Power Probe 3 vs 4: Vital Difference Between Two Probes

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As electronics take charge of modern vehicles, more problems in the electronic system are bound to appear. There ought to be specialized tools to correctly solve the advanced issues of advanced cars. Power Probes are such helpful diagnostic tools designed to adequately perform the necessary test functions. They are quite efficient in quickly and accurately figuring out the problem.

Power Probe 3 and Power Probe 4 are such popular diagnostic tools. Both of them are very efficient and reliable but they have their set of vital differences. For starters, Power Probe 3 is smaller in size and more compact. Moreover, it is relatively affordable and quite convenient to use. Although small, it is packed with sufficient features to adequately test your vehicle.

In comparison, Power Probe 4 has additional multimeter functions. This includes resistance testing, AC Voltage, Frequency testing, Injector testing, and Driver Circuit testing. This model has greatly enhanced the capabilities of a tester. 

Power Probe 4 is definitely more advanced than Power Probe 3. This is especially seen in the sealed waterproof housing, fused ground lead along with the banana jack connector, and the automatic circuit breaker. 

One must note that both these electronic testers are supremely fast and would definitely make your work easy. 

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Understand the vital differences between Power Probe 3 and 4

power probe 3 vs 4

Power Probe III Clamshell 

POWER PROBE IV Master Combo Kit

Both Power Probe 3 and Power Probe 4 are the best in quality for maintaining the health of your vehicle. These electronic circuit testers are equipped with excellent features that let them conduct continuity testing, voltage rating, ascertaining the adequate cable lengths, and the durability of the device. We’ll help you compare both of these excellent Power Probes to make your choice easier. 

The circuit breakers for Power Probe 3 and 4 are different 

 A circuit breaker is helpful in interrupting the current flow whenever any flaws are detected. These flaws are typically related to excessive current flow through an overload or short circuit. Excessive flow of current can sometimes cause damage to the electrical circuit. Moreover, such a situation could also become dangerous. Circuit breakers aid in saving such an eventuality.

The circuit breaker in Power Probe 3 has to be reset manually in case there is an excessive flow of current in the electrical circuit. This can create more hassle in the technician’s work and waste much time. If such a thing happens, the tester has to be manually reset before the work can begin again. Note that the circuit breaker is an integral part of a Power Probe.

For Power Probe 4, the reset is automatic whenever an excessive flow of current is detected. This automatic setting of amps is very beneficial to the mechanic as it helps in detecting such an abnormality and doesn’t even waste much time. Also, the automatic reset of Power Probe 4 is not dangerous. 

Note that Power Probe 4 is definitely better than Power Probe 3 in terms of safety.

Power Probe 3 and 4 do not differ in their Voltage rating 

Voltage rating is the factor that determines the amount of power passed into the vehicle through the attached cable to the tester. This factor is integral in passing the current to the vehicle. 

Power Probe 3 is rendered a good voltage. It is typically positioned around 12-24 V DC. This factor increases the overall output.

In comparison, Power Probe 4 is also rendered 12-24 V DC. Note that both of them are amazing in this aspect. 

Note the difference in the display typeNote the difference in the display type

Display type refers to the screen that shows the diagnosis of the vehicle when you test. The mechanic can adequately analyze various parameters and correct them based on the readings that are shown. Your vehicle can be aptly diagnosed according to the readings and the weak parameters can be identified. 

Power Probe 3 consists of a single LED screen that projects all such vital parameters. It shows the good aspects of the vehicle and the flaws in the engine. One bright feature of the single LCD screen is that all parameters are displayed one by one. This creates certain ease in this analysis. 

Power Probe 4 consists of a multi-color graphic LCD screen. It is much better than the single LCD screen of Power Probe 3. Many essential parameters are displayed on the screen at the same time so that the health of the engine and the related parts can be carefully inspected. 

The color screen of Power Probe 4 is definitely better than the single LCD screen of Power Probe 3. 

Power Probe 3 and 4 differ in their cable lengths 

Cable length refers to the wire that is connected to the electronic circuit of the vehicle to determine the possible defects in the engine. Power Probe 3 has a cable length of around 20 ft in length and it is sufficient to connect your vehicle with the electric circuit. This cable length also consists of lights that brighten up when the device is working. 

While the cable length for Power Probe 3 is adequate, Power Probe 4 comes with a 23 ft cable length that proves to be better. This extra length enhances the reach of the tester to the vehicle.

They both have a voltage drop detection feature 

Voltage drop detection is an essential feature that detects the drop in the voltage current. This is accomplished with the help of the tester connected to the vehicle. Note that it is at times difficult to determine whether there is a voltage drop. 

Power Probe 3 has a voltage drop detection feature and so does Power Probe 4. This function is quite important in an electronic circuit tester.

Both Power Probe 3 and 4 come with a similar warranty

The warranty provided along with a product is a proper measure of its durability. This factor earns the trust of a customer before they make the purchase. 

Power Probe 3 comes with a one-year warranty and so does Power Probe 4. This implies that both these electronic testers are sufficiently durable. If you find any flaw in the device, the company replaces it with a new one. 

Factors to consider before choosing a Power Probe

Factors to consider before choosing a Power Probe
Factors to consider before choosing a Power Probe
  • Consider your budget 

Foremost, you must consider your budget. If your budget is low, consider that Power Probe 3 is more economical. Power Probe 4 may have some additional features but they wouldn’t match the simplicity of Power Probe 3.

  • Consider the durability 

Both Power Probe 3 and 4 are sufficiently durable. In fact, both of them come with a one year warranty that renders a full replacement of the device in case any flaw is detected. Both Power Probe 3 and 4 are absolutely reliable and perform satisfactorily. 

  • Note the accuracy 

Thankfully, both Power Probe 3 and 4 are very convenient and accurate.

  • Consider the benefits of a Power Probe 

Power Probe 3 is very easy to read and follow. The built-in voltmeter has 42 V at the ready. The connectors are gold-plated for the best security of connections. The 4 mm cap is standard and fully compatible with the leads.

Power Probe 4 supplies excellent power and ground for both circuit testing and functional component testing. It is also capable of testing resistance and voltage. The overall testing function is quicker. Moreover, the large LCD color display makes it relatively easy to read answers. 

Best of all, Power Probe 4 combines the AC/DC testing for the fastest signal testing. It also consists of a special fuel injector tester for a faster diagnosis of your circuit. 

Note that you wouldn’t have to continually locate the ground points for your test light during testing. The Power Probe would assure the accuracy of the readings owing to the ground connection of the negative battery terminal.

Power Probe also catches the voltage drops in your circuit and displays drop of more than 0.5 volts as an alarm. Moreover, testing with a single probe in hand makes the diagnostic process much convenient. There is no need to locate extra ground connections as with traditional test kits. Many vital functions of the electrical system of your vehicle can be very conveniently analyzed and tested. 


Power Probe 4 is definitely better than Power Probe 3owing to the essential parameters like cable length, type of display, and properties of the circuit breaker. However, Power Probe 3 is more affordable. Whereas, Power Probe 4 is relatively expensive. 

The advanced features of Power Probe 4 take it ahead in the race. The sealed and waterproof construction, the fused ground lead, and the banana jack connector only make it more reliable and dependable. 

Your final decision must be influenced by your budget. Because essentially, Power Probe 3 is quite easy to use and definitely performs well in general. But if you can afford the better features and specs of Power Probe 4, you must definitely go for it. Know that your electronic diagnosis is bound to get faster and easier.

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