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Driving your own automobile can help you manage your life. You no longer need to wait in line for the train, bus, or other public transportation. One of today’s most notable accomplishments is the ability to demonstrate drive. 

Those who possess this knowledge are entitled to the crowns of liberty, self-reliance, and other benefits. Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for, whether it’s going on a road trip with your crew of pals or going it alone, driving ability is essential. Still figuring out how to acquire this skill? Don’t worry! Stage has already prepared it for you.

Choose from any of the driving courses offered :

  • Eco-driving course economic and ecological driving training
  • Driving and car safety internship for your company
  • On-road driving course page 
  • Safety Driving Course
  • Driving course: Driving course Paris

Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin Driving course

Driving Gloves 

A car parked in the summer sun with a scorching steering wheel isn’t inevitable as the earth’s temperature slowly rises.  Driving will be a lot more enjoyable if you wear a pair of driving gloves which is also a perfect gift for car fans. The Stage gloves specially curated for men and women are listed below :

Driving Gloves For Men 

  • Trainer training – Overhead cranes
  • MEWP Driver Monitor
  • Gift box: Motorcycle driving course
  • THE perfect gift: first part – Deedee
  • F1 and F3 driving course
  • Rally driving course
  • BMW motorcycle safety driving course

Driving Gloves For Women 

  • Choosing women’s water ski gloves
  • FAST driving course
  • Hybrid bike gloves
  • Indiana Darts leather gloves

Driving Gloves For GORDINI

  • Accessories – GORDINI – sport auto
  • Short Vintage Touring gloves – motorsport
  • ScootXperience
  • Clio 3.1 Exception 1.2L TCE
  • Clio 2.3 Confort Dynamique 1.5L dCi 80

Brake Pipe Meter 

The brake pipe meter plays a vital role in your car’s brake performance. The brake lines allow your car to convert pedal pressure into stopping power. Most cars have hydraulic brakes, which use fluid to send your foot pressure to the brake. Here are the brake pipe meter options offered by Stage: 

  • SUBARU WRX Lachute Performance – MONTREALRACING
  • 6880 CONDUIT deals – Compare before you buy online
  • SUBARU WRX Lachute Performance

The F2007 Ferrari 

The Model Ferrari F2007 driven by Kimi Raikkonen – Australian GP is a duplicate of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari F2007, unveiled during the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. The F2007 has proven that it can accurately comprehend the technical rules implemented in 2007, focusing on driving safety. Given the increased protective layers used for the chassis, it is indeed heavier than the preceding model, the 248 F1. This model, which is faithful to the F2007 in every aspect, is mounted on a leather base and will thrill even the most discerning collectors. BR Exclusive model cars are handcrafted.