Best Cam for Stock 454

6 Best Cams for Stock 454: Review & Buying Guide 2022 

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Camshafts are essential for the best performance of your truck’s engine. The purpose of a camshaft is to lift the poppet valves of the engine to deliver more power. The camshaft, in turn, has conjoined pistons that serve to open the intake stroke. This makes it possible for more air and fuel to undergo combustion in the engine and enhance its performance. 

There are so many good options to choose from and each one appears better than the other. This is why we have brought you the best cams for stock 454 engines. Our selected camshafts are extremely durable and supply good horsepower. 

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The best cams for stock 454 

1. Comp Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam 

best cams for stock 454 

This is amongst the most efficient camshafts for stock 454. And this is also why it is popularly recommended. This is a hydraulic tappet and it offers the best in the class lift and RPM coverage. 

This special camshaft by Comp Cams has an excellent duration and can power your engine performance by large amounts. A lift of 227 is provided in response to the intake duration of 0.50”. It also offers a life of 241 in response to the exhaust duration of 0.50”. 

Best of all, there is a hydraulic roller tappet which requires less maintenance and helps in minimizing the friction. This further enhances the horsepower of the engine. Moreover, the lobe separation of 117 degrees in this cam works best in keeping the poppets open for a long duration. The RPM attained by this camshaft lies between 1800-5600 RPM. 

Also, the package comes with an additional assembly lubricant and an instruction manual. Lifters are also a part of the kit. These camshafts can perfectly fit stocks ranging from 396 to 454. Even the sound of the engine is significantly improved. 

  • This is amongst the most efficient camshafts and it provides a long duration to effectively boost your engine
  • A lift of 227 is provided for an intake duration of 0.50
  • The hydraulic roller tappet demands lesser maintenance and also minimizes the friction
  • The excellent lobe separation of 117 degrees keeps the poppets open for long
  • These camshafts avail up to 1800-5600 RPM
  • The assembly lubricant and lifters are provided in the kit
  • The installation is easy and an instruction manual is provided along with the kit
  • 396-454 stocks are most compatible with these cams
  • Even the sound of your engine will be very much improved
  • These camshafts may also require a valve spring upgrade for proper installation


These excellent camshafts are amongst the most recommended options. They are capable of enormously powering your engine and boosting your vehicle’s ultimate performance. The RPM ranges around 1800-5600 and the sound quality of the engine is enhanced.

2. Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam 

Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam 

This is amongst the most popular camshafts in the American market. Its most prominent features include the provision of a good RPM range and a much longer lift. This camshaft is best recommended for the most high-end street use. It is known to effectively enhance the engine’s performance.

The lobe separation angle of 112 degrees can offer a lift of 240. This is in response to an intake duration of 0.50”. The exhaust duration is 246. All these features work excellently in boosting the performance of your engine. This camshaft can attain up to 1500-6500 RPM and can also maintain a vacuum of 10-12” when idle.

Overall, the throttle response and the torque of the engine is elevated. You can depend upon this camshaft’s performance as it has been adequately tested. Furthermore, it has been tuned with engine dynamometers for the most reliable performance. The overall structure of these cams is ultra-durable. All the more, the hydraulic tappet-style avails best in class horsepower. 

  • These camshafts avail a good range and amount of RPM from 1500 to 6500
  • The performance of the engine is effectively enhanced by the longer duration of intake
  • The torque and the throttle response of the engine is best enhanced
  • A good amount of horsepower is rendered by the hydraulic tappet
  • The lifters and the assembly lubricant are provided along with the kit
  • The kit has been duly tested and effectively tuned on dynamometers for the best class performance
  • Overall, the structure of the kit is very durable
  • Users report that the kit does not include gaskets, rocker arms, timing chain, and pushrods


This kit is the best choice for significantly enhancing the performance of your engine. This is essentially owed to the longer duration of valve opening and the good range of RPM that is attained.

3. Lunati 10110703LK Voodoo 227/233 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati 10110703LK Voodoo 227/233 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Cams has been designed with absolute perfection to avail the best engine sound, ultimate performance, and make slower closing sides. For stock 454, this is the best possible choice. 

The most amazing upgrade you’ll notice in your engine will be its throttle response. This camshaft will also boost your acceleration while rendering excellent horsepower and ample torque. Also, this cam will attain RPM around 1800-6200. The excellent duration of opening further provides much more efficiency to the engine. 

At the intake of 0.50, the duration is 227. And it is 233 at 0.50 exhaust. Overall, a lobe separation of 110 degrees is rendered. Furthermore, these camshafts are ultimately durable and extremely versatile. These are well-suitable for functions like towing, off-roading, and fuel injection. 

The installation is simple. Assembly lube, valve springs, and lifters are provided along with the kit. 

  • This is the most versatile camshaft and it is suitable for towing, off-roading, muscle car, and even fuel injection
  • The structure of this camshaft is quite durable
  • This camshaft significantly improves your engine’s throttle response and enhances its acceleration
  • Ample horsepower and torque is also rendered to the engine
  • These cams can attain horsepower in the range of 1800-6200
  • Valve springs, lifters, and assembly lube are provided along with the kit
  • This camshaft essentially requires valve springs


This is the most obvious option if you are looking for an essentially versatile camshaft. While being perfectly durable, this one is also quite effective in boosting the engine.

4. Comp Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam 

Comp Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam 

This one is essentially meant for street machines and it avails the widest RPM range while delivering excellent horsepower. These camshafts can avail of a lobe separation up to 110 degrees. Also, a lift of 224 is attained at the intake duration of 0.50. 

Unlike most other varieties of cams, this one has a double non-roller timing chain style. There are gears with two teeth sets that are further mated into two rows of chain. Also, they are very strong and lightweight. Even the duration of opening of the valves is very much enhanced to boost the performance of the engine.

  • These camshafts are most suitable for street machines
  • The structure of these cams is very durable
  • An excellent range of RPM is attained and the horsepower of the engine is significantly boosted
  • The good quality lobes greatly improve the responsiveness of the engine
  • Upgraded valve springs have to be incorporated for the best operation of these camshafts 


This best durable camshaft is capable of delivering ultimate power to the engine. This is effectively possible due to the good duration of the valve opening and the excellent throttle response. 

5. Howards Cams CL120245 Cam

Howards Cams CL120245 Cam

These are the best cams for beginners. Typically because they are very easy to install. The best quality race-ready cores in these cams provide them the utmost durability. Furthermore, they greatly enhance the efficiency of the engine. This is especially because of their race-ready cores.

A lift of 225 is provided in response to an intake of 0.50”. In response to exhaust duration, the lift is 231. Best of all, these camshafts render the most excellent throttle response and the ultimate valve durations. Even the acceleration of the engine is effectively enhanced. 

The performance of the engine is ultimately boosted by the hydraulic roller tappets employed in these cams. These cams also serve to reduce the friction for improving engine performance. 

  • This is an ultimately durable and efficient camshaft
  • It attains lobe separation up to 112 degrees
  • RPM up to 1800-5400 is attained
  • The installation is supremely easy owing to the 3-bolt camshaft gear attachment
  • The performance of the engine is enhanced to its maximum capacity
  • These camshafts are quite expensive


These camshafts are very easy to install. This is essential because of the option of a three-bolt camshaft gear attachment. The performance of your engine will also be best enhanced.

6. Comp Cams Magnum Hydraulic Roller Cam 

Comp Cams Magnum Hydraulic Roller Cam 

This is considered the best camshaft for street machines. It is capable of attaining RPM in the range of 2000-5500. A lift of 224 is attained at the duration of 0.50” and the lift is 224 for the exhaust duration. The degree of lobe separation is 110 degrees. The installation is also very easy because of the three-bolt gear attachment.

The hydraulic roller style lifter provides the best possible efficiency to the engine. Constructed out of austempered ductile iron, this camshaft is quite strong and durable. While the lifters and the assembly lubricant isn’t provided along with the kit, the overall installation is very easy. 

  • These camshafts are capable of providing the best range of RPM between 2000-5500
  • The hydraulic roller cam style provides great efficiency to the engine
  • Lobe separation up to 1010 degrees is attained
  • The installation is very easy because of the three-bolt gear attachment
  • The structure of the camshaft is very durable and strong
  • The lifters and the assembly lubricant isn’t provided in the kit


This is the best camshaft you can get for your street machine’s ultimate performance. While being strong and durable in structure, it is capable of providing significant efficiency and boosting the performance of your engine. 


We have brought you some of the best cams for stock 454. Your choice should depend upon the duration and lift attained by the cam as well as the quality of sound rendered to the engine. Depending upon how much you want to boost the performance of your engine, you must go for a hydraulic flat tappet or a typical one. The perfect camshaft will also fit your budget. Get yourself the best boost and the most amazing engine sound. 

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