How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo?: 3 Solutions

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JVC car stereo is a well-known car stereo product, and the simplicity of connecting options will seem like a big deal to you. We all know that JVC earned its worth in the electronics business for decades now, and is a trusted name in the market. JVC introduces so many products in the market concerning electronics brands, including DVD players, televisions, Blu-ray players, car accessories home audio systems and more. If there is a condition you have a JVC car stereo and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time, but you cannot duplicate. Bluetooth technology is made for short-distance connections.

This feature gives you the benefit of different purposes including the connection between devices, control, and music streaming. The Bluetooth components device is classified into two components which are the transmitter and receiver. The radio waves transmit waves to the transmitter for connection purposes and collect by the receiver for a better connection. This article on connecting Bluetooth for JVC will show you how to connect Bluetooth to JVC car stereos. If you know the skills and how to connect the Bluetooth for your JVC then you can also do it yourself without hiring someone else to do the work for you.

For the best quality of the sound system, you have to make sure which brand you are using what are there features and controls are, and the much thing to make sure you have the right type of radio installed. If you don’t know about the radio you will want to connect your car stereo to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. In this technology era, a car stereo comes with a Bluetooth connection so you can connect your smartphone to the car and control the music without any hassle. Those who don’t know what to do, then they will probably end up with a bad connection that will interrupt your sound. And that’s why we created this guide to help you connect Bluetooth to a JVC car stereo faster.

Solutions for Bluetooth Connection To JVC Car Stereo

Well, we are here in the next session of this article where we will sort out the problems faced while connecting the JVC car stereo by Bluetooth to your smart device. You just have to follow these simple solution steps, and you’ll be ready to go for an enjoyable experience on this great car stereo.

Solution 1:  Bluetooth Pairing To JVC Car Stereo

For every device you want to do some task on it firstly turn on it then it will allow you to access the features what it can do. To do so, follow these steps: let’s get started with a sight at the SRC button, which is located in the upper left corner of the stereo.

Solution 2: Android Device Connection to JVC Car Stereo

In the second solution step, you have to make sure that what version of the Bluetooth device is compatible with your car stereo. There are many procedures and ways to do this but we are going to introduce the simple and easiest way to connect your android device to JVC Car stereo which is as follows:

  • In the first step of this solution, you have to simply turn on the Bluetooth option on your android phone or tablet. Access the phone settings and find the Bluetooth option, then turn your Bluetooth option to On mode.
  • Now in the next step, you need to press the call key to display the phone menu in Your Dash. You can also press the phone button located on the stereo of your car.
  • The last and the most important step is that the JVC car stereo and the android phone you are using have the same number of 6-digits. If you find this probability, you will be able to pair them easily. After doing this procedure and confirming the number on both devices, press enters, and your JVC stereo will connect to your android device.

Solution 3: For IOS Device Connection to JVC Car Stereo

If you have an IOs device to connect with the JVC stereo then this solution guide will allow you to access the Bluetooth connection on your apple device.  JVC car stereo auto-connect feature is the easiest way to connect your devices through it otherwise if nothing happens by this then you have to follow the procedure to connect your device. To perform a smart step process you should follow these steps:

  • In this solution simply Connect your IOs device to the USB unit on the receiver.
  • In the next step you just have to confirm the access code for both your phone and the receiver and by using the volume key select the WRITE.

Connection of Bluetooth for KD-R330 JVC Car Stereo

A different variant of devices also comes in the JVC Stereos which have different manuals and features according to their design. The Following KD-R330 reviewed many issues while connecting to Bluetooth regards to its connecting method which is a bit complex we sort out the issue of this model device which are on the following steps:

  • First and the essential step is to turn on the device by pressing the button of SOURCE on your stereo device of this KD model.
  • The next following step will be the MENU button. The Options will be shown on the screen. By using the volume up button to search for the button of Bluetooth on that list.
  • Press these volumes button to select a Bluetooth option.
  • At the last just press OK on both devices to pair them successfully.


Like the car sound behind the market, JVC offers high-quality car stereo at an affordable price. To get this price you need to know how to connect Bluetooth to a standard JVC car stereo with certain models. We talked about how to connect JVC car stereos to iPhone, Android, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. We also overview the process of connecting the JVC stereo to iPhone devices, Android, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also enjoy the use of Bluetooth function in every model of JVC car stereo to pair it with your mobile devices by following our guide.

By following this guide your JVC car stereo is now ready to be paired with your mobile phone pf both android and iPhone the model. Then enjoy your favorite music on your cell phone on your stereo. Hope this guide helps you out the how to connect your device to your phone these are the easiest hack we recommend to you. You can access your Bluetooth if you try with by yourself because nothing is possible until you work on it and you have to give all your concentration while your car is in a stable position while driving it can cause you an accident so you have to be careful with that.

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