Best Headers for 5.7 Hemi Ram

5 Best Headers for 5.7 Hemi Ram 2023

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You ought to have the best quality sound and the utmost performance when it comes to your truck’s exhaust system. This will only be possible when it gets the requisite boost. It is wise to invest in good quality, durable, and reliable header that would significantly upgrade your truck’s performance without any misgivings. 

There are so many different types of headers in the market that it is a challenge to select the best one. You must strive to find that one perfect fit for your best bud. We have brought you the best headers for 5.7 Hemi ram to let your truck behave like the beast it was meant to be.

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 best headers for 5.7 Hemi ram 

1. BBK (4014) 1-⅝” Chrome Shorty Tuned-Length Exhaust Header

best headers for 5.7 Hemi ram 

This unique header by BBK is meant to deliver excellent performance and incredible power output. Your engine’s horsepower will encounter a significant boost once this one gets installed in your truck. The makers guarantee a 15 to 25 increase in the value of your horsepower. This is a direct consequence of the free airflow that these headers provide. 

This free airflow, in turn, is a result of the larger diameter of the primary tube. You’ll also be amazed by the excellent appearance of these headers. These are available in three color options, chrome, stainless coated finish, and silver ceramic. All three of them work best in enhancing your truck’s appearance.

These days, users also rely upon appearances while choosing quality products. These headers by BBK are not just amazing in terms of performance, they avail you an extraordinary combination of ideal sound and power. Rest assured that the performance of your header will not be affected even if the weather tends to destroy it. 

While the installation process is easy, it takes a little extra time. You may tend to seek professional help if you aren’t able to dedicate up to six hours. Also, all the necessary hardware required for installation is duly supplied in the package. This set also comes with an installation guide for your ease. 

  • These headers can boost the horsepower of your truck’s engine by 15 to 25
  • The power output is quite exceptional
  • The large diameter of the primary tube is responsible for the excellent airflow
  • All the necessary installation components are supplied along with the set
  • These headers are also very easy to install
  • They are available in three different attractive coatings
  • These headers are weather-resistant and meant to endure the toughest scenarios
  • An installation guide is also supplied with the set

  • Users require up to six hours to complete the installation process 


Built out of the best quality steel, this very durable and reliable set of headers will offer a tremendous boost to your truck’s horsepower and fare every tricky weather situation. 

2. BBK (40140) 1-⅝” Shorty Tuned Header

BBK (40140) 1-⅝” Shorty Tuned Header

This perfectly designed header is set to fit your truck most perfectly and render you the ultimate boost in acceleration. The best in class design works efficiently in improving the overall performance of your truck’s engine. This header will certainly boost your horsepower by up to 15.

Constructed out of the best quality steel, this header comes with a ceramic finish on the exterior. Moreover, it is known to be ultimately durable. You’ll notice the sound of your truck significantly improve as soon as you get this one installed. 

Moreover, for the excellent performance it assures, this set is relatively inexpensive. This great quality header will be the perfect accomplishment for your 5.7 Hemi ram. Best of all, it is also very easy to install. Although you will require some generous hours to complete the whole installation process, it is definitely worth the effort.

All the essential components and hardware pieces you require for the installation are supplied in the package. There is also an installation guide to grant you further ease. 

  • These headers are perfect in design and performance
  • You’ll notice a commendable boost in your truck’s acceleration and the engine’s ultimate performance
  • Even the sound quality of your exhaust will be significantly elevated
  • These headers have been made out of the best quality steel
  • The exteriors house an attractive ceramic finish
  • The structure of these headers is durable and quite dependable
  • They are also easy to install and come with an installation guide
  • All the essential installation equipment is supplied along with the set
  • This one also requires ample time and patience for installation 


These perfectly designed headers are meant to offer the best upgrade in acceleration and the overall performance of your truck’s engine. You can rely upon these headers for their durability and widely trusted operation. 

3. BBK 4009 1-¾” Shorty Tuned Length Exhaust Header

BBK 4009 1-¾” Shorty Tuned Length Exhaust Header

This most economical option is also amongst the most dependable ones. Built out of the best quality materials, these headers are meant to serve you for a long time. These headers are equipped with the most enchanting durability. Best of all, they enhance your exhaust’s sound quality to an ultimate level. 

If you are looking for the best possible upgrade within an easy price range, none other than BBK 4009 will avail you of the most excellent performance. Even the appearance of this header is quite impressive. The mesmerizing chrome finish along with the solid construction avails the most reliable package. 

You get all the installation equipment along with this set. Moreover, you also require lesser installation time than other headers that we have discussed. The process of installation is also quite easy. 

  • These headers are quite affordable and best in quality
  • The material of construction is very solid and reliable
  • These headers are excellently durable
  • The chrome finish for these headers is very attractive
  • The enhancement in the quality of sound and the overall performance is incredible
  • The package also includes the installation hardware
  • The installation process for these headers is relatively easier and takes lesser time 
  • Many users report that these headers may require some modification before they can be fit into your truck 


These headers are incredible owing to their lesser price and excellent quality performance. The sound upliftment is amazing and so is the increase in overall performance. For this price, this is the best option you can avail. Also, the installation requires less time.

4. JBA (6961S) 1-⅞” Stainless Steel Header

JBA (6961S) 1-⅞” Stainless Steel Header

This perfect set of headers from JBA will avail you of the best improvement you desire in your vehicle. Meant to fit every 5.7 Hemi ram with absolute perfection, this may just be the dreamy upgrade you’d never regret investing in.

Built out of the best quality stainless steel, this header will avail of a significant enhancement in your truck’s horsepower and will also improve its RPM efficiency. 

Overall, your truck’s engine will execute its absolute best performance once it is fitted with this one. These headers will be most suitable when your dodge ram 5.7 has been built between the years 2006 to 2014. Even the price for these headers is very reasonable. 

The installation may take about six hours, but it isn’t complicated. Although the factory pipes may require some modification, it is easily accomplished when adequately planned. 

  • This is a good quality header for a very reasonable price
  • It offers an excellent boost in performance
  • There occurs an increase in horsepower as well as in the RPM efficiency
  • These headers are made out of the best quality stainless steel
  • The durability and resilience is excellent
  • These headers don’t go well along with Y-pipes


These headers will render top-quality performance to your truck’s engine for a very reasonable price. There’ll be a significant increase in your engine’s horsepower as well as its RPM efficiency.

5. Blackhorse-Racing Long Tube Exhaust Header 

Blackhorse-Racing Long Tube Exhaust Header 

There are two exhaust headers as well as gaskets in this one. You’ll notice a valuable improvement in the sound quality and the efficiency of your truck’s engine. This is a cost-effective solution to improve the overall quality of your exhaust.

Best of all, this one also enhances the longevity of your engine by allowing a relatively easy escape of exhaust. While it is possible to install this one on your own, you may do better with the aid of a technician because there is no installation guide.

  • The life and the overall performance of your truck’s engine is improved
  • The utmost free flow of air into the engine is achieved
  • There are two exhaust headers and also gaskets
  • You’ll notice a significant enhancement in the efficiency of your exhaust system
  • No installation guide is supplied along with the set so technical help may be required 


This header is all set to help your truck’s engine achieve the most efficient function. The quality of the sound of the engine, as well as its performance, is visibly improved. There’ll also be a much-desired enhancement in your truck engine’s longevity.


We have brought you the top quality headers for your 5.7 Hemi ram. Rest assured that your truck’s engine will be boosted in power to deliver the best possible performance.