Best Spark Plug Wires For A Harley Davidson

4 Best Harley Davidson Spark Plug Wires In 2022

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Any biker on this planet would tell you that they would love themselves a Harley and rightfully so. We all have an extravagant vehicle that we bought on a whim but have no idea how to maintain it. A lot of bikers who own a Harley Davidson complain of various issues that may or may not directly be related to their bikes spark plug wires. Spark plug wires are wires that transfer the spark from the distributor coil to each of the plugs.

If you find that your Harley Davidson is using up fuel way faster than it did before, chances are your spark plug wires need a little love and in most cases, need to be replaced. A couple of other signs that indicate the end of your spark plug wire’s life are as follows:

  • Frequent misfires
  • Lowered power

If these are some of the issues you face on a daily basis and cannot figure out what the problem is, you now have your answer. Even if your spark plug wires are not faulty, it is always a good idea to upgrade the base version of those wires after using them for a year or two. This might help you save a huge amount in the future. Faulty or worn down wires can lead to the formation of a lot of excess pressure onto your bike's mechanical system. 

If after reading all of this, you feel the need to change your spark plug wires to spark up your bike's system again, look no further. Listed below are some of the best, most high-quality spark plug wires that you can find in the market. These will have your bike functioning like it did when you first bought it.

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Best Spark Plug Wires for  Harley Davidson

1. Taylor Universal Spark Plug Wires/Leads

Best Spark Plug Wires for a Harley Davidson

These spark plug wires are as generic as it gets. They are a cult favorite and are a set every biker has reached for at least once. The mass appeal comes from its various favorable features and the affordability of it. They are not the least expensive leads in the market but they definitely fall under the affordable category. Unlike most spark plug wires that are sold nowadays, these leads have a double-layered silicone body that can bear heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is made up of a stainless steel wire which is coated with a fluorocarbon material. This wire has a resistance of about 350 ohms per foot. The Taylor spiro wire is 8 mm in width and is 60 cm in length. The high heat and electrical resistance of these spark plug wires are what enable them to work efficiently even under heavy load situations. The high heat resistance also adds to the durability of the product as a whole as it is at a lesser risk of burning out too soon.

They work with both point and electronic ignitions and can be used both on the street and for racing purposes. The ends are equipped with a 90-degree boot cut. These spark plug wires are available in a bunch of different colors which adds a little funk to the whole concept. There is virtually nothing wrong with these leads which makes them a practical choice when compared to any other leads.

  • Affordable
  • High heat resistance
  • Double silicone coating
  • High electrical resistance
  • Compatible with both electronic and point ignitions
  • Available in a bunch of different colors
  • None

2. Accel ACC 172086 Spark Plug Wire Set

Accel ACC 172086 Spark Plug Wire Set

These are another wallet-friendly set of spark plug wires that illustrate good quality at a low price. The Accel ACC 172086 leads are 8.8 mm in width. These spark plug wires are made using stainless steel terminals and the ends are covered with dielectric strength silicone boots. They come in a pair – one wire of the length 21 inches and the other of 9 inches.

The leads make use of a special type of technology called the RFI suppression core which helps by reducing interference of current. This helps take a lot of unnecessary load off of the system which not only contributes to the longevity of the product in itself but also enhances the bike’s system in terms of its health and durability. The spark plug wires come in a kit which is inclusive of hardware required to install these leads. This makes it easier to install for beginners who do not know the kind of hardware that is required to go with the leads.

The only partial downside is that the boots are a little too big which might make the installation a little tricky. This is something you might want to keep in mind before you get your hands on these. Overall, they make for a pretty good option when looking out for new spark plug wires.

  • Strong make
  • Use of RFI suppression core
  • Comes with required hardware
  • Boots are a little too big

3. Dragon Fire Race 10.2mm Spark Plug Wire 

Dragon Fire Race 10.2mm Spark Plug Wire 

Okay now this might be one of the lesser-known companies when it comes to bike parts in general and high tension leads in specific but there is a good chance that it is just an undiscovered gem. These spark plug wires are pretty inexpensive which is what makes them appealing at first. The leads do everything they are supposed to do and probably more.

They are marketed to be compatible with Harley Davidsons which makes them a blind choice for most amateurs and people who are not too fond of shopping for parts online. The wires have a diameter of about 10 mm and have an electrical resistance of 150 ohms per foot. The resistance is on the higher end of those usually found in the market. The wires conducting material is made up of copper-nickel alloy covered using a high-temperature resistant silicone, which can resist temperatures up to 600 degrees. The copper-nickel alloy conduction wires add to the overall durability of the product as alloys are less likely to give in to combustion or corrosion as against most naturally forming metals.

The wires come in a pair, one wire of the length 18 inches and the other of 36 inches, both pretty decent in terms of serviceability. The length of the wires sometimes proves to be a little too long but nothing that could inconvenience someone. All things considered, these spark plug wires are a pretty easy and obvious choice for anyone who is looking at making an upgrade.

  • Affordable
  • High power resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Wires might seem a little too long

4. Accel Wire Set, 500 Custom Fit, 00 Softail

Accel Wire Set, 500 Custom Fit, 00 Softail

The Accel 500 custom fit, 00 Softail is another great set of spark plug wires from the brand. As mentioned before, the brand has created a space for itself in the market, and rightfully so. These are the most basic, ‘can't possibly go wrong with these’ pair of spark plug wires. They feature an RFI suppression core which adds to the overall performance of the wires. The silicone used for the body has a very high heat resistance of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat resistance alone speaks volumes about the durability of the product.

The Amazon algorithm does not suggest these under spark plug wires compatible with Harleys but they work just fine with them. The only downside of these leads is that they have an excessively high power resistance of 500 ohms per foot. This can lead to serious overheating and can be a little damaging to the system if used excessively. Regardless of the last flaw, for the price, these deliver quite well.

  • RFI suppression core
  • High heat resistance
  • Affordable
  • Excessively high power resistance


Compatibility is a huge issue when it comes to buying spark plug wires or high tension leads. None of the listings made on shopping websites specify the wire’s compatibility with your vehicle which makes it even more difficult to make the right choice. Even when you do find a wire that is compatible with your bike, determining whether or not it is the best product you can get for your money is a task. That is why this list was created specifically to cut down on your trouble and time.

Hopefully, our observations are refined enough for you to be able to make a choice and pick out a set that fits your budget and your Harley perfectly. All of the products listed above are amongst the top ones that you find in the market. They have been used and loved by a lot of bikers and hopefully will be, by you too.

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