Best Heads for 351W

5 Best Heads for 351W (Boost Windsor Engine’s Performance)

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The original Ford Windsor engines were first made in 1961. Ford now manufactures these classic engines just for the vintage car enthusiasts. Before buying a header for your engine, you must assure whether you have a Windsor or a Cleveland model. 

In case you have a Windsor model, we are here to help you give the best possible aftermarket boost to your engine. We have brought you the best heads for 351W. We have mentioned all the unique specifications of various head models for your interest and clarity. Our detailed reviews are aimed to help you choose the head that best compliments your priorities. 

Get set for the trustworthy enhancement in your engine’s efficiency and the robust roar that it deserves.

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5 best heads for 351W

1. Edelbrock 5023 Cylinder Head 

best heads for 351w

This is probably the best cam head for the 351W Ford engine. This head has been specially made just for the small block Ford V8. The best thing about this head is its reasonable price and excellent quality performance. This is one of those products that are best in class and also very affordable. 

Equipped with the utmost advanced features, this cylinder head boasts of cast ports and a unique combustion charger. The combustion charger is responsible for maintaining an adequate amount of airflow. One must note that this head works best between zero and 5500 rpm speeds. 

The kit includes a total pair of cylinder heads, a 170 cc intake, a 60 cc combustion chamber, a 60 cc exhaust runner with a 1.9” intake, and a 1.6” exhaust valve. All the more, this is amongst the most excellent heads for a small block. Also, this can work amazingly well even for motors that run on unleaded gas.

This head is bound to enhance the fuel efficiency of your engine and bring about a significant increase in horsepower. The overall performance of your engine will be definitely improved. 

  • This E-Street series head can boost horsepower by 200-400
  • The company offers a twelve-month warranty on purchase
  • The guide plates are made of hardened steel and supplied along
  • This head is made out of aluminum and is lightweight
  • Your engine’s fuel efficiency will be improved
  • There will occur a significant boost in your horsepower
  • There are no negative reviews 


This is a top-quality affordable head you can get for your 351W. Not only does it improve fuel efficiency, but it is also very reliable.

2. Flo Tek 203505 Aluminium Head

Flo Tek 203505 Aluminium Head

This utmost popular head is very much useful for small block Ford models and the latest EFI models. It works best in the zero to 5500 rpm speed range. You must assure the compatibility of all the parts you purchase. The accurate ratios for the 58 cc combustion chamber and the pistons must be noted. 

Weighing at 24.4 lbs, this head is made to be very sturdy. The spring cup for this head is made out of hardened steel. The intake and exhaust valve seats are constructed out of cast aluminum alloy. All the more, the valve guides are made of manganese bronze. There are  ⅜” Chrome Moly Rocker Stud and special 7-degree retainers. Besides, the valve lock is also made out of Chrome Moly. There is also a hardened steel guide plate. One must note that the valve seats are Viton positive. 

  • This head will render you great enhancements in torque
  • The quality of construction is very superior
  • Ultimately strong materials like hardened steel have been utilized in making
  • This head consists of a hardened steel guide plate
  • The valve seats are Viton positive
  • This head is very useful for small block Ford models
  • There is a Chrome Moly Rocker Stud along with 7-degree retainers
  • There are no negative reviews for this product


This excellent head will render you great enhancements in torque and improve the overall performance of your engine.

3. Edelbrock 5025 Cylinder Head

Edelbrock 5025 Cylinder Head

These heads are made to work best with a small block Ford 351W. Sold in pairs, these will either be 1.90” or 2.02” intake valves. Also, these out-of-the-box parts are meant to be bolted on and don't require any special porting. All the more, they are capable of providing zero to 5500 rpm speed as worthy performance. 

This head consists of a unique one-piece intake. Furthermore, the exhaust valves are constructed out of stainless steel for the best possible resistance to damaging factors. There are two ring positive oil control seals. This involves ⅜” rocker studs along with 5/16” guide plates. Overall, the materials of construction are very sturdy and supremely reliable. 

The valve guides are constructed out of a magnesium bronze alloy. Also, there is a stainless steel guide plate. This is known to be the sturdiest contender in this list. One must note that it is relatively easy to install this head. You only require a 550” max lit hydraulic flat tappet camshaft to give the best direction to your efforts. 

Experts also recommend Champion RC12YC spark plugs that have sufficient reach to fit with the flat gasket seat. 

  • This head works the best for small block Ford 351W
  • It is considered the most sturdy head on this list
  • The overall construction of this head is very strong and sufficiently reliable
  • There are two ring positive oil control seals including ⅜” rocker studs and 5/16” guide plates
  • This head is relatively easy to install
  • The installation only requires an additional 550” max lift hydraulic flat tappet camshaft
  • It also comes with a thorough installation guide to make the process all the easier
  • There are no negative reviews 


This best quality cylinder head from Edelbrock is utmost sturdy in construction and is very dependable. 

4. Speedmaster PCE281.2049

Speedmaster PCE281.2049

This amazing head for small block Ford 351W is best known for its excellent durability. One must note that this head will render an exceptional boost in horsepower and torque. Also, it is certainly more lightweight and greatly improves the airflow in V8 engines. Meant for high-end performance, this cylinder head can still give a 500 to 700 horsepower boost. 

Made out of aluminum, its lightweightedness allows easy adjustment with other components of your engine. The heavy-duty build is mainly owed to the reinforced casting process. This special strengthening procedure has greatly improved the toughness of this head. Also, this design includes a small cross-section for boosting airflow. 

The addition of bigger blasts of air into the combustion chamber is responsible for the significant horsepower boost. To ensure the best quality airflow, the combustion chamber, intake ports, and exhaust chambers are completely CNC-machined.

Along with this head, you get valve stem seals, damper spring, and some rocker arm studs. One must note that this kit doesn’t include rocker arm nuts, rocker arms, or even a guide plate.

  • This is easily the most sturdy and durable head on this list
  • This cylinder head is made out of aluminilum for superior lightweightedness
  • This head provides amazing horsepower and torque boost
  • Your engine’s horsepower can be improved by 500-700
  • This head has a heavy-duty build because of the reinforced casting process
  • This head greatly improves the airflow
  • The combustion chamber, intake ports, and exhaust chambers are CNC-machined
  • Valve stem seals, rocker arms studs, and damper springs are included in this kit
  • This kit does not include rocker arms, rocker arm studs, or a guide plate 


This is the most durable head on this list. Built with the best quality materials, it is meant for heavy-duty use and provides the most ultimate horsepower boost. 

5. Air Flow Research 1036 SBC Alum Head 

Air Flow Research 1036 SBC Alum Head 

This is the best quality aluminum head meant for racing applications. This 74 cc stud mount model is an absolute beauty in boosting the performance of your vehicle. This head is made out of cast aluminum alloy. It consists of 220 cc intake runners. Moreover, the combustion chambers are CNC machined. 

You’ll be amazed by the 5-angle competition structure. Furthermore, many useful components are included in this kit. There is a bead lock intake valve and a bead lock intake exhaust valve, PAC racing spring, steel retainers, bead lock keepers, rocker studs, guide plates, Viton valve seals, ductile iron intake valve seals, ductile iron exhaust valve seals, bronze valve seals, and a hardened valve spring I.D. locator. 

  • This is considered the best head for racing applications
  • The combustion chamber is CNC-machined
  • The 5-angle competition design is very powerful
  • Many essential components are supplied in the kit 
  • There are no negative reviews 


This is the best quality head for racing applications as it provides the best possible enhancement in engine performance.


We have brought you the best quality heads for 351W. Now you can dwell upon the unique performance of your retro Windsor engine and expect the best drives. 

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