How To Fix A Touch Screen Car Stereo? – 7 Ways To Fix It

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Nowadays car enthusiasts prefer the touch screen car stereos, acting as a display screen as well as a navigation panel. There must be a situation at that time when your stereo gets old and want some updated attention. It is frustrating, so much so that sometimes you will even try to fix it yourself. You can find different brand choices of stereos in the market. This car stereo comes with different and advanced features according to your desired features and requirements. Modern cars are getting a new and improved digital car stereo. Adjusting the car stereo on the touch screen is not as difficult as it seems we will give you simple repair tips.

If you have a car stereo with a touch screen and it is broken, you are probably worried that you will have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new unit. Adjusting the car stereo on the touch screen is not as difficult as it seems we will give you simple repair tips. However, older cars can be configured and control the car stereo depending on the car’s features. It helps you find your way to work and is a perfect music player for long journeys. But if you stop near a gas station, and your car’s touch screen stops working, you are left with a broken system that is hard to repair. We went on to research on how to fix a touch screen car stereo. So take a quick look at our guide to find out more.

Common Reason for Touch Screen Not Working of Stereo

You can face many problems and issues while operating a touch panel car stereo which leads your screen display will stop working. We will address a few of those reasons. If you can no longer see anything on your car radio display, here are a few reasons why.


The first reason that comes to our mind when the touch screen does not respond is the overheating of the device which is a common and rare case. To fix this issue, simply shut down the system and wait until the unit cools down. After a few seconds, the touch screen should start turning again. If turning off the unit is not an option, use the buttons to do what you want.

Clueless Touch Screen

The most common issue regarding touch screen panels that many stereo users face. In this case, the problem is that your car does not respond when you try to change the channel. This is because the stereo of the touch screen is attached to the menu and you have to wait a while to get out of it. If you do not have navigation software you can use a Bluetooth device. A Bluetooth device is the best way to solve this problem because it can connect to the car stereo of a touch screen. So, just connect it to your touch screen stereo and you will get the result you want.

Connection of Wiring

Wire connection in the electronic device plays a major role to run your device smoothly. In a car stereo, you have to be careful while wiring the Stereo If you experience any type of problem while using your car’s stereo system it may be due to a cable problem.

Software Issue

Another possible failure of the touch screen in your car’s stereo system is a software error. You may face this situation if you don’t update your stereo for long which will disturb your touch panel smoothness. A software error may occur as a result of a system crash or system crash. You can fix this problem by installing an updated version of the operating system.

Scratched or Dirty Screen

The screen stops working when there is dust and some liquid on it which doesn’t allow you to select an option. For this, use a microfiber cloth and wipe thoroughly until there are no marks of fingerprints left on the touch screen. Once you have verified that the touch screen does not contain oil residues or other substances that may interfere with its operation, try using it again. Now in the event of a scratched screen, you should use petroleum jelly to reduce the impact of the touch screen.

Rectification of Stereo Touch Screen  

We discuss the reason and cause which can interrupt your touch screen flow, now we are going to a session where we let you know how to rectify these situations which are as follows:

Restart your Stereo

The car stereo touch screen display can be adjusted by restarting it. If your touch facing the cruise problem or sometimes you select an option and it can’t be open because of your panel then simply restart your device and refresh the stereo system hope it will work.

Wire Fixing

The second method you can try when troubleshooting is the car stereo of your touch screen to fix the wires. This can be done by looking at all the connections between the stereo and the car’s electrical system.

Resolving Software Issues

If software issues prevent you from using your car’s stereo touch screen, try checking for updates. Check for the latest updates which are available on your stereo setting and download them to fix any possible system errors. If this does not help, contact your unit’s manufacturer for assistance with machine repair.

Factory Reset of Stereo System

The fourth and most convenient way to try when solving a problem is your touch screen car stereo to do a clean factory reset. This can be done by logging into the Stereo Settings menu and selecting the option to reset all settings. This will erase all customization done on the stereo and restore it to its default state. So, you will get a fresh start after restarting your stereo system. A hard reset will resolve any software-related issues and any issues such as a stuck screen or a non-responsive screen. You can easily reset the factory even if the screen does not respond as it can be done using the USB keyboard. The original reset will erase all data and settings for your touch screen.

Fixing Broken Screen

A broken or damaged screen only can be fixed by replacing it with the same model screen. If you cant able to find the same model and version of the screen in the market then you should have to buy the stereo of that version or brand whose spare parts are easy to find in the market.

Apply Protector for Touch Screen

In case when you facing the problem of a scratched screen that interrupted your touch flow then this protector will give you some help to run the touch.  This will help to avoid scratching the touchscreen and will protect it from any dust and dirt, which will help maintain the normal stereo performance of the car.

Fixing of Main Head Unit

If you find that a radio unit is faulty, there are two things you can do about it. First, you can try to fix it. If you know how to fix a radio, you can do it yourself. If not, refer it to a professional who can help you fix it. If the radio damage is minor and affordable, you will not need to get a new radio. But if the radio is bad, you do not have to keep it close. Just throw away the old radio and get a new one.


With the help of the guide above, you can adjust your car’s stereo touch screen and save money on a car mechanic. During the process of installing a new touch screen always remember if you make a mistake and consult a professional or call a car mechanic because it is a very sensitive process. If you are experiencing any problems with your car stereo I am sure you will love this article “how to fix car stereo touch screen”. These steps will help you to adjust your touch screen stereo or car radio in no time. Follow these instructions closely, and if you are unable to make your stereo work, do not hesitate to get help. There are many potential problems with these devices, but hopefully, the tips and tricks I have listed here will help you get back on track with a quick shot of songs.

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