How To Reset Kenwood Car Stereo? – 2024 Guide

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Kenwood is a prominent and eccentric brand for car stereos purposes. It comes with a powerful stereo system which attracts its worth the customers. There are a extended variety of features that come along each variant of Kenwood’s stereos. These stereos have a set of buttons and knobs. But it is still unknown to a newbie to get to know which combination of button press leads to either hard reset or a soft reset.

Like all the other products there is some imperfection still in the features of the specific product likewise the same there are some issues that may occur which will lead you to read our article furthermore because we are going to guide you on how to reset kenwood car stereo.

The reset function is functional to all the stereo devices for smooth working as we experience it for the first time when we installed that’s why the reset option is required to power it up fresh. Issues that will lead to reset may include knobs and buttons not working properly or the display of the stereo freezing. These are the phases when you required the reset the device, a factory reset option is always there on such device for your ease. A common retune can fix all such problems right away. If there are problems still persisting, you can do a factory reset or go see a car mechanic to get it checked, so it will become more convenient to get any failure checked and fixed immediately.

Phases when Reset Required for Car Stereo

As we discussed earlier the inefficiency of buttons and knots malfunction is another stage, when you check a different setting or a friend decides to damage your stereo, you may have difficulty navigating it. To deal with this situation, reset it properly. Config reset or overall reset can delete all your earlier configs and show you the stock settings. This way, you can modify your configuration again, and your stereo will start to work fine.

Solutions for Resetting Kenwood Car Stereo

There is a solution to every problem and the solution has its principles that lead you to rectify the problem. Follow the steps of the solution below to find out how to reset, soft reset, and reset like your car stereo.

Solution 1: Power up Stereo

There are the following steps of the solution 1 which are as follows:

  • The stereo must be enabled for reset. Place your car key in the ignition slot and turn it on till the stereo lights come on.
  • 2nd step is to locate the Detach button to carefully remove the faceplate from the stereo. Detach of pulling out button is navigated at the left corner of the Kenwood Stereo.
  • Now the final step is to locate the reset button located on this Kenwood Stereo device. Press it with a sharp needle-type tool you have to press it for 5 seconds. This will allow your device to reset the whole function. At all times keep in mind, that the act is not going to work if your stereo is not working at all! and, you must tap the button to reset the unit in 5 secs after taking off the faceplate.

Solution 2: KDC Line Models

The other workaround we are going to explore is KDC Line Models, the Kenwood stereos offer a very advanced prospect that it has a functionality called KDC line Models. To make use of it, follow the brief description below:

  • Like the first solution, likewise, put the car key in the ignition and turn it on gently which lets you turn on the stereo with stereo lights.
  • Now locate the Detach Button which is at the bottom-left corner
  • Now gently push the detach button and pull out the faceplate
  • There will be a small reset button on the stereo when you remove the faceplate
  • Hold the reset button for 5 seconds tour stereo will be reset after these steps

Solution 3: For Kenwood Touchscreen Excelon DDX Models

In this pre-existing and modern model, there are two possible resets – Soft Reset and Factory Reset. If you observe that the stereo is having some failure, doing a soft reset will be your mark. Here’s how to access it:

  • Soft Reset

Get a sharp tool like a small needle type, find the triangle button color red that you can see at the top left of the stereo, and press it for 5 seconds long. This will reset your stereo of this model.

  • In the case of Factory Reset

For factory rest of this modern model of Kenwood you have to follow the following procedures:

  • When you tap for the first time then grip down the Release CD button situated on a side. On the left, there must be a Volume button and the CD slot, press both at the same time.
  • While holding the two buttons, use the sharp tool to press the small shape of like a triangle reset button, located in the upper left corner of your stereo (you can get somebody else’s help nearby). Press and hold the Volume button and the CD Release button until head unit boots and turned back on. You can release it when it lights up again.
  • When the stereo is open find the “Start All” button on the touch screen and touch it.
  • Once ordered, press the small triangle reset button again. That will bring you back to factory settings.

Solution 3: Kenwood Security Code for Radio

There is always a security concern for the expensive device and the brand also wants that the customer will satisfy after getting our product, so Kenwood introduces the feature to sets security codes on its stereo systems to protect them from theft. Doing so will ring an alarm whenever someone detach and take away your radio from the vehicle.


It will vary from model to model to reset the Kenwood stereo, but most models rely on the same methodologies. Exclusively the CD Eject and reset buttons. How to reset your stereo device varies depending on the model of different featured, and the depth of reset required. There are a variety of stereos which support easy to follow steps to reset the stereo most effectively, so follow them to refresh the stereo from any software-side failure. If you again failed to troubleshoot the device try your best way to do it because there is always a better way than no way. In any case, it helps to keep the stereo manual coming in handy, as it will usually list ways you can reset, find or use a particular button.

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