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Good sound quality and amazing sound can only be generated if your sound setting system is aligned in a proper manner like the speaker positioning, equalizer, and selection of the brand. If the music you listen to from your car speakers does not sound exactly the same as from your home theater or headset, something is wrong. We spent our quality time on your better approach to overcome this situation will experience your travel journey more remarkable. A car enthusiastic would not compromise on the sound system and quality of sound in their cars that they will never tolerate at home. Others incorporate complex sound systems into their vehicles and make some common installation errors that prevent the system from reaching its full potential.

The best car audio setup with sound quality will depend on decent gear and a little knowledge. You can change the settings of your speakers and enjoy the music even more if we learn how to balance the Mid, sound bass, and treble to get the sound you want by our stereo, and speakers installed in our car. The most important thing to remember is that your car stereo probably does not sound as good as you might think it does, and that is not a judgment statement. The sound system is one of the areas where real equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are likely to ignore the universe in the name of high profitability. Many non-experienced people love to buy a new car and the sound system in the car makes it the best and the competitor car. Lots of them don’t know what they can be missed while installing the sound system in the car. We gonna introduce this guide for that kind of people which lead them to set the sound system properly.

Guide to Follow for Car Audio Setting

As there are many products in the market which has different sound settings, which have different quality volumes and sound, and which can be easy to control or customize. But for the car music lovers, we are going to introduce the best results, you should be able to set the car speakers with audio quality correctly. The following guide can improve your setting skills of sound and beat according to your desire if you follow our brief guide:

Power Up Your Stereo

At first, you have to give power to your stereo and make sure that the doors and windows of your car are closed. It will experience you best what sound quality is given by your sound system so that you can set your audio accordingly to your taste.

Play the Song you Like the Most

The song selection is the most noticeable priority while adjusting your sound setting, by playing your song selection you can equalize the sound, you have to make sure that the song you playing have different sounds of sonic variety which will be the reference point for your audio setting in your car.

Equalizer Settings of Stereo

This device is one of the hidden gems in most car stereos. You may find that your music sounds different when you hear the speakers instead of using headphones or home speakers. Every product device which comes by the manufacturers has to be customized according to your car because everyone has different tastes, so you have to customize the setting of the audio. You may need to adjust your scale so that you can adjust the volume for a certain frequency range. Since our ears can detect waves from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, different people like different waves. Balance helps to tune in to the frequency with which you feel comfortable in your ears. This will entertain you with better listening to music. The frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz can be heard by the ears, so each music lover their taste lies in different frequencies. These equalizers will help you to adjust the frequency according to your hearing and feel good for your ears.


The whole system of your car is communicated by this receiver. This receiver comes with RCA pre-amp outputs, which will be the best choice which makes it convenient for you to use the different wires in your vehicle to the amplifier. In addition, a receiver with a Bluetooth connection is useful. This will lead you to use your phone device like a stereo.


The amplifier is an essential part that is used to drive the power source thoroughly to the speakers. The amplifier principle works to link the stereo unit and the speakers so this will allows you to control the power of each speaker. If you buy a new head unit, too, get one with a higher RMS. This will allows you to don’t select these amps because your output can power speakers. If there is a condition that you want to maximize the power of your new unit head to get unique and rich sound, and when you want to add another speaker in the closet, this device must be needed.

Whenever we talk about the amplifier there will be an RMS rating to be in consideration. In the case of channels, five channels allow you to use the front speakers, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer. There are other different four channels, amps 2 channels, and 3 channels. It would be better if you think that as you buy an amp, get one with RCA inputs and outputs.


There are hundreds of varieties of car audio systems that can confuse you about what to choose or which one is the right for you. The brand which is most used by the customers includes Blaupunkt, JVC, and Clarion. These are the which were top-listed mostly positive reviewed by the customers on different platforms. The choice may be yours, but by our reviews, we will recommend you the prominent brands that are advised to consider when planning to upgrade the audio system in your car. The brand includes Pioneer, Sony, Metra, JBL, Sirius, Delco car stereo, and Becker.


This is the most essential part of the sound system you have to be careful while buying the speakers because there are many choices available on the market the sound of your car is based on the bass and sound of your speaker quality. These speakers have two types one is the partial speaker and the other one is coaxial. The Partial Speakers come with a quality design because the tweeters are housed separately from the mids and the woofers.

The coaxial speaker has everything built into it, from tweeter to woofer. Through our review, we hope that you will get an idea of ​​the type of system you want to install the best speakers to increase the sound produced for your car stereo. Their types of speakers vary to choose from; section and full speakers. Invest in good sound speakers, because that’s where most of your (driver’s) sound will come from. If you want to buy two pairs of speakers try to get the same model if possible, to prevent tones between the pairs.


Subwoofers are also an essential part of your sound system when you want the best sound quality of your car’s sound systems. These units work to restore the lower octave of your music to proper balance. Now you can hear familiar songs in a new light. In addition, the subwoofers relieve the load on the full speaker’s range as you will be playing with bass control at 0 and not +5.

Speakers Position

Two speakers in your car must be in the section to get the best sound quality. If they are not in the category you can not get the results you want even after a complete evaluation. And if your car is old, the speakers in it may play a role in aging. To test playing a song with heavy bass and bring balance to one side of the speakers. Now bring the balance to the center. If you see a huge increase in bass, the speakers are in the category.

Mid, Bass, and Treble Setting

Here are some steps you can take to adjust your car stereo Mid, Bass, and Treble settings, and adjust your speakers to get the best audio output. Once you understand the measurement you can find the sound you want in the stereo of your car.

  • The first condition to check these features is the car will be in a neutral position, before playing music. Never do this when your car is moving because balancing requires attention, while driving it can cause an accident. The condition you always have to keep in your mind is that your vehicle is parked.
  • The second step is to turn on your car stereo and play your favorite playlist. As we discuss earlier always test the sound system of different frequency songs. This will allows you better where to send the frequency or which volume is best.
  • Adjust your balance settings on both of your speakers. Now set the tune stereo fade control of your car in such a manner that sound can travel out through the front speakers.
  • In the last switch to mid, bass, and treble and try to get the best sound for you. Different people like different bass, mid and treble, so nothing is prepared for everyone.

Tone Controls

Extending your radio tone controls to the top may make your system sound better on your input path, but it can cause distortion when you turn up the volume on the highway. These controls make you are driving easy and you can set the sound controls of your sound system easily. Or go around your recipient’s curves to see if one of them sounds great on highway speed, and customize your driveway. If you have an assistant, let him switch between settings.

Setup Diagram of Car Audio

Car audio setting diagrams are designed for those who have recently received car audio. Loud noise blocks waves from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. A collection of car stereo drawings, radio drawings, and buildings is designed for car owners to give them an easy way to identify the correct cable colors and proper settings. The diagrams seem to reflect the structure of the normal car sound system and the flow of the signal.

Checking of Sound

Newer sound systems, especially speakers, take longer to realize their superior power. Keep in mind that the entire caboodle contains many moving parts that were suspended before installation and initial use. To ensure flexibility in all frequencies, play music with a variable frequency. Lift it, but not to the point of breaking the glass or piercing the ears yet. Play the favorite playlist of your songs to hear how the speakers get better as they become more flexible over time.


If you do not know the ratings and sound systems in your car, you will never enjoy music too much. There are many options when building a car stereo system from the ground up, so that people who have never done this job may avoid that kind of major change, introducing the best solution to your audio system problem. Most car enthusiasts want the best and better sound experience in their car for the money doesn’t matter to them, they spent all of their savings on a better sound system. If you have the best audio set up than the others, this can be achieved. These car sound lovers add Subwoofers for their car a unique piece. You can live without it, but some people appreciate sound enhancement. The best setting settings give you the bass you want, mid and treble. It keeps the sound clear and smooth which adds to your joy.

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