How to Connect Android to Kenwood Car Stereo: 2 Solutions

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Cars have become the most convenient and most frequently used source of everyday commute. Having a personal car means a lot and everyone wants to make the environment of the car pleasing and sophisticated. To make it happen, most individuals install a stereo system inside of their cars for long drive pleasure. High-quality stereos like Kenwood are considered and proven most convenient along the way till now that we see Kenwood stereos on the top-selling shelves.

In this modern age, there are limitless possibilities existing to listen to your favorite music while you are cruising in a noisy city or countryside. There are too many options like Bluetooth, WLAN, and cloud music services inside the car’s stereo system. But the most preferred option is the Bluetooth connectivity and AUX cable attachment. Although the unforgettable disk streaming option is obsolete nowadays still old-school stereos are also being used.

The connectivity of your trusty smartphone to your car stereo means a lot especially when you don’t need to manually go to Bluetooth settings and pair it with your stereo again and again. Kenwood stereos provide easy connectivity to any of your android devices with a quick and responsive setup.

All Possible Approaches to Connecting Android To Kenwood Stereo

Kenwood is one of the famous titles when it comes to car stereo devices. They compete with big names like Pioneer, Bosch, and several other big bosses of the sound system gang. However, the purpose why you can connect your Android to a Kenwood stereo easily is because of its latest tech and wide support.

As we have witnessed, Kenwood practices groundbreaking methods to make its stereo systems more scalable and advanced. Hence, it lets you connect your smartphones to the stereo and enjoy streaming your favorite tracks in greater quality. Now that we identified that there are many possibilities to connect, then let’s determine how we can do it in little detail.

You are here probably because you bought a Kenwood Stereo and wondering to connect Android to Kenwood car stereo. Well, we are going to make this right up to you. Just opt for the most suitable approach to do so.

Solution 1: Using Bluetooth Connectivity

If you are not into setting the cables to connect your android phone to the stereo, you can still go for the Bluetooth option. You heard it right, you can use Bluetooth. Though, how to connect android to Kenwood stereo via Bluetooth? Trust us, it is going to be simpler than you are thinking.

Just like pairing the devices before sharing the media, look up for the device name in the list for your nearby Bluetooth devices. The simple schema of connecting to the Android Phone is described as follows:

  1. Initiate pairing and discovery on your car’s stereo.
  2. Go into your phone’s settings menu.
  3. Go to Bluetooth Settings.
  4. Select your stereo in the nearby devices section.
  5. Enter the PIN.
  6. Enable Media (Optional)
  7. Experience true music.

The Bluetooth names must be as follows:

  • DNX, including a few other letters or numbers.
  • DNR with a group of other letters or numbers.
  • DDX followed by other numbers or letters.
  • DNN with some other letters or numbers.

Solution 2: Wise Smartphone Control

Kenwood features a very progressive possibility that it has a feature called Smartphone control. This feature exhibits the screen of your phone via a multimedia touch panel (which will be directly intact to the control panel of your car).

All you have to do is choose the sign that will activate the process. You can either choose to double-tap, tap, slide in any direction, or tap & hold. Using this feature allows you to smoothly operate the multimedia panel and run the system with simple touch gestures.

Though, just before getting on to use this, there is a few stuff that you must do. There is no need to be much concerned because we are going to explain and help you get through these

Step 1: Choose the Correct Connection

In this step, there are a lot of possibilities. Firstly, you can pick the frankest option, the infamous Micro USB cable. The simplest mode of connection is the Micro USB because the stereo comes with a USB cable output, that you can use to access the system without much hassle. Or you can choose the Micro USB connection that has an HDMI adaptor.

On occasion you want to use the MHL replacements, you can move to the KCA-MH100. In this choice, you will no longer need the HDMI adaptor and Micro USB input. But, if both the MHL and HDMI do not come to be feasible for you, you can select and go for the final option, which is valid only for new Samsung smartphones.

Earlier from today, you would have to buy an extra cable called KCA-HD100 since you looked for an HDMI port. Anyhow, there are more than two methods. If you don’t want to hang on with the HDMI options, you can go for the MHL settings.

Using the KCA-MH100 and the EPL-FU10BEBSTD adaptor, you can easily link your Samsung smartphone to Kenwood’s Multimedia system. However, you can also rely on the USB output plus the Samsun ET-H10FAUWESTA accessory and Micro USB input.

Yet the extra accessories might appear pointless, if you already have been using it we can assure you that the sound output of the stereo will be quite appreciatable.

Step 2: Appropriately Link the Cables to the Ports

All the ports of the stereo are reserved in the front and easy to access spot for your convenience. There is good news for people having a Samsung smartphone because of all the compatibility. All you need to do is join the heads to the stereo, and your work is finished. However, with MHL and HDMI connections, it is complex.

There is one screw hole. So, after the cable has linked, align the cable through the device. Take care of the cable management before letting it be like that, fasten the screw into the hole, which should grip the device firmly at its bays. By doing so, you will be fortifying the cable to the correct position.

The cables come with fitting ease. Don’t be worried, you will be not going to purchase an exclusive cable for that. The cable is included in the stereo package. So, once you have fastened the device to the nominated place, you will have to play and use the stereo right away.

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