Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke

Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke in 2022

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A good quality tuner can significantly boost the performance of your truck’s engine. These small computer programmers fit into your truck’s engine and enhance the way it operates. These programmers can not only improve the fuel economy of your truck but can also enhance its overall power and torque. 

This effective monitoring of your truck’s function lets you know exactly what is going on with its components. While there are many types of tuners in the American market, only a few are versatile as tuners ought to be. We have brought you some of the best tuners for 6.7 Powerstroke. 

Our thorough and in-depth research has ensured that you get the most benefit out of this excellent device. You must have prior knowledge of the qualities you are looking for in a tuner. Some tuners will be pre-set for specific purposes like towing or driving on surface streets. 

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best tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke 

1. Banks Derringer 

best tuner for 6.7 powerstroke

This excellent tuner’s popularity is greatly owed to its unmatchable efficiency. The outstanding features of this tuner work best in improving your driving experience. This is mainly because of the incredible third power level. The company promises that every power level beyond the third will have you not wanting to leave your truck. 

The six power levels are the most outstanding feature of this tuner. These power levels can be changed on the go and work wonderfully well for moderate performance. This excellent tuner boasts horsepower up to 72 and supplies about 148 pounds of torque. And this torque is best distributed across the wide RPM range. 

As the tuner gets used to your vehicle, the shifts in levels will become more smooth and absolute efficiency will be rendered in function. There are other mind-blowing features in this tuner like the ActiveSafety transitions which let your truck stock power levels on detection of a malfunction. Best of all, the TransCommand serves to increase the lifespan of your engine’s transmission. Also, this tuner can datalog about 100 different parameters with the help of an SD card. 

There’s no doubt that this tuner will have you enjoying the drives on your truck like never before. You ought to be amazed by the iDash monitor that tracks every parameter of your truck. Rest assured that your truck’s safety is well regulated by this tuner and your vehicle will never let you down. 

  • The performance of your truck will be optimized for the utmost smoothness
  • It is easy to shift through the six power levels on the go
  • The tuner keeps working even when the truck is set on cruise control
  • The AutoRate feature serves to adjust turbo boost and fuel for every condition
  • The ActiveSafety feature prevents your truck from undergoing any malfunction 
  • The installation process is not easy
  • The tuner requires some time in learning to adjust to your truck 


This is an excellent tuner you can use for the most excellent performance of your truck. While maintaining the safety parameters of your truck, it monitors every factor that affects its maintenance. 

2. Edge Insight CTS3 

Edge Insight CTS3 

This is the best possible tuner you can get for a monitor-only function. This one will help you in the best tracking of the function of your truck. Be it engine transmission or special parameters, EGTs, or injector balances, or the fuel rail pressure, this tuner is all you require for the utmost maintenance of your truck’s functioning. 

This is a uniquely comprehensive data monitoring system that can become especially beneficial in situations where your truck has to exert extra pressure. Whether you are hauling another vehicle behind your truck or driving straight through days on end, this system will let you know all useful information about your vehicle. Best of all, this system is not difficult to interact with.

  • This very versatile tuner is best used for monitor-only function
  • Despite its ability to supply every sort of information, this tuner is easy to interact with
  • It is essentially lightweight
  • The best part about this tuner is its comprehensive nature
  • The sturdiness of structure gives it the absolute durability to last long 
  • This is not a tuner in the real sense because it only avails the monitoring function 


If you essentially need a monitoring device to gauge the optimum performance of your truck, there is nothing better than this tuner. This comprehensive device will let you know about all your data in the simplest possible manner.

3. SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer 

SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer 

This supremely versatile tuner is known for its unmatchable accuracy. Nothing else will gauge the functioning of your 6.7 Powerstroke as masterfully as this one. The most notable feature of this tuner is the ‘check engine’ light which goes on every time there is some error in the engine’s function. So you can always face the troubles with your vehicle before it gets too late. 

Besides guaranteeing convenience, this tuner also helps in increasing the power of your vehicle. You’ll be amazed by the ability of this tuner to enhance the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Even the installation of this tuner is supremely easy so there is nothing you have to worry about. Your engine’s performance will be best boosted to the next level. 

  • This tuner is very versatile in function and serves a variety of purposes
  • This amazing tuner can hold up to ten custom tunes
  • This tuner works very well for tire adjustments and towing functions
  • The installation is easy
  • The ease in the installation is further enhanced by the thorough instructions guide
  • Users report that this tuner can at times display fake warning signs when there isn’t any problem with your engine 


This fantastic tuner is suitable for the most versatile operation along with your truck. Your engine’s performance will be certainly enhanced and you will be aware of each error on time because of the excellent signaling feature. 

4. Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer 

Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer 

This is the most excellent tuner you can get for your 6.7 Powerstroke. Equipped with the latest ground-breaking technology, this tuner is best powered to serve your utmost needs on the drive. One of the most significant features is the in-built wifi system that keeps you connected.

You will also regularly receive product updates through the cloud technology so that your tuner is always updated with the latest features. This is essentially known as the safest storage technology. There are plenty of additional benefits that accompany the use of this tuner. 

While this will enhance the power capacity of your truck, it will also increase your engine’s fuel efficiency while carefully monitoring your truck’s vital functioning. The overall efficiency of your truck will be maximized. 

  •  This tuner is quite easy to use
  • There is built-in wifi in this tuner
  • This unique tuner uses cloud technology to stay updated with the latest features
  • You never have to worry about compatibility because this tuner is bound to go along a variety of trucks 
  • Users often report about the lack of a proper instruction manual for connecting the tuner and the unlock cable 


This excellent tuner is a must for maximizing the efficiency of your truck. It is easy to operate and very simple to understand. Moreover, this tuner is equipped with the best features that keep it updated.

5. SCT 40460S GTX Performance Tuner 

SCT 40460S GTX Performance Tuner 

This is amongst the most lightweight and simple tuners available in the American market. While being relatively easy to operate, it is also very simple in installation. This tuner comes equipped with about three preloaded tuning levels, each of which has different levels of power and performance enhancement capabilities. These levels are known as Tow level, Performance level, Street level.

Best of all, this tuner has sufficient space to hold about twenty custom tunes that users can create for their own purpose. A wide list of engine parameters is monitored with the use of this tuner. Rest assured that you’ll always be updated about whatever is going on with your truck.

Also, the screen size for this tuner is large at about five inches. Easy to operate, it requires just ten minutes to be powered. While you may require some time in learning to program your custom tunes, this tuner is simple to use overall. 

  • This tuner is very easy to install
  • The appearance of this tuner is very sleek and esthetic
  • You’ll see a significant increase in the power of your truck
  • The company provides excellent customer service
  • The shipment is received quickly
  • Learning to install the custom tunes may take some time 


This amazing tuner is very easy to use and supremely efficient in function. While you may need some time in learning to make your custom tunes, this is essentially a reliable tuner that boosts your truck’s performance. Also, it is very easy to install.

6. Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner 

Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner 

This utmost lightweight tuner is the best thing you can equip your truck with. This tuner is meant to enhance the ultimate potential of your 6.7 Powerstroke. More power will lead to even better performance. You’ll notice a significant enhancement in your vehicle’s speed and torque. 

You’ll notice a remarkable improvement in the handling of your truck in different scenarios. And your fuel efficiency will be very much enhanced. The result is, you’ll be able to maintain your optimum speed even while going uphill. 

One must note that the most significant benefit of this tuner is the enhancement in fuel efficiency. Once this is set to work, you’ll never have any trouble getting used to its function and your truck’s overall performance will be optimized. 

  • This tuner is essentially versatile in function
  • It's supreme lightweight makes it a valuable accomplice
  • The installation process is simple
  • Incredible fuel efficiency and power boost is rendered by this tuner
  • The customer service provided by the company is perfect
  • Users report that the process of activation of this tuner may be a bit tedious 


This ultimate tuner will best increase the fuel efficiency of your truck. There will be a significant enhancement in your truck’s speed, power, and torque. Overall, the tuner is easy to use. Although the activation may require a little extra effort.

7. EZ Lynk Tuner 

EZ Lynk Tuner 

This is considered the best possible tuner you can get owing to its incredible performance. This tuner is very easy to use and extremely simple in function. Even the installation is very easy. Your truck’s performance will be certainly enhanced and so will be your fuel economy. Best of all, the software updates for this tuner are automatic. 

This tuner has special GDP custom tunes that greatly improve the potential your truck can attain. Also, there is great potential for customization of this tuner. The AutoAgent 2 lets you diagnose and clear the codes that operate your tuner. Best of all, this tuner doesn’t demand much of your attention in working at its best. 

  • This tuner updates automatically and doesn’t crave much of your attention
  • The diagnostic codes in this tuner can be read and cleared easily
  • The AutoAgent 2 helps in carefully monitoring your vehicle’s parameters
  • There are special GDP tunes created for the ultimate customization of your truck
  • There will also occur a significant improvement in your truck’s overall performance
  • This tuner requires a separate smartphone solely dedicated to monitoring the truck


This ultimate tuner will help you get the most power out of your 6.7 Powerstroke. With the simple installation and the customizable tunes, you’ll attain the most incredible experience on your drives. 


Tuners are important for the relentless functioning of a 6.7 Powerstroke engine. One of the above tuners could take your truck’s performance to the next level without much effort on your part. Our selected tuners are all meant to render the ultimate power to your truck and the best experience to your mind. 

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