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7 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels in 2022

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It is always difficult to select a replacement for the original steering wheel of your car. Although there are numerous aftermarket options to choose from, it is also a question of reliability and suitability of design. Most aftermarket steering wheels are meant to add more functionality and enhance the comfort of operation.

We have brought you some of the best aftermarket steering wheels available in the American market. All seven of these selected wheels have well fitting designs and are meant to provide high-quality. Some wheels provide the perfect retro look while some render the ultimate classy look for modern car interiors.

best aftermarket steering wheels

1. MOMO Heritage Indy Mahogany Steering Wheel

best aftermarket steering wheels

This well-known Italian brand was founded in 1964 by the renowned Italian race car driver Gianpiero Moretti. The company initially started with only steering wheels but now they also produce gear knobs, rims, and many other additional accessories that benefit race car enthusiasts.

That’s not it. MOMO Heritage’s classic components are much beloved even for street and heritage vehicles. This unique steering wheel is a part of the special series launched by the company in collaboration with Rod Emory. These extravagant Heritage 5 collection steering wheels were first developed for the Emory Motorsports’ Porsche 365 RSR.

Our Heritage Indy Mahogany wood steering wheel is a prominent contender from this collection and boasts of enchanting features. The design is retro-inspired. The mahogany wood utilized in the construction of this piece is supremely strong, tolerant, and has a glossy appearance for the utmost esthetic.

The spokes for this steering wheel are made out of aluminium and there are also finger grooves located on the back side. The aluminium spokes render additional strength and the grooves ascertain best in class grip on the wheel. There is an eminent reason why this brand is so widely trusted.

The quality of this steering wheel is unmatchable and ultimately stylish.

While it is most well-suitable for classic cars, the brand and its logo could uplift the designation of any car that gets it.

  • This steering wheel comes from a very renowned Italian brand founded by a supremely popular Italian race car driver
  • This steering wheel is a part of the collection initially launched for the Emory Motorsports’ Porsche 365 RSR
  • The mahogany wood utilized in making this wheel is very high in quality and ultimate in strength
  • The aluminium spokes render additional strength to the steering wheel
  • The grooves on the back side of the steering wheel provide exceptional grip
  • There are no negative reviews


This unique steering wheel has been made by a very eminent brand in the automobile industry. The design is set to go with classic cars and the wheel is utmost reliable in strength and performance.

2. NRG Innovations Classic Black Wood Grain Steering Wheel

NRG Innovations Classic Black Wood Grain Steering Wheel

Produced by an eminent company based in California, this unique steering wheel is truly a gem for car enthusiasts. This company was only founded in 2003 but has earned a tremendous reputation for making some of the best known interior and exterior components for cars. Steering wheels are amongst their reliable and widely-trusted products.

This company’s unique steering wheels are best known for their exceptional strength and high quality that comes handy in tough competition. The brand is also very prominent in sports car racing and is known to drive their own cars. Such is the popularity of this brand, there is a good chance that you’ve already thought of purchasing this one.

One special feature of these steering wheels is the presence of short hubs with quick-release that are mounted in the same location where the original wheel may have been mounted previously. This feature eases their accommodation and operation in the car’s interiors. While you may want to select a steering wheel from amongst the widely popular and high-quality wheels in their modern series, there are also many endearing options in the vintage wood grain series.

Our best recommendation is the Classic Black Wood steering wheel from the brand’s unique Colored Wood Series collection. The spoke center for this wheel is built in black chrome. This is the perfect choice if you are a fan of the exceptional feel a wooden steering wheel offers. But when you also want a perfect black look for your modern car interiors.

  • This unique steering wheel comes from a very popular brand in the car racing industry
  • The products made by NPR Innovations are known for their reliable strength and excellent quality
  • One unique feature of these steering wheels is the presence of short hubs for easy accommodation
  • This special steering wheel combines the feels of a classic wooden steering wheel with the looks of a classy and modern black one
  • Some users have reported that this steering wheel is not very sturdy and is liable to cracking 


This reliable and classy steering wheel is a product of NPR Innovations and is very much admired for its unique combination of classic wood feels with classy black modern design.

3. OMP 3 Spokes Flat Off-road Steering Wheel

OMP 3 Spokes Flat Off-road Steering Wheel

This is considered as the most well performing steering wheel in the list of the best steering wheels in the American market. This prominent Italian company was founded in 1973 and has since remained the world leader in producing safety equipment for race cars. Their supremely reliable and high-quality products have been often seen in Formula 1 and World Rally Championships.

The company has produced over 2000 products in total and most of them have been approved by the FIA. The steering wheels produced by OMP are known to be durable and offer the best in class performance. This is one of those steering wheels that will endure your lifetime.

This unique flat steering wheel has been designed for optimum use in off-road cars. One special feature is the presence of a round handgrip built in the best quality synthetic leather. The pattern of the spokes is classic and the all-black design is classy at best to go with all types of cars. The yellow OMP logo on this steering wheel is a sensation in the racing world and will enhance the overall appearance of your car’s interiors.

  • This reliable steering wheel comes from a prominent Italian company that is known for making the best safety equipment for race cars
  • This special steering wheel can certainly boost the performance of your car owing to its special characteristics
  • This flat steering wheel is best for use in off-road cars that require more tough handling
  • The high-quality synthetic rubber handgrip provides the ultimate hold
  • The classy black design goes well-enough with most car interiors
  • There are no negative reviews


This steering wheel is best meant for off-road cars that require supreme grip for excellent performance. The high quality of this wheel is bound to improve the overall performance of your drive.

4. Grant Challenger Steering Wheel

Grant Challenger Steering Wheel

Based in Texas, this company has produced some of the most reliable steering wheels since the year 1922. The company makes unique custom steering wheels for innumerable purposes. Their area of work includes racing cars, golf cars, marine industry, motorhomes, and heavy-duty trucks.

Their special dual-plane spoke design along with an attractive eight bolt pattern is very much admired by car enthusiasts. The foam grip is black and adequately cushioned. The steel spokes are matte black for a gorgeous appearance. Overall, the matte black color and the unique design creates the ultimate modern look while the foam grip ensures best in class handling.

  • This renowned company is well-known for making high-quality steering wheels since the year 1922
  • The company makes custom steering wheels for a wide variety of uses
  • The dual-plane four-spoke design and the attractive eight bolt pattern create a gorgeous appearance
  • The steel spokes are matte black and render a classy modern look
  • The grip is adequately cushioned for the best possible handling
  • Users report that the quality of the horn adapter is not adequate 


This best in class steering wheel provides the most efficient handling owing to its special cushioned foam grips. Overall, the appearance of the steering wheel is set to go with modern car interior designs.

5. Flashpower Classic Wood Steering Wheel

Flashpower Classic Wood Steering Wheel

Based in Arizona, this company produces best performing steering wheels in the ultimately classic appearance. Their main area of expertise includes classic cars, Ford vehicles, GM, and hot rods. Designed in the USA, these steering wheels are then manufactured in China.

The construction of these stunning steering wheels utilizes the best-quality aluminium and a polished or black anodized finishing. You’d be glad to learn that this company reproduces the high-quality original wheels for brands like GM, Jaguar, Porsche, and Aston Martin.

Best of all, the classic and the billet steering wheels produced by this brand are known to be compatible with all brands of cars. This unique steering wheel has been especially made for muscle car restoration. The construction mainly utilizes walnut wood and the spokes are made out of stainless steel.

  • These unique billet steering wheels are the ultimate choice for hot rods, performance vehicles of major brands, and classic cars
  • The construction utilizes high-quality walnut wood and brushed stainless steel
  • The direct mount for this steering wheel fits on the original 6-bolts adapter
  • There are no negative reviews


This company specializes in making the utmost reliable steering wheels for the most ultimate automobile brands. This can be easily considered as the most well-performing steering wheel in a classic design.

6. Sparco Suede Black Steering Wheel

Sparco Suede Black Steering Wheel

This special steering wheel has been made by a brand well-known for their consideration of safety in race cars. This world-renowned racing and go-karting brand has produced tons of reliable safety equipment over the years, including special equipment, performance components, and clothing.

The top quality material used in the construction of this special steering wheel ensures the best possible grip. You can go for the all-black model if you want the ultimate modern look. There is also a steering wheel with yellow stripes for a more iconic appearance.

  • This ultimately reliable steering wheel has been made by a world-renowned company that makes best quality safety equipment for race cars
  • The excellent material of construction ensures the best possible grip
  • The all-black suede steering wheel looks amazing with modern car interiors
  • The packaging often does not include the mounting hardware


This excellent steering wheel has been produced by the best renowned brand in the safety equipment for racing cars. The grip availed by this steering wheel is ultimate owing to the best quality material of construction.

7. Nardi Classic Steering Wheel

Nardi Classic Steering Wheel

Get yourself a steering wheel from the most excellent makers of components for brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. The best quality classic steering wheels by this brand have a wooden construction and employ black spokes along with a black aluminium ring for extra strength.

Made in Italy, these steering wheels are made of completely genuine wood. The authentic feel is unmatchable. Best of all, this unique steering wheel may be regarded as a valuable investment since it is bound to forever stay intact and just as classy.

  • This widely respected brand supplies some of the most renowned car manufacturers like Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari
  • The design for this steering wheel is enchanting in the classic arena
  • 100% genuine wood has been employed in construction
  • This steering wheel is utmost durable and strong
  • The packaging of the product is not adequate


These utmost durable steering wheels are dependable. The makers supply car components to renowned brands like Ferrari and Maserati.


While the replacement of original car components may seem to be a daunting task. It is worthwhile when the new components are as high in quality as these amazing steering wheels. All of them are well-known for their dependability and best in class designs. Once you get hands on these, you will not only enjoy the view, you’ll love where you are looking from.

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