in standard. Users are regularly amazed by the level of repair this kit renders at such a low price. While one may need some time to get used to the suction device, the process becomes easier once it has been mastered. Overall, this may be the most durable and dependable alternative to a professional repair job. 

  • The resin material in this kit is very durable
  • The instructions are very easy to follow
  • This kit is quite inexpensive
  • The imperfections are so efficiently masked that they are invisible to the naked eye
  • One may require some time to get used to the suction cups


This high-quality repair kit is known for availing the best and most unrecognizable windshield repair. 


We have brought you some of the best windshield repair kits from across the American market. Now you don’t have to worry. 

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