Why Does My Car Stereo Make a Buzzing Sound?-2024

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Car stereo buzzing while playing recorded media occurs very frequently; although it’s not well documented, what causes it is known with certainty. If you are experiencing constant buzzing from your car radio when playing music with greater clarity than FM radio stations, then keep reading for some possible reasons why your Car stereo makes a buzzing sound?

Your car stereo suddenly starts buzzing. You make sure the volume isn’t too loud. You turn it down even lower, but the buzzing continues. And then you notice that it only happens when your car stereo is on and playing music.

3 Reasons Why Does Your Car Stereo Make A Buzzing Sound And How To Fix

What’s going on? Why does your car stereo keep buzzing when you play music through it? Well, there are a few reasons for this to happen:

1. The speakers in the car might be faulty and not working properly anymore

Unlike home speakers that can handle different sound volumes without any problems, in-car speakers tend to break apart at high levels of sound volume. If you’ve been using your factory-installed speakers for years, they might need either to be replaced or have their wiring changed.

2. The car stereo itself might not be in the right condition

Check all the wires in your car stereo to see if any of them are loose or disconnected. If they are, then it’s time to either re-connect them properly or change them altogether. Also, check if you can smell something burning coming from within your car stereo unit when it’s on and playing music through speakers. If so, this means that your car stereo is already irreparable and you need a new one as soon as possible.

3. Improper grounding of the car stereo system

In case your speakers are connected to a 12-volt power source, then that could also mean that there’s an issue with the battery leading from the battery to the alternator and from the alternator back to your car stereo unit. The voltage regulator within your car might be failing due to old age or damage caused by something else getting into contact with it.

If you notice a burning smell coming from within this area, or if your car radio is producing very low sound volume even at its highest level settings, then it means that there’s a problem in this circuit somewhere. Make sure all wires are properly connected before tinkering further on this matter or replacing any parts components.


So try these solutions before you take your car stereo to a professional. You might just save yourself some money when it comes to technical issues with your radio/stereo unit in the long run!

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