Best Cold Air Intake For Silverado

Best Cold Air Intake For Silverado (2023 Review & Guide) 

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The best way to improve your car’s overall performance is by replacing its cold air intake. This excellent modification can help you greatly enhance your engine’s fuel efficiency. Nothing makes a driver happier than the best possible performance and the maximum gas mileage. Your new cold air intake will replace the stock intake tube.

There are many options to consider and too many to be confused at. But we have eased your selection process through our detailed research and curation. We have brought you the best cold air intakes for Silverado in the American market. Our selected cold air intakes are best equipped to improve the flow rate. Increase the horsepower, torque, and MPGs. And improve the general performance of your vehicle. 

Rest assured that your engine will now be supplied with sufficient oxygen to avail maximum combustion and generate the ultimate boosting power.

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5 best cold air intake for Silverado review

1. Million Parts 4” Performance Cold Air Intake

best cold air intake for silverado

Made in the USA, this absolutely reliable cold air intake is highest in quality and avails the best possible performance. This intake kit has been specially designed to replace your air intake housing as well as the restrictive factory air filter in your vehicle. Built to serve you unstoppably for about 100000 miles, this exceptional intake is bound to render you the best possible mileage all along the way.

However, it may require some fixing in case the weather conditions get harsh. Made out of aluminum, it is sufficiently lightweight and quite strong. Most other intakes are usually made out of plastic. Best of all, this high-quality intake has been built to fit both manual and automatic transmission systems.

Best of all, the installation is supremely easy and needs only about twenty minutes. It is really easy to wash the filters, reuse them, and reinstall them at will. 

  • This is the most durable cold air intake kit
  • It comes at a very reasonable price
  • The structure and the functioning render incredible performance
  • This kit is very practical and dependable
  • This kit will easily serve you for as long as 100000 miles
  • You are bound to receive the best possible mileage
  • Users report that the hose clamps for this kit are inferior in quality
  • No instruction manual is provided along


This high-quality cold air intake kit is best known for its reliable performance, durability, practicality, and reasonable price.

2. S&B Filters 75-5116 Cold Air Intake Kit 

S&B Filters 75-5116 Cold Air Intake Kit 

Again made in the USA. This cold air intake kit comes from a very trustworthy brand and is made to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle. This is probably the best premium silicone kit on this list. The best part about the silicone filter is its ability to serve you for a long time without cracking. 

The excellent silicone sealing furthermore provides incredible tear strength. All the more, it can handle temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, a detailed instruction manual is supplied with the kit for the best possible aid during installation and use. The installation is very easy. You will require hardly thirty to sixty minutes to complete the whole installation process. 

Every essential component is included in this kit. Moreover, it provides the best possible boost in performance. Your engine’s horsepower and acceleration will be significantly enhanced. The enhancement in fuel mileage will range around 1.7 MPG. Moreover, it sounds amazing, unlike most other intake kits. 

  • This kit has been made in the USA by a reputable brand
  • Made out of premium materials, this kit is very reliable
  • The design is amazing and allows the maximum boost in performance
  • The installation is quite easy and requires minimum effort
  • This intake enhances the acceleration, horsepower, and fuel mileage of your engine
  • You can attain about 1.7 MPG enhancement in fuel mileage
  • This kit can also handle high temperatures
  • The silicone material has a very reliable tear strength
  • A detailed instruction manual has been provided along
  • It is important to religiously follow the instructions


This excellent cold air intake has been made to boost fuel mileage, and provide significant improvements in your vehicle’s horsepower and acceleration.

3. Volant 15553 Pro 5 Cold Air Intake Kit 

Volant 15553 Pro 5 Cold Air Intake Kit

This best quality kit is very easy to use and requires minimum effort in operation. Moreover, it is also incredibly easy to install. The installation process requires less than an hour. And by the end of it, you have the best performing cold air intake system in your vehicle. 

This kit supplies excellent throttle response and produces minimal noise. However, many users complain about the relative inadequacy of the design. The airbox is improperly sealed against the inner fender fresh air opening. The noticeable gap requires immediate attention. 

Overall, this kit does render the best possible performance because the pipes are big and they supply a sufficient quantity of air. All the more, this kit is very convenient in operation. You will require a minimum time to install or fix the cold air intake for this kit. Moreover, it is reasonably quiet in working and provides a good throttle response. A detailed instruction manual is provided along. 

  • This cold air intake kit is utmost easy to install
  • It produces minimal noise during use
  • The quality of the build is amazing and reliable
  • It provides excellent throttle response
  • The big pipes allow excellent airflow 
  • The design is relatively improper and doesn’t render sufficient sealing
  • You need to strictly follow the instruction manual


This cold air intake kit is very easy to install and provides an equally excellent boost in the performance of your engine. 

4. K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Cold Air Intake 

K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Cold Air Intake 

These utmost reliable and washable cold air intake systems are made in the USA and guarantee the best quality. As compared to other intake systems, this one may not be very easy to install. However, the installation process can still be completed in under ninety minutes. You would require the help of a screwdriver, pliers, and a ratchet-set. No cutting or drilling procedure is required. 

The large surface area of this filter manages to provide a higher amount of airflow pressure. The excellent room for air renders more combustion and more enhancement in the vehicle’s overall performance. It can work relentlessly for up to 100000 miles. 

While significantly enhancing your engine’s horsepower, this intake will also serve to protect your vehicle’s engine. One must note that there are a thousand microscopic cotton fibers in its filtration system. The breakthrough design serves to best protect your engine against damage by contaminants. 

You get a pleasant engine sound, excellent improvement in torque and horsepower. And a great boost in your vehicle’s fuel economy. 

  • This best quality filter is also washable
  • The installation may take more time but it is quite easy
  • This intake kit is very affordable
  • While enhancing the performance of your engine, it also serves to protect it against damage by contaminants
  • The fuel economy of your vehicle undergoes a significant upgrade
  • It provides a pleasant engine sound
  • The larger surface area of the filter allows a higher airflow pressure s

  • The installation takes a long time
  • The instruction manual is not very clear 


This dependable cold air intake kit will provide you an exceptional boost in horsepower and a relatively quiet operation.

5. Blackhorse Racing 4” Cold Air Intake

Blackhorse Racing 4” Cold Air Intake

Also made in the USA, this is a high-quality cold air intake system. It is very easy to install and only requires about forty-five minutes. The whole installation process is so easy that you wouldn’t even require an instruction manual. 

The design of this intake is quite exceptional and attractive. It is recommended that you use a pre-filter on top of the intake’s filter to better catch dust particles. However, one must note the inadequate quality of the clamps. All the more, the clamps can easily break if tightened more than necessary. 

The excellent design of this intake ensures that it sounds well and quiet. 

  • The installation of this filter is supremely easy
  • It is quite attractive
  • The drive is overall silent
  • This intake kit is very reasonably priced 
  • Some components of this kit are very inadequate in quality
  • The instruction manual is not very precise


This is the most good-looking cold air intake kit you can get for your Silverado. 


We have brought you the best quality air intakes for Silverado. With these quality products, you can be assured of absolute reliability and the best improvement in performance. Get your engine the best possible airflow and the ultimate boost in horsepower. Our excellent cold air intakes will certainly enhance the quietness and drivability of all your rides.