Best Subwoofer For Single Cab Truck

5 Best Subwoofers for Single Cab Truck

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Great music is incomplete without excellent bass. You require the best quality subwoofer to improve the quality of music in your car or truck. While there are numerous worthy and considerable options in the American market, only a select few are absolutely reliable and dependable. 

We have tried and tested numerous products to get you the best subwoofers for single cab trucks. Our selected products are all well-known for providing high-quality balanced sound and powerful bass. They are all supposed to fit perfectly with your truck’s interiors and are quite solid in construction. 

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5 best subwoofers for single cab truck

1. Rockville Adjustable Input low Profile Car Subwoofer 

best subwoofer for single cab truck

Coming from a very reputable brand, this high-quality subwoofer is known for delivering the most excellent quality sound. This is possibly the cleanest subwoofer on this list. However, the price may be overwhelming for many people. No doubt this subwoofer delivers the best quality bass but the renowned brand name and the promise of breakthrough performance comes at a very expensive price. 

The most significant feature of this subwoofer is that it is powered with the unique Auto-turn technology to deliver the most excellent spectral balance in sound. You’ll be amazed by the degree of detail in the sound quality. 

This is probably the most reliable subwoofer that avails the best balance and utmost power. All the more, the sound quality is worth every penny you spend. Best of all, this subwoofer is supremely capable of filtering the high and middle range frequencies that often sneak into the low frequency band. 

So the quality of bass will be unperturbed and crystal clear. The design of this subwoofer may be simple but its absolute performance signifies the quality of build. The panels for this subwoofer are made out of MDF material. Moreover, the black vinyl covering renders it a pretty amazing design. 

This is easily the best quality subwoofer you can get for your truck. 

  • This subwoofer provides the most exceptional clarity of sound
  • The bass is clear and powerful
  • The sound quality is admirably clean because of the efficient filtering of high and middle range frequencies
  • The balance in sound is impeccable
  • The design is simple and durable
  • It consists of solid MDF panels
  • It is equipped with the unique Auto-turn technology for the ultimate sound balance

  • Users report that the design for this subwoofer is extremely simple 


These excellent subwoofers come from a reputable brand and offer the best possible balance and clarity in sound. 


2. Pioneer TS-WX1210A  Active Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX1210A  Active Subwoofer

This strong contender is bound to serve you for a long time owing to its amazing durability. Compact in design, this subwoofer has been specially built to fit into the most accessible spaces. This one can easily fit into the hole meant for a spare 12” sealed active subwoofer. 

This subwoofer is sufficiently powerful to rock your vehicle to the bet of sound. Moreover, the quality of sound is very consistent. The cover for this unit is made out of cast aluminum to guarantee reliable strength. All the more, this subwoofer renders the best in class resonance. 

Specially designed with high bandwidth, this subwoofer provides minimum distortion and maximum output of high quality sound. The high sound output is also influenced by the 300W Class D amplifier that is paired along with the highly sensitive woofers. This combination best optimizes the sound quality in sealed and enclosed spaces.

While taking minimum space, this subwoofer will provide you the most powerful sound and the ultimate audio clarity. Best of all, the incorporation of this subwoofer will not require any major alteration or modification in your car. 

You’ll be amazed by the amount of power supplied at 2 ohm impedance and 101 dB sensitivity. This subwoofer consistently responds to signals within the 25 and 180 Hz frequency range. The high sensitivity is responsible for the defined bass and the excellent power. 

Also, this subwoofer does not require an additional amplifier. It already has a built-in 350 W Class D amplification. The trapezoid shape further renders exceptional strength to this model. 

  • This is the most sturdy contender in this list
  • This subwoofer is very compact and easy to mount
  • The sound clarity is amazing
  • This subwoofer is sufficiently powerful and can get very loud
  • Heavy-duty brackets are supplied along for ease in mounting
  • The high sensitivity rating defines excellent quality of sound
  • No additional amplifier is required
  • The trapezoid shape renders remarkable strength
  • Users report that the bass is not very adequate 


This very sturdy subwoofer supplies the ultimately powerful sound and sufficient bass for the best audio quality.

 3. Sound Storm Laboratories High Quality LOPRO8 Subwoofer 

Sound Storm Laboratories High Quality LOPRO8 Subwoofer 

This is the best economical and utmost powerful subwoofer in this list. Compact in structure, it renders the most excellent performance for a very genuine price. Don’t let the small size fool you. It provides the most exceptional sound quality and immense power.

Best of all, this subwoofer is supplied with a MOSFET power supply to grant the most impressive performance , better switch speeds, and reduced controller power. Also, you get low thermal impedance for high switch frequencies. Moreover, the automatic full-range switching power supply has the ultimate power capacity of 300 W RMS. This doesn’t require any further adjustments.

Also, this subwoofer includes variable low pass filters. This also includes a unique high-performance amplifier technology. The quality of sound is best enhanced. Furthermore , there is a low-level input feature known as the RCA input. These special cables connect the LOPRO with the unit source. 

Equipped with the variable bass booster, this subwoofer lets you manage the bass effect comfortably.

  • This subwoofer renders you the utmost powerful performance
  • The compact size is easy to fit
  • The quality of bass output is excellent
  • This subwoofer is very affordable
  • Equipped with a special amplifier technology, it provides the best quality sound 
  • Users report that this product is not very durable 


This is the most economical and powerful subwoofer option there is. With the maximum RMS power capacity at 600 W, this subwoofer renders exceptional sound quality.


4. Alphasonik High Quality AS12DF Slim Thin Subwoofer

Alphasonik High Quality AS12DF Slim Thin Subwoofer

This excellent subwoofer combines superior quality sound with the most impeccable design and breakthrough technology. The entirely closed enclosure renders the most efficient suppression of repulsion. This ensures that the sound quality is best precise, clear, and is accompanied with rhythmic bass. 

This subwoofer consists of a sturdy cone design and large double amgents. Also, its installation process is very easy. The dual 4 voice coil grants amazing flexibility so you can opt for a 2 or 8 configuration. Up to 1400 W of power is supplied and the sound quality is immense for closed rooms. 

The IMPP cone along with the tough lightweight body is very durable. This excellent structure allows minimum distortion. The enclosed space enhances the transient response and produces high clarity of sound. Moreover, a unique spider mount serves to enhance the airflow. Even at high volumes, the quality of sound is very high. 

  • These subwoofers cover a wide range of frequency
  • The performance is excellent even at high volumes
  • This subwoofer is very reliable and sufficiently durable
  • The price is very reasonable 
  • Users report that the sound does get distorted at very high volumes 


This excellent subwoofer provides the highest quality sound and avails maximum flexibility. 


5. Rockford Fosgate R2 High-Flow and Low-Noise Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R2 High-Flow and Low-Noise Subwoofer

Coming from a renowned brand, this extensively loaded subwoofer is equipped with the best technology. If you are looking for the best quality punchy bass, this is where you ought to look. The 4-ohm voice coil works well along with the 2 and 8 ohm impedance. Both the prime and ported subs are optimized so you can select the one you need on your journey.

With a maximum RMS power capacity of 500 W, it supplies excellent amounts of power. Moreover, the super attractive design is very easy to install without any special holes or modifications. Also, this subwoofer is very reasonably priced. 

  • This excellent subwoofer provides the best quality sound
  • It is very affordable in price
  • This subwoofer is very easy to install and does not require any modifications
  • The appearance is very stylish
  • It is quite easy to use
  • It produces tremendous amounts of power 
  • Users report that this subwoofer is not very durable


This is the most easy to use and dependable subwoofer on this list


We have brought you the most powerful subwoofers for single cab truck in the American market. All of these are well-known for producing clear sound and defined bass. Coming from renowned brands, all of these subwoofers are supposed to serve you quality music for a long time.