Finishline Automotive

Finishline Automotive understands that no one enjoys paying for auto repairs, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Their trained and competent technicians fix cars or vehicles at an affordable price. Finishline Automotive takes great satisfaction in ensuring that your vehicle is fixed in accordance with manufacturer standards. We guarantee every repair we perform on your vehicle, truck or SUV with a 12-month unlimited-mileage and lifetime maintenance warranty.

Services At Finishline Automotive

If you’re looking for an auto repair shop you can trust, consider Finishline Automotive. They have been providing friends and neighbors in Taft Highway, Bakersfield, California area with dependable, trustworthy auto repairs. Their team has extensive experience with digital engine diagnostics and can properly identify and fix any symptoms your vehicle may be experiencing. Their services include the following: 

• Air Conditioning/Heaters

• Carburetor/Tune-Up

• Driveshaft Repairs

• Emission Control

• Engine & Transmission Replacement

• Mufflers/Exhaust Systems

• Rear Ends Rebuilt

• Scheduled Maintenance

• Starters/Alternators/Regulators

• Tires

• Water & Fuel Pumps

• Axle Work – Bearings and Seals

• Computer Diagnosis

• Electrical Systems/Batteries

• Engine Repairs

• Fuel Injection Systems

• Radiators/Hoses

• Rebuilt & Used Parts

• Shocks/Springs/Struts

• Suspension

• Transmissions/Clutches/Brakes

• Vehicle Computer Systems

About Finishline Automative 

In June of 2004, Kenny Rayburn founded Finishline Automotive Sales and Service.  The business name was changed in 2010 to Finishline Automotive.  There were a few positive shifts within the company that led to the rebranding. Kenny wanted to add a used car section to his dealership. Kenny wanted to focus on the “Buy Here Pay Here” market to sell used cars.  

Kenny began working on vehicles at the early age of 15 as a high school freshman. He knew then it was his calling.  He worked in a tire store to connect with more professional auto technicians.  The following seven years were spent gaining as much experience as possible at a nearby Ford dealership. Kenny took advantage of every training course that was given and accepting any job that was assigned to him.  As soon as his friends and family discovered his skill to work on and correctly repair automobiles, he began conducting side business out of his home. 

He continued to labor 16 to 20 hours a day on automobiles in the driveway of his home. He did the side work to earn extra money, but it also gave him valuable experience working on vehicles other than Fords at the dealership. He realized how successful self-employment could be and began to dream about having his own garage. He discovered this enormous, incredible garage at a very low price. In November of 2003, he rented the garage located at 3281 TAFT HWY. With a few budget tweaks, Finishline Automotive is still operating despite all the setbacks.  Kenny Rayburn along with his team is looking forward to a brighter future. They aim to make sure they can still provide inexpensive but dependable auto repair to customers.