Best Shocks For F150 2wd

5 Best Shocks for f150 2wd (2023 Review)

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Unlike some other parts, damaged shocks never go unnoticed. A certain standard of performance is expected out of shocks and it gets frustrating when that isn’t attained. If your shocks have gone bad and you are looking for new ones that can offer a perfect replacement, we have it sorted out. 

There are numerous amazing options in the American market. Choosing one dependable set of shocks is not an easy task. This is because we have accomplished all the hard work of reliable research and brought you some of the best shocks for F150 2WD. 

Get ready for the smoothest drives and the utmost fun. Our selected shocks are set to be a worthy replacement for the most amazing performance. Remember to ensure that the shaft of your vehicle hasn’t undergone an oil leakage and whether your mounts are broken. 

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Best Shocks for f150 2wd in 2023

1. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber 33-253237 B8 

Best Shocks for f150 2wd in 2021

These are amongst the most popular shocks available in the American market. You’ll experience unmatchable control upon your vehicle and some ground-breaking balance. Whether you take your truck off-roading or tread upon straight paths, your drive will always be as smooth as possible. You’ll not have experienced such a smooth go on your F150 2WD before this. 

Best of all, these shocks are worth the price. It is not easy to come across such good quality shocks that don’t even strain your pockets. Well, the price may not be low enough to be called cheap, but it is less as compared to other good quality shocks. Moreover, these shocks are detrimental in maintaining your utmost safety through all the bumps and imperfections. 

Know that your overall driving experience will be tremendously upgraded owing to the installation of these amazing shocks in your truck. It is important to mention that these shocks are not necessarily the easiest to install. The whole installation process may as well be tiring. 

You can certainly accomplish the installation on your own. And it may take only about forty minutes. But the effort may be exhausting. However, there is no match for Bilstein shocks when it comes to performance. Your F150 certainly deserves this classy upgrade.

  • These may not be the cheapest shocks but the price is genuine and well deserved
  • Your F150 will have the utmost quality upgrade with these shocks
  • Your riding experience is rendered incomparable smoothness
  • The balance and control availed is incomparable
  • The performance is best in quality
  • The installation can be completed on one’s own
  • You can have effective balance both on the road and off
  • The installation may be possible on one’s own but it certainly takes a lot of time and effort to complete 


These are the best quality shocks and are available at a very genuine and deserving price. The driving experience with these shocks is ultimately smooth. Overall, the quality and performance of these shocks is dependable.

2. Monroe 171362 Quick Strut 

Monroe 171362 Quick Strut 

This is the best available option if you are looking for the most dependable shock performance. Amongst the best quality products in the American market, these shocks are well known for their truly reliable performance, especially in combination with F150 2WD trucks. 

While significantly improving the handling of your truck, these shocks also enhance its capability of carrying heavy loads in the rear end. Best of all, these shocks will be a perfect fit if you use your truck for towing purposes. Rest assured that these shocks are ultimately strong, durable, and reliable in structure. They can withstand the forces and heavy impact even when you drive aggressively. 

You’ll be amazed with the durability and the resultant longevity of these shocks. Also, they are quite easy to install. The process of installation may take about two hours but it is simple overall. One must ensure that all the necessary sockets and components are available before starting the installation. These may not be affordable, but they well deserve the high price.

  • These shocks will effectively improve the handling of your truck
  • These shocks work perfectly well with the trucks used for towing
  • The strength and durability of these shocks is amazing
  • These shocks are meant to best sustain aggressive driving
  • The installation is relatively easy
  • The durability is ground-breaking
  • These shocks require more time for installation


These are amongst the most recommended good quality shocks. One of the main reasons is their excellent strength and durability. The handling of your truck and overall capacity to carry loads is tremendously enhanced.

3. Detroit Axle 171362 

Detroit Axle 171362 
Detroit Axle 171362 

This is considered the most popular replacement for your shocks. Detroit Axle is known for offering the utmost stability and quality performance to your truck. You’ll have an excellently smooth ride experience once these shocks are on. Users best compare this performance with the feels of riding a new F150 truck. 

Apart from the amazing performance, these shocks also exhibit reliable strength. Moreover, they come at a very affordable price. It is really difficult to find good quality shocks for F159 that are also economical in purchase. Most shocks are relatively expensive. 

The installation process is simple. You ought to spend a few hours and achieve completion. It is recommended to go for an alignment after completing the installation. This will ensure that there isn’t any discrepancy in fit. It is important to ascertain the right fit of all components of the truck so that no noise is experienced while driving. 

  • These shocks are great in quality and best in availing stabilization
  • The performance of your truck is best enhanced
  • The installation process is simple and requires a few hours
  • The design is attractive and fits perfectly
  • Users also report that the packaging of these shocks is quite adequate
  • The installation requires a lot of time and improper installation may lead to some noise while driving


This is the most recommended set of shocks for a reason. Not only is the quality excellent, the strength is ultimate, and the degree of stabilization rendered is amazing. These shocks are also more affordable than other similar options.

4. Rancho RS999909 

Rancho RS999909 
Rancho RS999909 

These shocks are considered as the most reliable option from amongst the many types of shocks in the American market. They not only provide the best possible support to your truck on rough bumpy pathways, they also provide an effective balance and leveling of your truck. 

These shocks will also ensure that all the rack on your F150 truck is removed. You’ll experience amazing smoothness while driving on and off the road. There are a few shocks that can avail such versatility with ease. You can install these on the front or the back end, they’ll fit perfectly on both. 

Know that you can turn the sharpest turns and ascend the loftiest peaks while relying on these shocks. Also, they are relatively cheap. Moreover, the installation is supremely easy. It is recommended that you stick to the installation guide and utilize time effectively. 

These shocks will not only boost your truck’s performance, but will also give it a very amazing appearance. Even the packaging of these shocks is very adequate.

  • These shock render an amazing performance to your truck both on and off the road
  • The fit of these shocks is quite perfect
  • They are very easy to install
  • These shocks are quite affordable
  • While enhancing the smoothness of your drives and boosting your truck’s overall performance, these shocks also improve the appearance of your truck
  • The installation is very difficult to accomplish without the installation guide


These amazing shocks will upgrade your truck’s level of balance and smoothness for a very low price. Get set to turn the sharpest corners and undertake the toughest roads in the most balanced way. Also, these shocks are very low in price.

5. DTA 70018

DTA 70018
DTA 70018

This is the best possible option for those on a budget. The quality of your drive will be effectively improved and the performance of your truck enhanced. Few such quality products don’t require as much investment. 

No extraordinary tools are required to complete the installation. The process of installation is simple and no special problems are encountered while fixing these shocks in the truck. There is no need for modifications too. Even the packaging is quite nice and prevents any probable damage. 

  • This is the most affordable set of shocks
  • The quality of your ride will be effectively improved
  • The installation is easy and does not require any special tools
  • These shocks fit well
  • They render the most amazing performance to the truck

  • Improper installation will produce noise while driving


These are the best quality shocks available for the least possible price. The installation is easy to accomplish and the quality rendered to the truck’s performance is dependable. 

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We have brought you some of the best shocks for F150 2WD. There could be no better upgrade or replacement than one amongst these most obvious choices. Stay ready for the best possible smoothness on all your drives.