Best Injectors for 5.9 Cummins Common Rail

5 Best Injectors for 5.9 Cummins Common Rail: Review 2023

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All the vehicles with 5.9 Cummins Common Rail often encounter problems with their factory-made fuel injectors. If you drive around a lot, you might have already come across faulty fuel injectors. In case your fuel injectors have broken down throughout your drives or have completed their life expectancy, you may be hoping to find a new one. 

Well, finding good quality fuel injectors for your vehicle is not as easy a task as it sounds. Especially because there are numerous good options to choose from. However, we have managed to go through tons of research and get you the best injectors for 5.9 cummins common rail. 

All our selected options are promising, durable, and quite deserving of their price.

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best injectors for 5.9 cummins common rail 

1. NMN Precision Dodge Cumins Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injector 

best injectors for 5.9 cummins common rail 

These fuel injectors are so very popular for obvious reasons. Their compatibility is unmatchable. They'll go well along with Dodge Ram 2500 and even Dodge Ram 3500. Any truck built between the years 2004 and 2009 is good to go. 

All these models are very popularly driven in the United States, so our fuel injector is much anticipated in use. There is no match for the durability and reliability availed by these injectors to your cummins. It is a common notion that these injectors can last up to three million miles. Considering the frequency at which fuel injectors need to be typically replaced, this is some outstanding promise.

These injectors are also capable of executing some high-end precision. There is no chance that they’ll ever undergo some leakage or detachment. Rest assured that your fuel will always be delivered properly. At least as long as these injectors will last. Bound by their excellent endurance and accuracy, these injectors are set to never disappoint you in any way.

Best of all, these are also very affordable. You can get the whole pack for a very reasonable price. Moreover, they come with a two year warranty. 

  • These fuel injectors are compatible with about all trucks built between the years 2004 and 2009
  • These injectors exhibit absolute durability and can last up to three million miles
  • The quality of precision for these injectors is quite dependable
  • The endurance of these injectors can assure that they wouldn’t undergo any leakage or detachment
  • They come with a two year warranty
  • They are very affordable
  • Some users report that the quality of packaging for these injectors is not very adequate 


These fuel injectors are very popular for their compatibility with a large number of trucks and their very reliable durability. Their performance is very precise and the endurance is ultimate. Furthermore, they come with a two year warranty and are very affordable. 

2. Labwork Diesel Fuel Injector 

Labwork Diesel Fuel Injector 

The best part about these fuel injectors is their ultimate ease of installation. They are also very convenient in use and operation. If you are looking for injectors that can appropriately match the quality of your stock injectors, these are built to satisfy your hopes. 

They are duly constructed for an easy and apt fit. The materials of construction are high in quality and very well meet the OEM standards. Best of all, these injectors are adequately tested for good quality operation before they are shipped. 

These are best compatible with trucks built between the years 2004 and 2009. Because most of the popular American trucks have been built in this era, these injectors are widely popular. You can rely upon the excellent quality of these injectors for accurately dispensing your fuel. 

Also, they are supremely easy to install. Once they are accurately placed, they are quite dependable. The compression rings are supplied along with the package. And there is no requirement for core change during installation. 

These are mainly available in packs of six. In case you are planning to get these individually, it is recommended that you purchase from trusted sellers. 

  • These injectors are supremely easy to install
  • Compatible with all the 2004 to 2009 truck models, these are very much popular
  • They have excellent and reliable quality
  • These are also quite affordable
  • The compression rings for these injectors are supplied along with them
  • Core change is not essential during installation

  • It can be difficult to get individual pieces of these injectors because of duplicacy and scam


These best quality fuel injectors are very easy to install and supremely reliable. The special ease of installation is rendered by the suppliance of compression rings within the package. Moreover, there is no need to change the core.

3. Bosch Common Rail Injector 

This is the most reliable and best quality injector utilized for 5.9 cummins. It is most compatible for trucks built between the years 2004 and 2007. Original Bosch OE components have been used in the construction of this very unique injector. Best of all, it has been duly tested in compliance with the special OE test specifications.

The brand name should be enough to define the quality we are hinting at. These fuel injectors are utmost reliable because of the excellent quality endowed by their makers. You can vouch for flawless operation of your engines for as long as you go with these incredible injectors. 

They are truly accurate and precise in operation, very durable in structure, and reliable in function. Also, they come with a two year warranty. While these are way more expensive than all other contenders in this list, they are worth the price. 

  • These injectors are best compatible with trucks built between the years 2004 and 2007
  • Their flawless operation is set to assign some smoothness to your engine
  • They are very durable in structure and bound to last than injectors do on an average
  • Their operation is truly precise and accurate
  • They come with a warranty up to two years

  • They are more expensive than other injectors in this list


Coming from a reputable brand, these fuel injectors are reliable and good to go with numerous truck models. Their precision and dependability is incredible. Moreover, they come with a two year warranty. 

4. Mophorn Flow Matched Fuel Injector 

Mophorn Flow Matched Fuel Injector 

This ultimately durable fuel injector is very high in quality and can fit all dodge rams built between the years 2004 and 2009. While being fantastic in function, they are also very excellent in appearance. The silver and black color combination looks amazing on all vehicles. 

But the best part is the incredible quality of performance rendered by these injectors. The spray pattern for these injectors is best improvised for efficient atomization and more effective vaporization of fuel so that the unburned hydrocarbon emissions are reduced. 

This is mainly because of the high quality plastic and metal construction materials used in these injectors. The internal seal rings are very well protected from exposure to the fuel so they last even more long. These are also very simple to install. 

  • These fuel injectors provide the most effective spray pattern and atomization for the best vaporization of fuel
  • The internal seal rings are duly protected from damage due to exposure to the fuel
  • This also enhances the durability of these injectors
  • The excellent quality of construction renders further durability
  • The installation is very simple
  • There are no negative reviews for this one 


These best quality fuel injectors are most well known for their durability. They have added features like adequate protection of the internal seal rings and an effective spray pattern for the utmost endurance.

5. New and Diesel Fuel Injector 

New and Diesel Fuel Injector 

This excellent fuel injector is best known for its good quality operation and affordability. You can get a pack of six injectors for a very low price. But don’t let this low price affect your judgement because their operation is all the more reliable.

Their delivery of fuel is so perfect that the overall mileage of your truck’s engine will be enhanced. They are made to fit trucks built between the years 2004 and 2009. So you can always avail this option if you are running low on budget.

  • This is the most affordable fuel injector you can get
  • Dodge ram trucks built between the years 2004 and 2009 are best compatible with this one
  • The mileage of your truck’s engine will be effectively enhanced with these injectors
  • No cons 


If you are low on budget and you still need a good quality fuel injector for your vehicle, there is no better choice than this one by New and Diesel. The performance of your truck will be significantly enhanced for a very reasonable price.


We have toiled hard to get you these reliable fuel injectors for your vehicles. All of them are built to last admirably and render the best performance to your engine. Their absolute reliability will best ensure your confidence on the road. Cheers!