Best Cam For 302 Ford Truck

Best Cam For 302 Ford Truck: 2022 Review

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It is quite a daunting task to find adequate aftermarket replacements for your vehicle’s camshafts. There are innumerable options to choose from and each one boasts of the best possible quality. We are here to help you find the ultimate camshaft that will fit your truck appropriately and last life-long as well.

We have brought you the best cams for 302 Ford Trucks. Our selected models are bound to serve the best possible performance. We have gone through abundant research and spent ample time looking for the cams that’ll rightly uphold your vehicle’s spirit. The responsiveness of your truck’s engine will be greatly enhanced and you’ll witness the utmost smooth engine performance. 

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Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck

1. Ford Racing M6250E303 5.0L Cam 

Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck

This certified excellent quality camshaft comes with a 266/266 degree duration and a 444/0.444 inch valve lift. The excellent qualities of this camshaft have the full capacity to uplift the performance of your vehicle. If you are looking to get the most out of your vehicle, this may be your best hit. 

The power of your engine will be greatly uplifted to offer the most tremendous results. All the more, the price of this camshaft is also very genuine. While you may not notice a very significant improvement in driveability. The quality of your drive will be enhanced and maintained up to the original levels. 

Also, these camshafts are supremely easy to install. You can employ 351W blocks, 289 blocks, or even 302 roller cam blocks if you’d like. And with the compatible models spanning from the year 1969 until 2011, no issue is bound to arise with compatibility. One can rest assured that most of the 302 engine trucks will be best compatible with these camshafts.

  • The performance of your vehicle’s engine can be greatly uplifted by these camshafts
  • Even the responsiveness of your engine is greatly increased
  • A wide variety of Ford trucks are best compatible with these camshafts
  • The overall engine performance is rendered an incomparable smoothness
  • The installation of these camshafts isn’t complicated
  • The original driveability of your truck will be maintained
  • The power of your truck’s engine will be boosted
  • This camshaft is more expensive than its contenders


These certified camshafts are very much compatible with almost all varieties of Ford trucks. Their installation is simple and the power of your truck is ultimately boosted.

2. Comp Cams 12-242-2 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flatcam

Comp Cams 12-242-2 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flatcam

These are amongst the most well-recommended camshafts. Endowed with a 110 degrees lobe separation angle and a duration of 0.50, these can maintain RPM of about 1600 to 5800. If you are looking for an upgrade that would boost your truck’s performance to the ultimate level, this is the one. 

These camshafts have a 220/230 pattern. This, along with the 0.50 second response time enhances the responsiveness of the truck. The handling of your truck will be supreme. Moreover, the throttle response and the overall performance will be greatly improved. You will never have problems with your engine following commands once this camshaft is in place. 

One must notice the incredible 470/480 inch valve lift that accompanies the best features of these cams. This utmost perfect lift serves to best enhance your truck’s performance. You’ll notice a great improvement in speed, acceleration, and virtually any challenge you pitch your truck against. 

One of the most significant improvements will be the excellent stopping abilities of your truck. Your power brakes will be greatly benefitted from the extra duration of these cams to render unmatchable performance to your cams. 

  • These camshafts fit well on a wide variety of truck models
  • You can rely upon these camshafts to render you the ultimately smooth rides
  • The responsiveness of your engine is significantly enhanced
  • Even the braking and the handling of your truck is best improved
  • Your truck’s engine can attain 1600 to 5800 RPM with these camshafts
  • Even the throttle response is significantly enhanced
  • Users report that these camshafts have a relatively rough idle


Overall, this is the most well-recommended camshaft for Ford trucks owing to its excellent ability to improve your performance and render smoothness to your drive. 

3. Comp Cams 12-600-4 Thumpr Flat Camshaft 

Comp Cams 12-600-4 Thumpr Flat Camshaft 

These incredible camshafts are known to significantly improve the engine’s performance and render incomparable smoothness to your drives. The RPM of your truck’s engine can be maintained at 2000 to 5800 along with a 227/241 degree duration. The hydraulic flat design is essentially well-suited for the best possible smoothness.

You can get the absolute best out of your 5.0L engine with these amazing camshafts. The performance of your truck will be best enhanced by the exceptional hydraulic design. When conjoined with the perfect components, these camshafts can uplift the horsepower of your engine to incredible levels. You will also see unmatchable upliftment in your engine’s torque.

While greatly enhancing the performance of your engine, these camshafts will also improve its overall sound. The early intake valve opening present on the Thumpr is perfect for the best possible booming exhaust sound. Even the installation of these camshafts is quite easy because it doesn’t require any additional modifications. You’ll get the smoothest possible ride with the best overall performance.

  • The sound quality of your engine will be significantly improved
  • The overall performance of your vehicle will be incredibly smooth
  • Even the power capacity of your engine will be greatly enhanced
  • Experience the best possible horsepower and torque with these amazing camshafts
  • Your truck will be able to attain torque up to 2200-5800
  • Users report that the installation of these camshafts can be relatively difficult


These best quality camshafts are best for rendering the ultimately smooth performance to your vehicle. The power of your engine will be best improved and the engine sound quality will be exceptional.

4. Comp Cams Magnum Hydraulic Flat Cams 

Comp Cams Magnum Hydraulic Flat Cams 

These camshafts are essentially well-known for greatly improving the throttle response of your vehicle’s engine. The 230/230 degree rotation is accompanied by a 0.480/0.480 inch lift. RPM from 2000 to 6000 can be attained with these quality camshafts. Moreover, the ultimate performance of these cams is set to best upgrade your experience in driving.

The incredible valve lift is hugely responsible for the best performance of your truck on the street and in idle. The improvement in throttle response will be magnificent and the sound quality will execute a certain roughness. You’ll witness unmatchable improvement in your truck’s performance without any strain upon the components parts of this vehicle. 

  • The great improvement in the performance of your truck will not be accompanied by any additional stress upon your engine
  • The overall performance will be best enhanced
  • The rough engine sound produced by this vehicle is very much admirable
  • Even the throttle response is greatly improved
  • The installation of these camshafts is quite difficult 


This camshaft will render the best possible throttle response to your engine. The overall performance of your truck will be highly upgraded. The rough engine sound provided by these cams is considered admirable. 

5. Crane Cams TruckMax Roller Cam 

Crane Cams TruckMax Roller Cam 

These camshafts are the easiest in installation and avail the best quality performance. Equipped with a duration of 220/228 and a lobe separation angle of 114, these camshafts can attain a 2000 to 6200 RPM range. These best cams will not only improve your performance on the road but will also make your off-road experience incredible. 

You’d be glad to know that these cams are specially meant for a great offroading experience. Your truck will encounter a significant improvement in performance owing to the valuable upliftment in horsepower and torque. 

All the more, the installation of these camshafts is supremely easy. While the performance of your truck will be uplifted to its maximum, the setting-up of the cams will also be ideal. The installation is a simple bolt-on process that requires little effort to fit on your 302 truck. Your truck will not require any extra modification. 

You’ll be amazed to know about the excellent compatibility of these camshafts. The excellent camshaft design fits low and mid-end trucks and the fitting isn’t usually a problem. These cams will render you absolute perfection whether you employ your truck for off-roading, towing, or even breezily driving along. 

  • The engine’s performance is significantly boosted
  • The installation is supremely easy
  • Even the off-road performance and the towing capabilities of your truck are improved
  • Compatibility is never a problem with these camshafts
  • These cams are more expensive than other contenders


These are the best quality cams to render your truck amazing off-roading capabilities. The improvement in torque and the best attainable RPM range is impressive. 

6. Edelbrock 2122 Performer-Plus Cam

Edelbrock 2122 Performer-Plus Cam

These exceptional cams come with a proper hardware kit for the smoothest possible installation. While providing lift up to 0.448/0.472 inches, these cams can attain a 112 degrees lobe angle. The boost in the performance of your engine is incredible. There is a significant enhancement in your engine’s power. 

The best quality hydraulic design serves to improve the torque and the horsepower of your engine by valuable amounts. Best of all, the durability of your engine is not affected by this ultimate improvement. Also, the pressure upon your engine is greatly reduced by the installation of these cams. There is a great change in the smoothness of movement. 

While employing this camshaft, you don’t have to worry about the overstressed or unstable performance of the engine. Moreover, these cams are best compatible with a variety of engines. Most low and mid-range machines are greatly benefitted by their installation. Moreover, no strain is produced on the engine by its exceptional performance. 

  • These cams render the smoothest possible performance to your engine
  • The compatibility is unmatchable and these cams fit a wide array of vehicles
  • Significant power boost is rendered to the engine
  • The installation is really easy
  • The durability of the engine is not affected by this improvement
  • These camshafts can not be employed for heavy-work


These camshafts will render the smoothest possible performance to your truck’s engine. While they cannot be employed for very heavy work, they are certainly an upgrade for the most exquisite and reliable smoothness on your drives.

7. Comp Cams 35-514-8 Xtreme Energy Roller Cam 

Comp Cams 35-514-8 Xtreme Energy Roller Cam 

These are considered the most durable camshafts for Ford trucks in the American market. While providing a lift up to 0.544/0.544, and a 216/224 degree rotation, these cams can attain RPM from 1500 to 5500. These cams are a unique combination of hydraulic design along with a computer-controlled system.

You’ll never have issues with compatibility as these cams will best fit the oldest Ford trucks. The engine will experience less wear while delivering more efficient performance. The durability of the camshafts is enhanced by the 112 degrees lobe separation. 

  • The power of your engine is greatly boosted and so is the efficiency
  • The wearing of the engine is significantly decreased
  • These camshafts are ultimately durable and last long
  • The design is very efficient and is combined with a computer-controlled system
  • Their installation requires a valve spring upgrade


These are the most durable camshafts in the American market. While significantly enhancing the performance of your truck’s engine, they also maintain their longevity. 


We have brought you some of the best cams for 302 Ford Trucks. All of these are equipped to significantly boost the performance of your truck while rendering the smoothest function. Best of all, the above-mentioned cams are all worth their price. 

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