Best RV Wax For Fiberglass

6 Best RV Waxes For Fiberglass in 2023

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Do you want to protect your fiberglass RV (recreational vehicle) and extend its life for a long time? Inspecting the roof seals and seams, checking your batteries, and managing your wastewater system are some of the things you can do.

Taking the time to apply wax on your motorhome’s exterior can also help deal with the effects of wear and tear. You would want your vehicle to look less old than it is. And this solution can come through.

However, it may create more issues if the wrong product is used. Find the best RV wax for fiberglass, instead, using our top picks as your guide. 

Our research tells us that the 303 (30320) UV Protectant is currently the best out there. Read on to find out what sets it apart and why you should try it now.

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Best RV Wax for Fiberglass

1. Best Overall – 303 (30320) UV Protectant Gallon

Best RV Wax for Fiberglass

That glossy finish is what many RV owners are after. A dull sheen is a sign of an old vehicle, so you would want to prevent discoloration and fading. The 303 (30320) UV Protectant, in a gallon size, is a promising product in this regard. It has a record for being effective against the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. You can park your RV confidently even at a place of constant exposure.

On top of this performance, the protectant practically resists dust and stains. This benefit saves you time and energy as frequent cleaning is not necessary. Except for areas where there is unfinished leather, fabric, or flooring, you can take advantage of this capability. 

To apply, make sure you use the spray bottle, which is equipped with a trigger spray. This component enhances your cleaning experience. With just a hand pad, you can wipe big areas clean. The protectant won’t require any other tools, by the way, so you can make your motorhome look good without too much fuss. 

That said, you won’t need lots of water deployed through a hose or a bucket. This product does not require rinsing. Even so, it won’t leave any toxic chemicals or strong odor on surfaces. What it leaves behind is brightened exteriors, just as its manufacturer says it will. This rinse-free formula is perfectly safe, which means it does not have petroleum distillates and silicone oils.

You can also rely on the product that requires no buckets of water or hose to rinse. It does not also leave any nasty odor and is 100% non-toxic. Aside from fiberglass, it also works on plastic, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl, as well as finished leather.

This product is extremely popular, and its performance can tell us why that is so. At 128 fluid ounces, it can get you through multiple cleanings. You can have your hands on this protectant for under $100. It can even be discounted to around $40 if you know how to score promos online.

What do you think? Is this product a good investment or not?

303 (30320) UV Protectant Gallon Is Suitable For:

This one’s for you if you’re after seldom yet effective cleaning sessions. This protectant works on fiberglass, plastic, PVC, vinyl, and finished leather. On the other hand, it should not be applied to fabric, flooring, and unfinished leather.


  • It minimizes the time and energy you need to spend on cleaning.
  • It prevents cracking, discoloration, and fading.
  • It protects your RV from the harmful effects of UV exposure.
  • It can brighten the colors of your RV.
  • It can protect it from dust and stains.
  • Its price is pretty affordable and practical, given the product size.


  • The spray bottle may be prone to leaks.
  • Its price tends to swing up and down on some online marketplaces.


2. Best Overall Runner-Up – Collinite 845 Insulator Wax (Last Step Wax)

Collinite 845 Insulator Wax

Collinite is one of the oldest providers of car maintenance and repair tools. It has been around since 1936. So its products carry its good reputation with them. The Collinite 845 Insulator Wax is one such RV wax. With this solution, you can schedule an application once every six months. The 845 paste is more user-friendly and easier to apply than the no. 476S paste.

Without having to wax your RV fiberglass that often, you can focus on other maintenance issues. The high-gloss finish remains even a significant time has passed. The estimated effectiveness of its weather protection capability is between 4 and 7 months. Further, it can protect you against bugs, dirt, rain, and UV damage during this time.

However, the cleaning you’ll conduct using this product can be quite intense. You would want to use a mechanical buffer with this one. This is still considered minor buffing, but you have to be prepared for the task. Just add warm water for the paste to turn back into a liquid. You can then transfer the fluid in a self-cleaning dispensing bottle to make your life better.

To see the best results, avoid wiping the wax down in circular motion. Remove it in straight lines instead. When you want your vehicle to shine like new, this option is proving to be a cleaner to watch. This formula uses a blend of carnauba and synthetic waxes and does not contain abrasives so that it won’t damage your car’s clear coating.

At its most basic packaging, this product comes in a 16-fluid-ounce bottle. You can get it in this form for a little under $20. Combos are also available. You can pick between a pack of two or three. You can also get the combo featuring one bottle and a microfiber towel.

Collinite 845 Insulator Wax (Last Step Wax) Is Suitable For:

As a paste that can be turned into liquid form, you can rely on its result-oriented application every around six months. While it does not require frequent reapplication, it can be quite intense during use. Check out this option if you are willing to get optimal solutions with a slightly maximum effort.


  • It is a friendlier paste version, which requires warm water to dissolve into liquid.
  • It can be applied every 4 to 6 months.
  • It protects your motorhome from the elements.
  • It does not contain abrasives that can damage clear coating.
  • It is made by a reputable company.
  • It is highly affordable.


  • Its application may require some intense efforts.
  • It can turn clunky when not properly diluted.


3. Best Value – Meguiar's Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover

Meguiar's Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover

Meguiar's is a go-to brand for premium product users. For maintaining the elegant look of your luxurious motorhome, you should add the Meguiar's Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover, M4916 to your arsenal. While it is not expected to fix imperfections, this fluid wax should restore your RV's fiberglass gel-coat to a pristine shine.

Fading and discoloration are the natural results of daily wear. The soft layer of gel-coat on your RV's fiberglass can erode, leaving the color look dull and the gloss lacking. Sun damage and rust may contribute to these effects. Oxidation can also be a culprit. This Meguiar's wax can reverse these kinds of impact on the exterior of your RV.

When you use this wax, you are not only restoring the bright color and shine of your motorhome. You are also preventing the fiberglass from becoming weak. You have the feeder oils found in this wax to thank. In some cases, the users have been able to achieve the original color of their vehicle once again. 

While this is wax, it has unique diminishing abrasives that break down and disappear from the surface quickly. It is this dynamic that produces a high gloss. 

You can achieve the shiny exterior on a variety of vehicles, including RVs and marine vessels. It can be applied by hand or using a machine. It is said that this wax can deal with light to moderate oxidation, gel-coat stains and scratches, fiberglass, and high-tech paint.

All of these premium features can be yours for around $13. Indeed, this option is packed with value, nothing less than what's expected of an offering from Meguiar's.

Meguiar's Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover, M4916 Is Suitable For:

This premium solution is made for buyers who can afford to buy an oxidation remover with finishing touches that you can only associate with a wax. Its bells and whistles may cater to professional users as well.


  • It can be easily applied on the surface of the RV.
  • It uses a proprietary technology that leaves the surface shiny.
  • It eliminates the damage caused by oxidation.
  • It can work on RVs and marine vehicles.
  • It can be applied by hand or using a mechanical tool.
  • It can reverse the effects of sun damage, rust, and oxidation.


  • It can be pricier than some of the options.
  • Its packaging may accidentally cause spillage.


4. Best Value Runner-Up – Meguiar's Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

Meguiar's Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

Another high-quality RV wax from Meguiar’s joins this list. We’re referring to the Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax, M5032. Like the earlier example, it is designed to target RV and marine vehicles. This RV and marine wax contains chemical cleaners that can remove swirls, scratches, haze, and light oxidation from the surface of your motorhome.

At the same time, it boasts of a non-abrasive formula in delivering results. Complementing the best polish for motorhomes, it can clean, protect, and polish your RV with just a simple step. You can wash and wax as much as needed using this safe solution for your dull and lifeless fiberglass gel-coat.

Expect protection from wear brought about by the UV rays from the sun, corrosion, and salt air (for watercraft). When applied, this wax can also prevent the negative impact of oxidation on the surface of your RV.

What happens here is that it eliminates the dust, stains, and debris that usually affect the gel-coat. When these culprits have been dealt with, you can restore the color of your RV’s exterior. Further, it ensures the fiberglass material stays shiny and vibrant, able to withstand the elements.

The signature versatility of Meguiar’s is exhibited in this one as well. It can be efficiently applied by hand or using a machine. Take note that it is not advised to use it under the full sun because it can easily heat up. If you can’t help it, wipe the section immediately after pouring the liquid onto the fiberglass.

One potential downside for this option is its price. A 32 oz bottle costs around $25. Depending on your usage, you can also choose from either the 16 oz or one-gallon sizes.

Meguiar's Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax, M5032 Is Suitable For:

Those who own an RV that has sustained flaws due to oxidation, sun damage, or corrosion can take advantage of this product. If you want a non-abrasive formula for dealing with these problems, you can depend on this one. Also, it provides good protection to the exterior of your motorhome as its effects can last a bit longer.


  • It can get rid of swirls, scratches, light oxidation, and haze.
  • It restores the color and shine of your motorhome.
  • It can protect your RV longer from the elements.
  • It effectively removes stains and residue.
  • It can be applied easily by hand or using a machine.


  • It can be prone to baking.
  • It can be expensive for buyers who have a tight budget.


5. Best Budget – Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner, Wax, Polisher

Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner, Wax, Polisher

Last but not least, the Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner, Wax, Polisher, and Protector is a multi-tasker that you can rely on for your wash and wax needs. It can polish, treat, and wax many types of surfaces. Despite its different functions, it does not end up becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none.

At its core, this wax can compete with the best RV cleaner for fiberglass as it protects the gel-coat. In turn, it effectively extends the life of your RV while it handles the blow from the harmful effects of the elements. Responsible for this effect is the pure carnauba wax this product contains. It blocks UV rays, moisture, and the like with ease.

Also, this solution is formulated with ingredients that fight oxidation, which is the common culprit for flaws found on fiberglass materials. In dealing with this issue, you are likely to use a polish. But if you want a non-abrasive option, then this one can help address your needs. Aside from RVs, it is safe to use on many types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, and snowmobiles.

Proving its versatility, this one can also be applied to materials other than fiberglass. Some examples are glass, paint, plastic, chrome, rubber, and vinyl. It has water-repellent and anti-static properties, too. Carnauba/pure wax is also known to deliver a deep, rich finish. However, this type of wax does not last as long as a synthetic wax.

To top things off, the 16 oz version of this product costs under $10. Combining performance, functionality, and versatility, this option does not shortchange users. It can match some of the premium offerings on our list and the market. For its price, it provides value for money to many kinds of customers.

Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner, Wax, Polisher, and Protector Is Suitable For:

Individuals on the lookout for a multi-functional solution may find this option ideal. It has non-abrasive, anti-static properties that help create the finish you need for your RV. It also protects the exterior from the harmful elements and removes flaws caused by oxidation. Further, this one is pretty versatile.


  • It is an all-purpose companion for your wash and wax needs.
  • It has an advanced formula that can protect and restore the shine of gel-coat.
  • It can be used on various vehicles, from land to marine types.
  • It can be applied to different materials and surfaces.
  • It is highly affordable.


  • Some users say the bottle can leak fast.


6. Best Budget Runner-Up – Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax

Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax

Turtle Wax consistently produces waxes that can accommodate various types of needs. With the Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax, you can access a fast and simple solution to restoring the shine and protecting your RV from the elements, especially direct sunlight. It features a misting trigger that works smoothly, so you have a degree of control over the amount sprayed on the surface.

This RV wax is made to target dust and moisture, keeping safe the exterior of various vehicles. It is compatible with fiberglass found on cars and motorcycles, too. No matter how large the target area is, the application should be relatively easy, thanks to its lubrication agents. Lightly mist one section at a time and wipe with a microfiber towel to ensure spotless shine across the RV.

Water beading is good with this one, preventing streaking on the paint. On top of this, you can expect reduced risk of fading through its UV protection capabilities. All of these benefits can also apply to the glass parts of your vehicle. This product has contents with anti-static properties that give any surface a clean and clear finish after treatment.

However, you may have to perform the process more frequently. Some users say this spray wax can last only for around one to two weeks. While spray waxes can last up to a month, this report should not be taken for granted.

One way to mitigate this problem is to buy this wax in bulk. A 20-oz bottle costs less than $10. You will have to align the re-waxing schedule with other maintenance tasks, though, such as cleaning. For some, it can be doable. For others, it probably won’t work.

Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax Is Suitable For:

One of the waxes that offer the best value on the market today, this spray wax is affordable for many customers. It is even well-positioned to cater to people who like to buy in bulk. If you want an affordable, dependable, and easy-to-use wax for maintenance, why don’t you give this one a go?


  • It sports a misting trigger that makes target-spraying easy.
  • It leaves a clean and bright finish.
  • It works on different types of vehicles aside from RVs.
  • It is easy to apply on various surfaces, including glass.
  • It is ideal for bulk buying.


  • It can last from one to two weeks in some cases.
  • Some may find the packaging to be poorly made.


Can You Wax Fiberglass RV?

Yes, you can. The products enumerated in the earliest section (the reviews) are designed to be used on fiberglass. You should stick with these options if you are not sure about the others out there.

When waxing your RV fiberglass, it is important to follow the instructions included in the product’s packaging. You can refer to the section “How Can I Make My Camper Shine Again?” as well. 

Lastly, waxing is the last step in your cleaning routine. You should do it regularly but with long intervals, e.g., every six months.

How Do I Protect My Fiberglass RV?

It is advised to wash your fiberglass RV once a month to prevent dirt and dust buildup. You can end this process with a wax, which you can apply at an interval, like at least once a year. The waxing part lets your motorhome maintain its glossy finish.

When it comes to buying the right wax, you should consider the factors mentioned in the reviews above. You can’t just buy any product since the wrong one can leave results that cannot be undone.

Aside from cleaning, you must also inspect the roof seals and seams, check your batteries, and manage your wastewater system, among others. 

How Do You Shine a Fiberglass RV?

What products can you use to make a fiberglass RV shine? We discuss this in detail in the reviews section above. Also, for a full-step list of how to shine a fiberglass RV, refer to the immediately following section entitled “How Can I Make My Camper Shine Again?”

What is so great about fiberglass anyway?

Fiberglass RVs are chosen for their insulation capabilities. These are said to be better than motorhomes that use aluminum. With fiberglass, your camper can trap heat during the cold and freezing months. Then, it can keep you cool when the warm weather hits home.

The smoother surfaces of fiberglass also work to your advantage. They allow doors and windows to shut tightly.

How Can I Make My Camper Shine Again?

Getting elbow grease is part of the cleaning process for your camper. If you want it to shine like it once did in its glory days, you need to have some dirt land on you. That said, here is a 4-step practice you must observe while applying wax onto your motorhome. Keep in mind that you must use wax or products that work on fiberglass or gel coat RVs. 

  • Wash the RV

Before applying the wax, you need to wash your vehicle first with soap and your preferred RV wash or mild detergent. This job will also require a bucket, a tire/wheel brush, a telescoping wash brush, and a wash mitt. 

Start from the roof down to the tires. Rinse as you go to avoid streaks from forming. Apply more force when scrubbing stubborn parts.

  • Remove Oxidation

This part will tell you how to remove oxidation from fiberglass RV. Perform this step only when the fiberglass of your RV is badly oxidized. Make sure to use a reliable fiberglass oxidizer remover and follow the instructions carefully. Match the correct buffers when you are using your mechanical buffer in this step.

Also, apply the oxidizer remover only on areas where the fiberglass or gel coat exists.

  • Polish RV

Here, you will have to find a good fiberglass polish. Gather all the tools listed above as you will need them to apply the polish on the fiberglass areas of your motorhome’s exterior. Again, be mindful of the instructions from the manufacturer.

  • Wax RV

Finally, you can wax your RV. This part lets you leave behind a brilliant shine on your motorhome’s fiberglass or gel coat area. You can refer to the list of products at the top to know which one is best for your needs.


Our reviews show that the 303 (30320) UV Protectant is the top RV fiberglass wax on the market today. If you don’t want to get lost in the commotion, consider this product well. You may be off to a good start with its brightening and cleaning ability.

Also, we feel like it’s more realistic to use than its closest competitor, the Collinite 845 Insulator Wax (Last Step Wax). The latter is backed by a ton of industry expertise through the Collinite brand. But it comes in paste form and requires warm water for dilution before application. RV owners are people who are always on the go, so this may be an unnecessary effort for them.

Meanwhile, the beauty of the 303 (30320) UV Protectant is that it can be placed in a spray bottle and applied right away. 

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