Factors to Consider When Choosing Underglow Lights for Cars

Last Updated on August 2, 2023 by John Robinson

Whether you desire to give your car an incredible, stunning look or even see where you’re stepping as you get out of your vehicle during nighttime, incorporating underglow lights can be incredible. These light kits not only light up your car’s vicinity, but also they can potentially make your car look outstanding.

Today, underglow lights, especially LED ones, have increasingly become a popular option for automotive lighting. This is mainly because the best underglow LED lights, like XK Glow lights, have a comparatively longer lifespan than the halogen varieties and are also more energy-efficient, drawing less energy from your car’s electrical system. Besides improving your vehicle’s visibility and aesthetics, they are pretty easy and quick to install. With the multiple varieties of underglow lights available in the market, it can be pretty challenging to pick the right one.

1. Number of Lights

Start looking at the basics by first checking the number of lights featured in the underglow lights kit. This helps ensure the lights are enough to light up the desired area beneath your car adequately. Make sure the kit has four or six lights to cover all four sides of your car. Other than offering an all-round lighting experience, such underglow kits incorporated with multiple lights will also provide greater value for your money, which is always desirable.

2. Water Resistance

Car underglow lights kits are usually mounted on the underside exterior of your car. This only means that your car underglow lights will often be exposed to elements, such as water. Hence, your car’s underglow light may be damaged due to water splash from potholes or rainwater.

To prevent such damage by unwanted water, most car underglow lights are currently designed to be water-resistant. While some entry-level varieties may be rated at IP56, most high-end varieties will have an IP67 or IP68 water resistance rating. These features in car underglow lighting will ensure that they function consistently even under adverse weather conditions such as rain.

3. Number of LEDs

The total sum of LEDs incorporated in the kit is one of the main factors that directly affect your car’s underglow light performance. The number of LEDs will usually tell you the total LED count in each underglow light. By choosing an underglow light kit with the most LEDs, you’ll be certain that it can remain considerably powerful while offering a consistent, even underglow beneath your car. Most car underglow lights will come fitted with at least 300 LEDs, which will be more than enough to ensure an even, bright glow. 

4. Operation

While some LED lights may be operated via a remote controller, others can even be controlled via a smartphone app. Although we may recommend that you seek the first alternative for much more responsive operations, the latter is more appealing if you are tech-savvy. However, it’s not surprising to find some underglow kits operated via both options. Nevertheless, regardless of your choice, just ascertain that it allows you to effortlessly adjust the brightness and shuffle between music and chasing modes.


If you are modifying or customizing your car, you will often get a variety of modes, including cosmetic and functional ones. If you are looking for the cosmetic kind, going for the car underglow light features discussed can prove to be an awesome idea. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above to lay your hands on the top variety of underglow lighting for cars.

John Robinson
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