How To Get Rid of Engine Noise In Car Stereo?: Fix This

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The car engine in some cases sounds like a high-pitched grumbling that gradually gets louder and louder in volume as you keep holding on to the accelerator. This clatter points out that the sound system arrangement might have a defective head unit, bad RCA cables, improper grounding, improper installation, faulty amplifier, or a fault in the car’s charging structure. To get rid of engine noise in car stereo get a hold on to our description while we direct you to reduce this noising issue or even totally eliminate it for a great and immersive sound experience.

Method to Reduce Engine Noise

Plug out the main unit’s power joint before detaching or linking the RCA wires and then put it in the power joint. It may appear unnecessary but trust us this trick sometimes works like a charm.

When the engine is started keep noticing whether the sound is still there on not, the car’s alternator noise is only there when the engine is powered up.

1) set the volume down to zero from the stereo device.

2) Turn the amp up till you can hear the alternator/engine sound.

3) Detach all the RCA wires from the amp.

  • If the sound is no longer noticeable, then there is a clear outcome that the sound is being occurred before the amp is turned on. This tells that the noises are either occurring due to a defect in the head/main unit or the RCA wires.
  • If the sound is still hearable, then the fault is in the power cables or amp (go to step 8)

4) Yet again link the amp through RCA wires.

5) Detach the RCA wires from the head/main stereo unit.

  • If there is still mixing of the engine sound, then the problem is with the RCA wires (Refer to step 6)
  • If the noise is disappeared, then the head unit is the reason behind the sound being formed. (Refer to step 7)

6) Now remove all of the RCA wires from the card. Attach them to the main unit, hide the wires along the carpet and chairs, and attach the wires to the amp.

  • You have successfully contained the problem if you find no noise afterward. So this being the case, having the RCA wires next to the amp’s power cable or on the chassis of the car is the reason for the engine sounds.  Electric noises across the cables are inherited up by the RCA wires and then caused by the newly fitted amp.  If you quickly want to solve it, then route them reverse sideways of the car from the power cord and avoid routing it closed to any antenna wires or any antennas.  If possible try not to route the wires through the chassis of the car and route them among the padding and carpet.
  • If the engine sound is still mixing up then buy a pair of RCA cables and repeat the step 6 instructions.  If you hear no noise afterward, then the previous RCA cables were faulty and need to be replaced.

Top-quality RCA wires with more lamination will help against these impairments and will enhance your stereo’s clarity.

7) Try not to use greased, painted, or any other layer on the surface and pick a clear metal plane, rather than on the body to implement new ground from scratch. Black wire and Ground from the main units bind to the iron body. To make the grounding improved, you should also put a back strap or wire from the rear chassis of the device with the screws provided in the device package and link it to a common ground spot.

  • If the clamor is no longer there, then you have effectively contained the messy noises. And it turns out that the head unit was just lacking a good grounding.
  • If the messy sounds are not resolved then you may want to want to purchase a ground loop isolator or an inline power filter.

Inline Power Filter

INLINE POWER FILTER is only used whenever there is “dirty power” being delivered by the power cable to the main device. Buying an inline power filter will let you know if that is the case for noises to produce. Follow the fitting directions given in the package of the power filter.

Internet grounding and a defective main unit are most likely the reason behind all this mess. It is a basic problem in Pioneer’s main units as they do have an inner ground fuse to guard them. If the RCA wires are attached after the main unit’s power cord is allied, the inner fuse might get blown. If you find that the fuse is blown away, the device needs to be replaced by the reseller if it is still in the warranty. If you don’t want to try this then attach all of the RCA wires before powering up the device’s power.

8) After assigning the RCA wires, find a non-coated metallic plane having no grease, paint or any other layer on it and rewire the ground. To ensure best grounding practice, route it over the car’s chassis and attach the ground cable straight to the body beneath the car. Connect all amp’s groundings at the exact spot on the car’s body. The shortest possible ground is considered the finest, use the same gauge of ground wire as the main power wire and a thicker gauge is always healthier.

Ground Loop Isolator

GROUND LOOP ISOLATOR is low-cost and any beginner can install it but they do not help all the time. Also, you might lose the system’s sound quality while having it installed. Rundown these steps below to get the most out of this option.

1. Detach all the RCA wires excluding one of the networks that are causing the messy sound.

2. From the main unit, cover a side of a copper wire about the external loop of the attached RCA wire. Use insulator adhesive tape to keep it guarded and attach the second side to the amp’s ground. If the clamor is no longer there, then putting an isolator has served its purpose. If it still doesn’t, then buying an isolator is still not worth it at all. Follow the fitting directions given in the isolator’s packing and fit it at the main device.

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