8 Reasons Why Chevy radio turns on but no sound

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Chevy radio turns on but has no sound due to a blown fuse, Alternator, wiring short, and damaged speakers. Troubleshooting should be done in this order to isolate the problem areas.

reasons why a chevy radio is not working

Blown Fuse

There could be many reasons why your chevy Silverado radio is not working. The most common reason in my opinion would be the fuse. Check to see if there is any physical damage on the fuse, look at its shape and color. It should be round or oval with smooth edges. If there is damage to the fuse, it means that it has blown out or burnt out. Check to see if your car’s radio requires a certain type of fuse.

Blown fuses flatten out due to an overload of electrical current and they need to be replaced by the owners with a new one. Fuses should always be taken from manufacturer’s approved suppliers as there are many cheap and fake ones available which will cause more damage than good.

Faulty Alternator

On the other hand, there is a chance that your chevy’s stereo system has nothing to do with fuses. It could be caused by an alternator fault. The alternator provides power to your stereo system and it needs to be checked if there is any problem with it. You can check it by having your car’s battery, alternator, and starter tested at a garage. You can also replace the battery and cables and see if it fixes the problem.

faulty alternator

Also make sure that the voltage to all the other systems, including the amplifier, is up to mark and that there are no voltage drops. Check for any loose wiring connection or damaged wires which could be also lead to a similar problem.

Wiring short

If your Chevy radio turns on but no sound you have to check for any wiring short in your car’s radio. You can easily do that by removing the main fuse of your car and checking for any broken electrical circuits to your car’s speakers. If there is a short, replace your wiring system immediately as it can cause more damage to your stereo system.

In order to fix the problem, you have to disassemble the unit and check for any visible damage. If there are burned parts, you need to either replace them or have your stereo system repaired by professionals.

If the problem is not fixable, you might be forced to buy a new car stereo system or take your car in for repairs at your local garage. Although it is not the most ideal situation, there is nothing else that can be done in this case.

Damaged speakers can cause chevy radio no sound

Another reason why your car’s stereo system is not working could be because of damaged speakers. You need to check them and see if there is any visible damage. If you see any, replace them immediately and test your car’s stereo system again.

If the speakers are not functioning properly, then there will be no sound coming out of them. Make sure that all the components are working well which includes the amplifier and other parts as well.

If the problem is still there and you have done a thorough check, you can have your car’s radio looked at by professionals. They will be able to fix the problem in no time without causing any further damage to the system.


An amplifier is also another reason that can cause no sound from chevy radio. The amplifier can get damaged if there are voltage drops or loose wiring connections. If all the wiring connections are intact and there are no loose connections, then the problem can be with the amplifier itself.

Car stereo amplifier

You can test your amplifier by disconnecting it from the whole system and then testing the speaker system with a multimeter. The multimeter should give you an appropriate reading which shows that everything is working properly.

If there is no reading, then it means that your amplifier has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Loose wiring connection

You need to test the speaker system, amplifier, and all other components before you can conclude on a problem with your car’s stereo system. If everything seems to be working fine, then it might be a loose wiring connection that is causing the problem.

You have to test your wiring system properly and see if there is any loose connection. Make sure that all the wires are properly connected and not severely damaged. If they are, then replace them immediately and test your stereo system again.

Damaged radio can cause chevy radio no sound

The bad or damaged radio can also be a reason that your chevy radio turns on but has no sound. If the speaker system is working well and there are no loose wiring connections, then the problem can be with the radio itself which has gone bad. You can try resetting the radio or see if it starts working again after disconnecting the battery. If this does not work, then go ahead and replace your old radio with a new one.

High Power consumption

If you can hear sound from your car’s speakers, but it is very low and crackling, then it might be that your car stereo system is consuming more power than it should. This can cause damages to the battery and other electrical circuits as well.

high power consumption radio

If there is a wiring short or any damaged wire, then your car’s battery will not be able to provide the required power for your stereo system. This will cause the sound to be very low which cannot be heard from outside of the car.

You can check this by disconnecting the main wiring connection to your car’s stereo system. If there is sound, then you need to replace any broken wires and connect all the wires properly. If there is no sound, then the problem is with your stereo system which has to be fixed by professionals.


In most cases, the problem is usually not with your car’s stereo system or speakers. You will have to take your car in for repairs to check the problem. If there is some wiring issue, then it can be easily fixed by replacing some wires and connections properly.

If the problem is with your car’s speakers, then you can replace them instead of taking the whole system apart and checking each component. You may have an electrical short or broken wiring in your car if there is no sound coming out of it. which need to be replaced.

Hope this helps.

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