Get Around in Style: How to Choose Your Perfect Car

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Finding the perfect car can be challenging with so many brands and model cars available. Narrowing down the ideal car requires time to research your options since so many make and models, safety features, and technology options are available.

Before you decide to buy your perfect car, consider leasing it instead. Leasing does increase your options. Why settle for any car when you have the option to lease a luxury, hybrid, or electric car? This article will help you decide on the type of car you need and the factors you need to consider. 

Choosing the Right Car Type

It is essential to consider certain factors when you decide to lease your perfect car. Choosing the right type of car for your needs, budget, and lifestyle is the first step. Making an informed decision is easier if you know the differences between the types of cars.

  • SUVs: Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) combine off-road capability with a family-friendly design and are built for everyday driving. Budget-friendly SUVs include the Ford Kuga and the Nissan Qashqai, and luxury SUVs include the Audi Q5 and Tesla Model Y.
  • Compact Cars: City cars are compact and efficient vehicles of the smallest size in their class and are often the smallest model in a car manufacturer’s range. Examples of city cars include the Fiat 500 Electric and the Ford Fiesta EcoBoost.
  • MPVs: Typically, MPVs are large hatchbacks with seating for five or seven people. Volkswagen Touran and Ford Galaxy are examples of MVPs.
  • Hatchbacks: Sedans are four-door passenger cars with separate trunks built on three-box bodies, whereas hatchbacks are four-door vehicles with flip-up tailgates and are the most popular vehicle on the road. The Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI and Ford Focus are hatchbacks.
  • Superminis: Small cars classified as superminis typically fall between city cars and hatchbacks and can comfortably seat two adults in the back. A Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 are great examples of a supermini.

Decide on a Car Lease Broker or Lease Dealer

The first choice you must make when leasing a car is to lease from a car lease broker or a lease dealer. Lease brokers and lease dealers are different, even though the names are interchangeable. 

Leasing brokers act as middlemen between you and dealerships. It is usually cheaper to lease a car through a broker like Lease Loco because they have access to a wide range of models. 

Leasing dealers are direct suppliers of cars of a particular manufacturer, with specific premises where all stock is kept. There is an advantage to leasing from a dealer with physical premises where you can test drive the vehicle.

The Factors to Consider When Finding A  Leased Car

When leasing a car, research just like you would when buying one. Several factors and what works for your budget, lifestyle, and needs must be considered.

Your Budget

Whether you are leasing a fleet for business or a car for everyday driving, your budget and what you can afford monthly is essential. When setting up your budget, make sure you factor in insurance fees, maintenance costs, and paying for fuel. Depending on the car you choose, include the tax payable. Remember, the more CO2 the car emits, the more expensive the tax will be. 

Fuel Efficiency

It’s no secret that gas prices are expensive, so selecting a fuel-efficient model is a great way to save money. Newer cars are built to be more fuel-efficient and designed to be more environmentally friendly. There is something to suit everyone’s needs regarding the variety of hybrids and electric cars available today. Leasing a new car means selecting a fuel-efficient hybrid or electric model for a fraction of the cost.

Safety Features

When choosing a car for business or with your children, ensure it has safety features. Newer cars have the latest safety features that are worth considering. Look at vehicles with some of the following features:

  • Anti-lock braking systems
  • Airbags
  • Traction control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Safety belts
  • Tyre pressure monitors
  • Brake assist

Different car models come with varying features of safety. Be sure to ask your leasing dealer or broker about safety features and optional features.

Final Thoughts

With a lease, you can drive the latest and safest car. Understanding your options is crucial whether you lease the perfect vehicle for business or personal use. The advantages of leasing are plenty. You get to drive your dream car for a fraction of the cost, never have to worry about depreciation, and get to drive a car with the latest technology.

John Robinson
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