Why My Car Radio Sound Goes In and Out? – 5 Reasons

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Going in and out of the radio is a common problem reported by many people owning cars. This problem can be caused by surround sound settings enabled, a bad speaker, a loose connection between speaker and car stereo, or a bad amplifier. In this article, I will be talking about the top five reasons why car radio sounds goes in and out.

Reasons Why Car Radio Sound Goes In And Out

Reason 1: Surround Sound Settings Enabled

If you have your sound system set to surround sound, this could cause the music or conversation to go in and out. To check if this is the issue, turn the surround sound off. If the music no longer cuts in and out then you have solved the problem.

If this is not the case, it is time to head on to the next reason.

Reason 2: Bad speakers

If you have a bad speaker, this can cause the sound to go in and out. To find out if a particular speaker is bad, play music on your radio and turn the speaker around so it is facing backward. If you notice that one side of the speaker plays louder than the other when it faces backward, then that particular speaker is bad. To fix this problem you need to replace the speaker.

Reason 3: Loose Connection between speaker and car stereo

If you have a loose connection between your speaker and car stereo, the music will go in and out. For example, you might notice the music is fine as soon as you start driving but as soon as you go faster than 30 miles per hour, the music starts cutting in and out.

This is because your speakers are connected to the stereo with a wire and as you go faster, the connection becomes less stable. You are essentially adding more resistance to the circuit by going faster. To fix this problem you need to tighten the wiring connections on your speakers.

Reason 4: Bad Amplifier

If the amplifier is bad, it could cause the car stereo volume to fade in and out. To check if the amplifier is bad, turn off your car and unplug the amplifier. If you notice that your stereo is now working correctly (meaning no more cutting in and out), then the amplifier is bad. To fix this problem, you need to replace the amplifier.

Reason 5: Bad radio connection

If you have a bad connection with your radio, this can also cause the volume to go in and out. To fix this problem, check if there is anything behind your radio that is blocking the connection. If you do not notice any problems with your radio then replace your radio with a new one.

What should You do If Car radio Still goes in and out?

If the problem is not surround sound, speakers, wiring, or amplifier then it’s time to replace your car radio.

You can try checking for loose connection from the back of your car stereo by removing it and checking to see if any wires are loose or disconnected.

If nothing is blocking your radio station, replacing your car stereo with a new one is the only option.


If after checking for any of these problems and replacing the speakers, the problem persists, it is time to replace the car radio.

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